If it wasn’t for y’all, i wouldn’t be able to keep doing this, so i really do appreciate it so thumbs up to you – and i hope you guys crush 2021 because that’s what we’re going to do around here so we’re gon na discuss the iphone 11 at 599 6.1 inch liquid retina aka an lcd display, and we also have a13 bionic in here four gigs of ram dual camera with a wide angle. Should you buy it now because it is rocking 4g lte? Okay, guys so let’s talk about the build quality of this phone i’m gon na be talking more from a forward perspective like if you buy this now down the line. Is this really gon na work out and from a build perspective? This does have aluminum edges. So this doesn’t really show scratches all that much i mean, maybe if you really drop it and scuff it up a lot, but it does a good job at hiding that stuff, whereas stainless steel on the pro series definitely can get more scratched, you can see it Easier – and this is a lighter material – stainless steel is a heavier material, so this phone will feel a little bit lighter than the pro series. In addition to that, this device right here does have gorilla glass on the back and on the front, and this phone has ip68 dust and water resistance. So in 2021, if you’re wondering the build, is the 12 that much better? The answer to that question is no: it really isn’t, so iphone 11 still good to go there in this new year that we just entered now.

When we talk about the display of the iphone 12 we’re. Looking at a liquid retina display, this marketing speak for lcd let’s go ahead and hit the settings menu, we’ll go to display and we’ll. Take a look at that brightness. This thing can reach a maximum brightness of 625 nits and what’s nice about this phone. Just like the other iphone man is listen. This one can go really dim or really bright. However, this is to feel aged in the future, and this is because apple has switched to oled for all of their upcoming devices. So this display, while it doesn’t feel old now, because they still have lcd they’re, actually working on bringing oled to the ipad as well. So they’re transitioning a lot of their products to oled, and this one’s gon na feel left behind. I think in about three years, but two to three years, maybe then, but for now it’s, okay um! If you do want oled, though you have to steer clear of this phone and go to a pro series, it does have true tone now and it does have night shift, but, unlike the older devices back in the day that had 3d touch, this one has a Haptic press so it’s a little bit slower when you do punch in on things and if you miss 3d touch, this is going to feel a little bit slower, but it still does work as you would expect, which is still quite nice.

Now, when i am in safari – and i am reading text and stuff like that – some results from a previous speed test you can see the text is very sharp, even though this phone doesn’t produce the highest resolution, this does have 1792 by 828. The text is sharp. The the browsing experience is still good, 326 ppi, so apple definitely can use retina because it you can’t, really see pixels, even though this display is not quite as good as the other devices, and i think if you stack the iphone 11 up side by side with The 12, you will see the sharpness difference, but it’s not a big deal, you’re, not going to be doing that. If you buy this phone one thing i don’t really appreciate or like too much about 10r or iphone 11 is the bezels are noticeably thicker at 79. Inches of screen to body ratio, you can actually tell the bezels are a little bit thick by comparison to you know the other devices in the line so i’m, not too much of a fan of that. But you know again, this phone’s 5.99 we’re not asking you 9.99 for this phone they’re, not asking 1200 for this device. It’S 5.99, so it’s a sacrifice i’m easily willing to make, and i think you should too, if you want a modern feeling iphone like the 11.. So the apple iphone 11 does give its own set of wallpapers. You can see there’s like six of them here and they’re all dynamic.

So what that means is, if we set this one, for example, let’s go ahead and set it and i go ahead and i turn on the dark mode which is available for this phone as well. We’Ll punch in here hit dark mode, it’ll dynamically switch so that’s. Quite nice, overall, you have a bright display with the same features you get from the other iphones. However, it doesn’t go to a thousand nits. It doesn’t go to 800 and it’s. It may or may not be a little difficult to see outdoors depending on how bright the sun is shining on your phone. But overall i feel like for the price. Nobody really had a problem with this display, so we’ll move on to software because, like i said in the past, video it’s pretty much the same as all the other iphones. You have your app library, you have the new privacy enhancements. You do have the ability to add widgets to this phone, which really changes the experience of how you use your iphone. I just really like what you know: ios 14 brought it made the iphone experience a lot more dynamic, but what’s nice about is that you could have kept this phone very simple too. You could just leave it with the icons. The way you did you can remove your widgets. Let me remove this widget and get out of here. You can just leave icons. Just add one widget. If you want, you can still just use this tray on the left.

If you want so, the iphone experience got a lot better with the ios 14 and a lot of the nice features, i think, came in the way of privacy with tracking a lot making apps, you know, request a track and location services. You can do app clips and we also do have you know precise location track. You could turn that on off a lot of nice stuff came with this software, so so yeah the experience won’t change much from buying a brand new iphone 12. and i would say, because it’s launched in 2019. You could expect this to be updated to around 2024 and considering how powerful this phone is. It might be even longer we’ll have to see and keep you updated on that. Okay, so talking about the a13 bionic, the thing with this phone is that it really doesn’t have any type of performance issues. I mean iphone. You’Ve come to expect it to just be smooth at this point, and this one does a great job. It actually does. Such a great job that when i got the iphone 12, i was like bro apple. Did you even put a new chip in here that’s? What i was saying to myself, because i couldn’t even see a real world difference between the two. I literally had to look really close. I mean if i throw a benchmark on the phones. Of course, the iphone 12 is going to smoke the thing in terms of the raw numbers in geekbench, but that stuff doesn’t matter when i’m opening my apps day to day when i’m using my stuff – and i can’t even tell that they put a new chip in There – and that includes even doing stuff like video editing.

This a13 will rip through this stuff and i’m i’m actually excited to try the a13 versus the snapdragon 888, because i’ve been seeing reports that this phone, the a13 bionic chip, is going to be faster than the latest 888 isn’t that something 2019 we’re in 2021 and Again, we’re releasing a new snapdragon processor on android phones, we’re gon na have to test that out to see if that claim comes true, but i mean look at it running through ripping through stuff. I mean it’s just so fun to use this phone just because of its amazing speed. So, on the topic of battery life, this phone right here has a pretty sizable, 31 10 milliamp hour battery, so it’s a very good size battery in this body and the iphone 11 was always impressive. On this front. This phone could also wirelessly charge and it could also fast charge, but the thing with the iphone 11 is that, when you’re using the phone throughout the day, even when you have the brightness turned up, i don’t know if it’s, because the display doesn’t draw that much Power, i could have the brightness way up, and this phone would still last the whole day that i can’t save for every iphone. That doesn’t always happen. If you charge it fully, you wake up in the morning. This thing easily lasts the day, so i really do like that. A lot about the 11. I think the whole 11 series was great in that department now when it comes to actual screen on time.

If i kept my brightness around 50, i was getting just around 7 hours of screen time with this phone, so i don’t know what else to say it just does really well in the battery department, all right guys so let’s talk about the cameras. This is a dual 12 megapixel camera one’s, an f 1.8. That means it lets a lot of light in this. One also has an ultra ride of up to 120 degrees, wide field of view 13 millimeter lens, so that’s ultra wide for a phone now i’m gon na go ahead and open the camera up, and you know what’s funny last year, when i had the 11 pro And pro max, i was constantly still using this phone to make videos because the video quality on this phone was just as good and they don’t name the 11. They don’t name the 12 pro series devices, but they do pro series work, so you can definitely get the job done here now. If we go ahead and punch wide, it does go ultra white now, samsung phones do go wider than the iphone 11, but the iphone 11 has this consistency about it, where the actual main camera and the wide angle camera looks very consistent with each other. Although the white is not as sharp the color reproduction, the accuracy of it very good, this one also has that quick take video. So if you hold down you can do quick, take video.

You can burst to the left and in this video department you can easily change between your video modes up here. In addition to that, my favorite thing about the 11 was that the front facing camera matched up perfectly with the rear camera. So if i go ahead and do 4k 60 on the front – and i want to make a video let’s say – i want to flip it around to the back – and i want 4k 60 on the back, because i’m doing a vlog or something it matches up and That is incredible for creation using this camera. So these cameras right here also with the knight, let me go to photo mode also with the night mode you can see up. There beats out the 10r amazing cameras. I freaking love them and i know you guys will too if you pick up the iphone 11.. Okay, so let’s have a listen to the audio, so yeah we’re getting up there near 2021, it’s gon na be in its third year, but technically it’s around two years old. Is this phone still worth it? So you can see we hit 110 let’s go ahead and show you this. We hit 110 decibels here, that’s pretty loud, so these speakers they get very loud here for the iphone 11, so don’t be worried about the audio. If you want headphone jacks. This is not your phone, but don’t be worried about the external audio. This thing also brought bluetooth 5.

0. So what does that mean? Your headphones connect ridiculously fast when you hit bluetooth, it’ll, be like bluetooth connected. You know how those headphones go. The face id system on this phone also did better to me than the iphone 10 did. So if you never bought an iphone 10 who cares, you definitely got a better face id system here it operated better on different angles and when it comes to its phone call quality, it wasn’t the best in the world it didn’t have the qualcomm modems. I say that in a lot of videos but it’s true, this phone just didn’t have the best signal, strength, i’ve, seen 4g lte wasn’t, always 100 reliable for me. But you know the connectivity depending on the area. It didn’t seem to bother a lot of people because millions still bought this phone and it did fine for them. This thing brought wi fi 6 performance as well and keeps the lightning connectivity. So if you wanted, you know the usbc. This is not the phone, so let’s just wrap it up here, it’s 2021 you’re thinking i want to buy the iphone 11 now it’s 5.99 it’s a good deal. I agree with you if you think it’s a good deal. You’Re. Definitely right in that feeling, because this phone represents a really good value, but you have to live with the fact that 5g is going to be something of a norm in 2021 and you only have 4g lte here.

However, i will say: 5g is still expanding, but if you want to be on the latest mobile data, you probably don’t want this phone, but if you don’t care about this excellent deal, iphone 11 is still a stunning piece of hardware. Let me know your thoughts on this one.