Now things like garmin fitbit, all that kind of stuff. So how does the apple watch match up to them? So if you go to the home screen, you can customize this with a lot of different ways down here in the bottom. Left is relevant to fitness, because that tells you uh how many calories you’ve done. How many minutes you’ve moved as you can see so far i haven’t worked out i’ve been standing, which is a slight blue circle. There that’s going um because of work by that actually works out just yet um. So, looking at the apps that you can get one of the well, the main one for apple would be this, which is the little green runny man, and here you can look for all the different workouts. So you’ve got things like mixed cardio indoor run. These are at the top, because these are the ones i use mostly here. Traditional strength, training, so let’s just say he was doing a strength, training workout, you would click, it it’d count you in and then you’d get on with your workout it’s timing. So you can see how long you’ve done obviously tells you the active calories, the total calories, and it also tells you your heart rate, which is measured by this green uh. Well, it’s got a sensor in the back and it’s lit green when you’re training, so that tells you your bpm i’d. Imagine that’s telling me 59 because that’s what it was beforehand uh.

I do actually find saying that the heart rate monitor on this is a little bit behind, like it will tell you you’ve just done a workout until you’re on, like 80 uh beats per minute when you’re, obviously higher so that’s a little bit of a downside. This is an apple watch series, five by the way so that’s one before uh, the newest one, and then there there is as well the which i think is great. If you’re a runner which i like to run, the nike running club is really good. Uh they’ve got all these different runs. You can do so. You could do a new run. Uh they’ve, all these different ones. That coaches have made on there and put on their three minute run. Then they’ve got playlist as well. You can attach your playlist to it and then, if you just want to go, you can just click start and then it will count you down a lot like the apple workout there you go so that’s a bit more guided that one thing work out. To be honest with you, i usually use the um, the apple one, more than nike, just because it’s so it’s a little bit easier to understand. Um you’ve obviously got the normal stopwatch there that you can use in terms of the comfort when you’re exercising the band. I do find quite comfortable, it picks up sweat quite easily, and it does also feel quite difficult to get off of it.

I find, but in terms of comfy it is absolutely fine. Um, the material isn’t, an issue, it’s it’s, quite a thin band and the actual watch is quite thin as well. Um it’s, quite a small watch it’s not taking up a lot of room on your arm depending obviously what size you get but yeah. So it’s quite well laid out. I like it as a fitness watch. If you’re looking for one, i would recommend it. There are cheaper alternatives that probably do just about the same job, but personally um yeah. I would recommend it. I’Ve got this for 370 pounds, which is probably about 400 dollars. I think uh and yeah. I would recommend it. I do still use it in 2021, a lot, which is why you can see it’s, probably not the cleanest at the moment, um yeah. I use it. Every day i use it for work as a trainer, and i also use it for my own workouts and i get on really well with it uh it all syncs to your phone. If you’ve got an iphone so that’s great as well, and you can also download things like myfitnesspal to keep track of your food and everything else so would i recommend it for 2021, most definitely uh. Let me know in the comments down below what you think or also let me know what alternative watch you use.