Today we are bringing about one of the latest models from poco now poco recently is split up from their parent company and trying to find their own identity. I mean the split is not literally that their parted way is a part of the same group, but it is trying to find its own footing its own branding, its own identity, and they have come up with some amazing products in the past, which have been a Delight for the gamers, and today we have with us the poco m3 and before we get on to digging into what this product packs for you. What this box packs for you – and i please request you to press the subscribe button and the notification icon if you’re, watching us on youtube, if you’re watching us on facebook, the like and follow button there and on both the channels, please do share the love by Liking sharing and commenting on the videos ask any questions that you might have share your drawers thoughts and let us know what kind of videos you want to watch and we’ll get straight on to getting those to you back to poco m3 guys from the packing of It yellow typical poco, yellow color on the front. It talks about the 6000 mah battery that’s a monster battery, so simple, branding on each side and that’s, pretty much it and the specs here look let’s get let’s, get digging on to finding out what this bad boy packs and i’ve got a yellow, color cutter as Well, to do that, there you go and in there we’re going to get rid of that.

Getting straight on to the box. Now poker box purchase sleeve box inside there let’s get to opening it. We got the sim card tool, some typical paperwork and the silicon case. We’Re gon na put this all on this side. We don’t need that right now, we’re gon na focus on what do we have here? Do we have the poco m3 and the color that we have is the bright yellow so on the top? It tells you some basic specifications of this product we’re going to talk about, but let’s look at the body of the phone first under that is nothing much except for a charger and the usb type c cable we’re going to tell you all about it in a Minute so getting straight on to poco m3, the phone itself uh box. Here you go now we’re back in business, we’re gon na get rid of this and we’re gon na get rid of this. There you go so guys. Here is the poco m3 uh plastic body. Um purely we’ve got a glass three in the front i’m, going to try turning this on and see what we can set it up. We’Ve got the volume toggles and the on off switch on the side and also a fingerprint set scanner which is mounted on the side itself. On the other side is the sim card tray and it has dual sim plus a dedicated sd card slot on top we’ve got the speaker, the audio jack and the ir blaster here and the receiver, and this speaker here usb type c charging and the and the Receiver here, as well now speaker on top speaker at the bottom, beautiful sound, is expected so we’re gon na get um on to setting this up in a bit.

But while we talk about it, let me tell you a little bit about it. So gorilla glass, 3 in the front plastic back plastic frame as well; budget phone so of course expected we’re gon na get on to the pricing of it as well. Uh six point: five: three inches ips lcd spray; 400 nits of brightness, 83.4 percent screen to body ratio; and then we have android 10 on miui 12. qualcomm snapdragon 662, which is 11 mm processor, with a cpu which is octa core, which is four two gigahertz uh. Cairo 260 gold and four 1.8 gigahertz cairo, 260 silvers, so um that’s for the processors and then the gpu is adreno 610. So, from the processor perspective, not a bad specs at all for the spot price but i’m going to tell you the price and when you compare with the specs that i’m telling you about you’ll, be absolutely amazed. Comes in two different variants: 64 gb with 4gb ram 128gb with 4g ram. The one we’re holding is the uh 128gb, with 4gb, so let’s get on to that next. By the time this sets it up i’m gon na leave that and there you go so um camera is look at the back. No you’ve got a triple camera set up here and a big poker branding very unique style of putting it there. Um it’s got a triple cam, 48 megapixel, f, 1.8, wide angle, camera 2, megapixel, two f, 2.

4 macro camera and again 2 megapixel, f, 2.4 depth camera and it can do videos of 1080p at 30 frames per second one thing missing is a wide angle. Camera come on guys. You could have just added that small little one there and made the pictures and the videos even more amazing and in the front pinhole selfie, eight megapixel, f, 2.1 wide angle. Camera can do videos at 1080p uh at 30 frames per second battery. Is 6000 mah with 18 watt fast charging and reverse charging as well 6000 mah charge it and forget about it for at least two to three days. This is literally the reverse charging it’s a power bank for your other devices, probably so yeah uh, that’s, uh, yellow color that we’re holding it also comes in a cool blue and a power black color as well. Now compare all those specs and now we’re going to tell you the price it’s, only 499. dirhams, so guys. This is a great entry level phone at a great price and packs some really decent specs and i’m gon na try setting it up while i’m. Talking to you, i’m gon na skip this part as well, except let’s, see how long does that take skip this and next and we’re going to go with the classic theme and yes and next and service complete, so let’s see if it loads the app and you Can see the performance as well a little bit if we can find some stuff um to see, but at least we’ll get an idea of how the screen looks like a great phone at a great price and some decent specs.

So for entry level. I think this is a perfect game, changer and the and the and it doesn’t feel that cheap it has that sporty trendy. Look to it, especially with the yellow, color i’ve, not had the chance to see the blues and the black, but it has that sporty feel to it. It doesn’t give you it’s a non slippery back. No fingerprints, um uh at all uh got a decent grip. Doesn’T weigh big and has some great specs as well. So while this is taking forever to load the apps, i want to say goodbye in the meantime and i’ll split. Some screenshots off the internals on the screen looks like i’m going to put some pictures. Um uh off um that i’ve taken using the prime all the cameras, the selfie camera and the rear camera that close up and everything. So you can see i’m gon na record an audio um and play that back, probably or record a short video and play the back or play on the youtube uh, something there. You go it’s loading up there. We go guys so not a bad performance. A little bit of lag fingerprint scanner on our switch is taking a little bit of time to come back. If you notice there’s a some small fraction of a second delay on to that, but i think it’s good we can we can. We can work with that with that kind of price, so yeah guys this is poco m3, a great phone great prize – and this is your great friend, the great lobbyist and i’m gon na say goodbye with this.