I’Ve been getting more about this phone than any other, and you may be wondering. Where is this guy right now, i’m in my kitchen and just wanted to address you know a question: i’ve been getting a lot of frankie tech. What is the water resistance? If anything of this me 11, you know and why doesn’t it have an ip rating and you know it’s a valid question, considering the fact that this is a premium phone. Obviously this is uh. You know the regular me 11, but generally speaking, phones in this price point. You know at 600 bucks you might want to expect an ip rating, or at least a splash resistance rating on this phone, and i do think that xiaomi has stated that, while it doesn’t have a kind of an official ip rating, it does have splash resistance. And i think, though, a step ahead of that they probably have actually waterproofed this device a little bit, and you can actually see this if you open up the sim tray – and i think i have a photo of this – i can drop in right now. That, basically, will show you. There is a little gasket around the sim tray that will offer some sort of water protection. I think for egress with this phone now, how much of water protection can it truly resist how much water protection can this thing handle well i’ve? Never tested it and i’m not really planning to test it too much right now, but in terms of splash protection, there is something i can test right now and it’s to see you know: let’s, say you’re in a rainstorm.

You know, and you have your phone off to the side and all of a sudden it starts raining, it starts raining, it starts raining. Is it going to handle a bit of splashes let’s see, so i got a little bit wet there and by the way guys, i bring my iphone 12 pro max into the shower, and sometimes i even pick it up, and i respond to comments in the shower And it gets about as wet as this me. 11 is right about now, and so, generally speaking, i think you know in terms of splash protection, you should have no problems with this phone. You know you should have no problems dealing with this and obviously, though, because xiaomi has made sure that the the phone does have splash protection, but there’s no official ip rating guys. So you don’t want to be dunking it in water. You don’t want to be getting it drenched. I think, with this kind of light kind of just light kind of sprinkling of water, you should be completely fine and, to be honest guys, i think you know be nice to get ip radio on this phone. But you never know you know you never want to damage your phone. You never want to drop it in water because, god forbid, you know it’s a big investment. You don’t want to drop it. You don’t want to lose anyone. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh, my god, oh it’s broken guys guys the me 11 it’s not responding respond.

Damn it respond guys. My me 11 is not broken, guys, it’s completely fine and there you go i’m gon na put my password in. You have seen a dunking of this xiaomi mi. 11 into about maybe six inches of water here, not too deep a test, but look if you were to drop the question is: if you were to drop this phone into a sink or into a toilet for a few seconds, and then you pick it out. I think it’s fine, i think it’s, absolutely fine, and once i dry this up let’s go ahead and dry this up with my towel here you know the me 11 is a terrific device, but beyond that guys, i think it has a lot of the features of A flagship phone that people just don’t realize – and i do think that there is some waterproofing to this device xiaomi it doesn’t cost xiaomi. Anything to include to include waterproofing on this me: 11. it’s, the ip rating certification that costs money and for them to get that. For this phone it just means more cost, and it means just more of a higher price transferred to the consumer. So i think that’s the deal here with this xiaomi 11, as you’ve seen it can handle a dunkin water, and so i would not worry about the ip rating for this. You know use it outdoors. If it starts raining, you can keep using it. Don’T feel too worried about it.

These phones are built pretty tough and, as you can see, you know, the fingerprint scanner is working. Fine, look a little dunk like that. Does nothing to a phone like this. It is completely fine and you should have no worries. This device is still working 100. Now, if obviously, i have run into issues later, i will let you guys know, but for now i think we’re good to go so that’s it for this one guys and hit me up in the comments. Do you think that there is actual waterproofing on this xiaomi? 11, because i truly believe that there is hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video. If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit. The bell icon for future updates stay tuned, guys i’m working on this me, 11 review it’s coming very soon got all the b roll shots already, and i plan to release this very soon, but very busy week here got another series of phones. Maybe you saw from xiaomi there the redmi note 90 is coming very soon stay tuned for that full coverage here on the channel on friday at 8pm is when the event is stay tuned for that as well. So that’s it for this one – and this is where i leave you by saying this – is frankie tech.