I at rupees, 21 triple nine. I mean it’s obvious that xiaomi is aiming towards the likes of the oneplus nord. The moto g5g with the meat and ice, so is the meat, and i kind of like the new mid range king in 2021. Another doubt i have is: how does the 750g perform, because i ran into some issues with the 750g optimization on the moto g5g, so yeah that’s, another question so i’m gon na answer. All of those questions. But first let me tell you all about my experience. So the first thing that came into my mind when i unboxed the me 10i is oneplus 70.. I mean the back look at it it’s clear that the meat and eye gives off 70 wipes right. The second thing that came to my mind is that this color looks yup, you guessed it beautiful. Yes, this matte gorilla, glass, 5 bag with this blue and pink gradient mix, looks absolutely stunning. I mean i’ve. Had a number of people ask me which phone is this and yeah? I think this definitely looks good. No doubt. The third thought was that this phone is kind of big and hefty nine millimeter thickness from the sides, 215 grams in weight. So this is by no means a light or compact foam. I mean there’s, even a camera bump, which isn’t very big, but it is noticeable in the hands, see i still like the meat, and i weigh more than the moto g 5g, because it’s definitely more premium and has a similar weight thickness now compared to the nord.

The oneplus knot is more handy and comfortable in the hands, but the looks are subjective. I personally like this matte back on the meat, and i because it, i think, looks good and there’s. Also more grip, see apart from the fact that this is a big phone. It’S kind of hefty, i like the meat and nice design, i think it looks very premium and it’s also got all the functionality that you need so there’s. The headphone jack dual sim micro sd hybrid slot, an infrared sensor, notification led ip53 rating for splash resistance side mounted fingerprint scanner, which is very fast and accurate and they’re stereo speakers which, by the way, are good enough they’re fairly loud. And i like that, the speaker on the top isn’t very muted, so you get to hear things properly, even when you have the bottom speaker muffled up. As for the front, the mi 10i has a 6.67 inch ips lcd display and honestly, i would have liked an amoled panel since it’s 20, 21 now and mid ranges should come with amoled, but this display for what’s worth is a very good lcd display. It is hdr and hdr10, plus compliant and there’s, also l1 certification, so netflix and prime video playback is no problem. As for the display quality, the colors look nice and while the contrast isn’t out of the world, it’s pretty good for an lcd display. As for the brightness, the display is set to go till 450, nits and i’d, not really notice any major issues outdoors, but on a very sunny day i did feel the panel wasn’t, the brightest, so obviously compared to the oneplus note and yes, the nods amoled is Definitely brighter, as you can see anyway.

The display here also has a high 120hz refresh rate, which changes dynamically depending on the app it changes to 30, 24, 48, 60, 90, 120 and xiaomi calls it adaptive sync. Now, generally, the display is very smooth when set to 120 hertz, but there were times when i did feel that 120 hertz wasn’t really as smooth and that’s, because sometimes i noticed that this adaptive sync feature tends to result in frame drops when switching between apps and That’S, probably because it’s dynamically changing the refresh rate, it’s, not a big problem, but i didn’t notice it so that was the design and the display. Now one thing i was excited to check out in the meat – and i was the camera, especially the main 108 megapixel camera. So, as you guys know the meter, i has a new, more compact samsung hm 208 megapixel sensor with f 1.8 aperture and 0.7 micron pixels. Now i know smaller pixels means less light, but thanks to 911 pixel binning, the hm2 sensor actually creates one large pixel of 2.1 microns and, like i said, the bigger the pixel, the more light the sensor can capture. So, yes, i was excited to check out the low light performance, especially from the new hm2 sensor and after using after taking a ton of photos with this camera. I can tell you that the meat and eyes 108 megapixel camera is actually very good and the daytime photos are really good.

They’Re sharp, color, accurate, mostly and very detailed and the dynamic range is brilliant too. In some shots like in this photo just look at the sky now i did notice some over sharpening at times, but it’s, nothing too major. As for the low light and that’s what i was really interested in, i have been really impressed with the meat and i see like i expected. The sensor captures a lot of light and the photos are very sharp and very nice. Now there is a bit of noise in a few photos, but it’s overall managed really well, and i, like the low light photos. Now honestly, i found the meat and eyes 108 megapixel very good because of two reasons. First is obviously the price of the phone, the performance, the camera performance to price ratio is very good and second it’s, because i compared the meat and eyes camera to the oneplus knot. So here are some comparison, shots and, to be honest in daytime it’s, not a big difference. Both phones do well. I find the meet and eye’s photos a little more contrasty and there’s more appealing, but i think the knot is fine, so it’s very on par low light is where the difference lies, the meat and eyes low light shots are just more sharper when compared to the Knot see the notch, shots are kind of fuzzy and some shots have this warmer tone, which isn’t really accurate and yeah the meat and eyes low light shots are just overall better, so the 108 megapixel sensor is actually great.

Now, coming to the ultra wide angle lens, i think it’s kind of fine, nothing exceptional see when there’s a lot of light. It does well, but the moment the light drops even in daytime the photos lose detail and sharpness at the edges. I also took a lot of portrait mode shots and portrait mode. Shots definitely are very good. The edge detection is very accurate and there is a bit of saturation going on and the contrast goes higher too, but they look nice as far as portrait mode shots go. Moving onto the videos, there’s 4k 30fps video support, i would have liked 4k 60 fps since 750g – supports that, but yeah 4k 30fps. It is anyway, so i’ve taken a lot of videos from this phone, and i found the video quality to be overall good with natural colors and nice dynamic range. The exposure adjustment could have been a little better at times with moving videos, but i wouldn’t say it’s bad. As for the stability there’s, only eis, which works when you’re walking or just moving around but yeah in a moving vehicle with a lot of bumps, not very good, which is kind of expected. The front camera is a 16 megapixel camera and the selfies from the phone were mostly consistent with good overall exposure and details. So no problems here, so the camera, especially the main camera, is a win on the meat ni. Now let’s talk about the performance. I think you already know the specs, but here they are so there’s snapdragon 750g adreno 619 lpddr4x ram ufs 2.

2 storage, so the specs are good. I mean the snapdragon 750g is actually close to the 765g. I mean there are obviously differences like the fact that the 750g has the most powerful cpu, because it has the faster cortex a77 based cryo 570 cpu, compared to the cortex a76 based cryo 475 cpu on the 765g. However, it has the weaker gpu in the form of the adreno 619 compared to the adreno 620 on the 765g. There are other differences too, like the clock, speed and the fact that the 750g is an 8 nanometer chipset and the 765g is a seven nanometer chipset. But overall these chipsets have the advantages, but they are closed when it comes to benchmarks or even real world performance. Now talking about that, the meat ni has been working, fine for me for the past week or so there’s, no major lag or anything, and i played a lot of cod mobile on this phone with graphics, 0, very high and frame rate set to max and the Gameplay was smooth and consistent almost all face. I mean the overall performance, isn’t always perfect. I did notice some apps crashing. For example, i can’t get geekbench 5 to complete a benchmark test. It always crashes. I also noticed a few minus turtles when i was scrolling in the app drawer, it’s honestly the same issue. I also faced while using the moto g5g it’s – probably not visible on camera, but the knot does not have any stutters while scrolling, so maybe it’s a 750g optimization issue.

Having said that, last night, the meat and i received an update, miui 12.0.4 that’s, said to bring performance improvements and the scrolling definitely seems better, but i’ve only used it for a day, so we’ll see see. I’Ll put it this way the day to day performance on the meat ni is good. There are a few stumbles on the way, but did not really bother me much because they are very occasional, oh and by the way the phone has ufs 2.2 storage, which is said to be faster than ufs 2.1. Well, i did the cpdt benchmark on the meteoni and the oneplus not to you know, check the storage speeds and, as you can see, these screenshots the ufs 2.2 storage is a little faster when it comes to sequential, read and random. Read write tests on the software front, there’s miui 12 with android 10 and it’s, the usual miui, but it has google apps for phone messages, etc and as for azure noteworth, there are no ads but bloatware. Yes, there are these games, which i uninstalled straight away and there’s facebook, amazon, wps office and linkedin, and all of these can be uninstalled, so that’s good. Lastly, let me talk about the battery and the charging performance of the meat ni, so the meat ni has a decently big battery at 4820 mah and i was kind of expecting decent dish performance, but it was generally better than what i expected so with the display Set 220 hertz: i got a screen on time of around six hours, six and a half hours almost always, and that included gaming, almost one and a half hours two hours of cod mobile, so that screen on time is very good.

Now, with the display set to 60 hertz, i got a screen on time of around seven hours, which is also very good. Now you’ll obviously be using this phone with the screen set to 120 hertz and that’s, where the battery life matters a lot, and i think the meat – and i does a very good job at that – the phone charges very quickly too, thanks to this 33 watt charger That you get in the box, i noted things down so after 30 minutes of charging the phone went from 10 to 72, which is definitely very fast. The phone took a total of 55 minutes to go from 10 to 100, so yeah it’s very fast. Now, coming to the pricing, xiaomi has done a very similar job to oneplus by launching a six plus 64 gb variant, that’s coming soon so i’m, going to consider the six plus 128 gb at rupees 21 triple nine. The base rated the phone that people are actually gon na buy so coming to the verdict. Should you buy the me 10i at rupees? 21? Nine? Well, the answer is, i think this is a phone that i can’t recommend see. This is not a perfect phone. It has its problems first up like i said this is a big and hefty phone there’s. No doubt about that. Second, it does not have amulet and yeah. There are a few minor performance issues that i talked about, so the meat, and i is not perfect, but if you’re, okay with all of those things overall, i think the price is justified and it’s a very balanced smartphone.

The design is very premium and does not miss out on any important functionality. The display is good enough for an ips lcd. The 750g is a fairly powerful chipset with 5g and the 108 megapixel camera is actually very good and even better than the nord’s main camera see. If you don’t like me why i don’t think you should settle for the moto g5g just for stock android. Instead, i think you should spend a little more and get the oneplus not, which is more compact has amoled and 765g, but yes, it’s kind of pricey at 28k. Having said that, if you’re, okay with me, ui the big size of the phone and you’re looking for a good all around smartphone at 22 23k, the meat – and i is actually a good option.