This phone really does have a lot of features, and then you go through the unboxing and you unwrap it and you get to realize well, what’s the catch and in this video that’s exactly what i will try to answer with the real me 7 pro. What is the catch with this 234 pounds phone and, to be honest, i did have to dig deep to find out. Let’S start with the unboxing, though, and here you have your usual suspects, so you’ve got the smoked, silicone case and some paperwork from real me, which is quite common, and then you have the phone itself, and this is where things start to get interesting. So you’ve got inbuilt fingerprint scanner and a super dart fast charger which is capable of 65 watts of charging, and that is really really fast. In fact, it’s industry leading and then you’ve got your sim ejector tool and then you’ve got your usbc cable for the charging itself and, of course, once all this is finished. You’Re left with the unwrapping of the device which again i’ll. Let you guys hear it, and here it is. This is the mirror silver and i have to say i kind of like this color and i also like how the buttons are integrated with the back color itself. The headphone jack remains and which is always a plus, and i like the minimalistic approach with the sides, especially the slight yellow tint, given on the power button.

Then you’ve got your quad camera set up and a nice plastic finish, which does not at all feel cheap. So what’s the deal with this camera well i’ll get into that and i’ll show you guys samples later on in the video, but first let’s go on to what it feels like to hold, and i have to say it is quite lightweight and very slim so i’ll Say quite comfortable and that’s just as well, because when you do start the phone up, you are greeted with a brilliant oled panel. In fact, this has really really surprised me at this price point that you are getting a full hd plus oled display with plenty of configuration thanks to color os right from the get go. I was just changing wallpapers after wallpapers, as you can tell here, and i have to say this panel and display really allows for the user to involve themselves in the customization of the home screen and it looks great and the great experience continues as the fingerprint scanner Is fast and quite reliable, real me also offer a screen protector right out of the box, which is helpful and useful, and i must say the phone itself felt just generally well optimized. I would sometimes forget that it is a 60hz display and not a 90 or 120 hertz, which is only a good thing. So at this point, you’re probably still wondering what is the catch with this phone and remember, if you recall properly, i did say i had to dig deep, but i did find something, and that is the processor.

You can see that simple tasks sometimes are just a bit laggy and unnecessarily hard to do. For me, this was a disappointment because color os was starting to grow on me. All the customizing features all the sort of options given in the settings. Realme 7 pro does come across like a almost vanilla, android experience, but that is almost destroyed by the lags that occur when you’re trying to do simple tasks such as coming out of a game, for example – and you can see here i’m trying as much as i Can to try and swipe up – and normally this will be quite simple to do – you just swipe up you’re out of the game and you’re into the main menu. But here i just struggle to complete this task, and this is not only frustrating but it’s disappointing, because there’s phones, that are a lot lower in price, that complete tasks like this with ease – and this really surprised me because the overall gaming experience, for example, was actually Really good, when i was gaming with this phone there was no lags. There was no actual problems. Whilst gaming i was able to play with the graphics quality at the highest standard and the processor. The 720 g really should be able to do tasks like this. So i’m, not sure whether this is a color os operating system issue – or this is the actual processor lagging and causing this sort of mishap to occur.

But for the time being, i’m gon na now reflect on something a bit more positive, and that is the viewing experience on this phone. As you can tell, it’s got a great screen great oled panel, and what better way to show that than a youtube. Video. For example – and this isn’t really a surprise because with the aspect ratio of over 90 percent and a ppi of well over 400, this panel should display good content and it should display it well. It’S bright. The colors are very accurate and the oled only just complements the overall experience when viewing content online and it’s got some nice speakers to complement this media experience as well. I’M gon na give you guys a sample to listen in on, and you guys can comment below to tell me what you think of those about 25 speakers 20. This test will involve me using the phone for what i do on a day to day basis. Usually, as this is my daily driver, it has got my sim inside and let’s see what happens so that’s the dual speakers that you heard mostly firing from the bottom. I found – and there is quite a bit of depth from the top and, to be honest, this is probably the most well rounded set of speakers i’ve tested in a while, because both speakers top and bottom fire at similar sounds now let’s move on to the area Where i feel this phone has got a lot of expectation in and that’s that 64 megapixel rear camera as part of a quad camera setup, and to summarize the story here is as long as you take pictures with the rear sensor at the back, which is a 64 megapixel, which turns into a regular 16 megapixel.

You are fine. The pictures will come out great there’s, a good color reproduction within them and they’re, not as soft and lacking detail as many other phones in this price range. However, as soon as you go into the ultra wide and the telephoto lenses, you do start to obviously notice noise and blur in abundance in terms of the video capability. The highest resolution is 4k at 30 frames per second, and that does not look bad at all. While the other shots that i’m, showing here in obviously not specific order, but the lower resolutions, you can see from the rear it’s not very great at all. So what exactly is the story with the room e7 pro and where do i place it? Amongst other smartphones? In this price category, or even slightly higher, due to the great features found on this device, well to answer that basically i’ll have to go into what i mentioned around the middle of this video, and that was the lagginess and the stuttering. You sometimes do get and find on this phone. To be honest, if it wasn’t for that constant, consistent, lackluster performance, i would sometimes get on this device. I would have definitely said this is a great smartphone and one of the best budget devices in this price range, but because it does have this reoccurring problem and it does definitely lack the snappiness of doing easy tasks efficiently. I have to say it’s. Definitely a nearly great smartphone, so the real me 7 pro has a great main camera.

It has 65 watt fast charging which, by the way, i did do an experiment on, and i timed for 15 minutes how much charge it can gain and i left out. 53 percent, by the end of the test, it went up to a staggering 90 to 91 that’s close to a 40 percent increase within just 15 minutes. I can see how useful that can be for those users who just want a quick boost, maybe in the mornings before they leave for work or just generally, when you want a quick boost of energy in your phone. So these useful things that you find on this device are also found on much highly priced phones. Therefore, i have to really really make this clear. The real me 7 pro is a great example of a smartphone that was nearly the best in its price range and a good example of this is like the samsung fe, which is obviously a lot more deranged price or the oneplus 8t, which also is a lot Higher in price, but those phones from their spec sheets, they just seem to be one of the best in price. But then a lot of reviewers have said their cameras are not up to scratch or up to the mark that you would hope, even though they are not flagships, they are in the mid range, so you’d expect a lot better camera performance from those phones.