com and, and in this video we’re, going to tell you about the best cell phones of january 2021 and the number five phone is the samsung galaxy s20 i’m. Not gon na use that voice the whole time. All right, but it’s, a great phone. It has a beautiful display, but it’s not perfect right. Well, it’s, our number five phone we like it, the specs, are ridiculous. Right has a 64 megapixel camera as part of its rear, triple camera setup. You can record an 8k yeah, i mean it’s, just i think it’s almost too much for a cell phone size, yeah, uh and then draw back here with all these amazing specs. You know the price 9.99 for this phone and it’s. You know it’s a really good phone 20 hour battery life yeah, but just because the specs are super high doesn’t mean this phone is actually better than other phones. That might have a 12 megapixel camera like an iphone because it has as much to do with the quality of the sensor and the quality of the software as it does with the specs themselves. Very few people will notice a difference between 8k on this phone and 4k on an iphone 12. just saying: well, let’s move to our number 4 phone, which is the iphone 12 pro sweet iphone 12 pro. This is the phone i’m using at the current time. This is a great phone 6.1 inch display so it’s a little bit bigger than the iphone 10s and 11 pro was, but at the same time, it’s super fast and triple camera yeah.

Well, one of the drawbacks. One of the criticisms that iphones receives that doesn’t have that one terabyte storage variant, this one maxes out at 512 gigabytes right. I don’t think most people need the one terabyte which some of the samsung models do have yeah. But if you need the terabyte you’re out of luck with iphone right, i mean i don’t, like the fact that they call it a pro phone like oh yeah, just throw away your cameras, hollywood and use an iphone like no they’re not doing that. But at the same time, there’s a reason why this is number four and not number one yeah, so hang out until number one starting price on that phone again, at 9.99 number three more of a budget phone pixel: 4a 5g. We have the pixel 5 right. This phone cost 6.99 we’ve been just toying around this phone a little bit, and i i you know: why pay the extra money for this phone right? Can i hold this this phone, just the feel of it versus let’s, say some other phones. That might also be 699 like go with the 4a because it just doesn’t feel quite as solid yeah. The uh and the specs are pretty comparable to between the pixel 4 a5g yeah and the pixel 5. Some quick specs for a 6.2 inch display dual rear cameras. One’S 12.2 megapixels, so there’s, 8 megapixels and the storage is 128, but google also has really good built in storage.

Through google photos, google drive yeah if you want 5g, if you’re like a 5g person. This is a good choice because it is the only phone on our list, the 5g system on a chip design, which means that it’s going to be more battery efficient than any of the other 5g phones that are out there currently, so it’s not perfect. There are some drawbacks to that, but generally they’re not too noticeable. So if you want 5g consider this phone consider the 4a 5g yep number two is the samsung galaxy s20 fe that stands for fan. Edition samsung said: hey, our phones are really expensive. Right here are the essential features that people want and we’re going to package it into the fv and knock 200 off the price 300 on the price, yeah it’s kind of weird that the front camera is 32 megapixels and the back camera is what 12 12 12 12, 8 and 12., but you know i’m, not too fond of i don’t know this is a really good price. If you want a samsung galaxy phone with all those features, i think that this is a good phone. I just personally am not not into the s20. The way that i should be probably yeah battery talk time 32 hours great battery life 6.5 inch display. It has a really good specs yeah discount for samsung phones. If you’re going for an iphone, our favorite iphone iphone 12 right iphone 12 and iphone 12 mini i’m.

Going to throw in there as well so the iphone 12 is just a great phone. It’S got all the latest technologies and the reason why the 12 pro is really not number one is that there’s hardly a difference between the iphone 12 and the 12 pro the 12 pro starts at 128 gigabytes. This one starts at 64.. The 12 pro has three cameras on the back. This one just has two cameras. I would definitely go with this phone. All things considered or the iphone 12 mini, which is a hundred dollars less and is exactly what the iphone se2 should have been because it’s small it’s, that small form factor and it’s just awesome all screen beautiful phone yeah, iphone 12 6.1 display two rear cameras. Both 12 megapixels 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes of storage space – these are also the first five gi phones, so apple has released five iphone some models. The iphone 12 have a little window on the side for the mm wave antenna, yep and then millimeter wave yep yeah. Like the ones in the uk, they don’t have it yeah. We got some comments about that yep and iphone 12 let’s say you give it as a gift to somebody. No charger in the box check it out apple check out our video. The real reason why apple did not put a charger in the box before you go and watch that give this video a thumbs up.