So, if you’re covered in my channel you’ve, probably seen my video of me reviewing my ring light for you guys, so this is i’ll be reviewing this for you guys. This is smartphone led, feel lights, yeah, it’s, um, sf02 right and it comes in various various shade so and then guess what i’m going to film this video, because it’s, a famous video, so you know i traveled, so i don’t have to carry my ring lights around. I just have this and i’m good to go so i’ll show you guys. This is how it comes very, very portable, very, very portable, so i’m going to open it for you guys. So i filled this. I got this from i’m, not glam store. You can order. Yours, if you’re interested in getting it so this is it it comes with charger, and then this is the light. So here i want to remove this you’re going to see the part it has it. Has this small, tiny on and off or thin, then it has it’s like a cheap. This reminds me of like a peg for pegging your code, something so you can just place it on your phone just like place it on your phone. So this is the phone i’m going to be using so like show you guys so close to your camera. You just place it here like if they like the casing of this and for now it’s very big for my phone.

It fits to it so i’m just going to remove the back. So this is it. It fits right properly on this phone. So this is how you place it. Just like a peg, you place it down face it. How you want it to be so for the charging port, it has a charging port right there down inside and then it and then it comes with the charger for charging the phone, so it’s very it’s rechargeable. You can charge it and use it whenever you want to use it, so you just connect it and then plug directly inside here and then you charge. So this is the on and over, as i said so, this is the own see how bright is then. I just see how bright this is. Oh, very bright, then this is another shade, just click on it see some of that shade of it. Then this is another shade, so super bright, like a very bright as you can see, i’m, just holding it and it’s. Very very possible, so then, if you want to like see, conversely see when you want to open it, this is one shade another one and another one see, then you just off it. So if you want to like this is only if you want to reduce all if you want to increase or reduce the brightness, you just press it for a long time, and then you see this is the brightest. This is on that shade.

First, for a long time, you see it’s decreasing it’s, reducing the brightness, reducing reducing using the black brightness yeah. I think this is the least of it, and this is another shade, so if you also want to increase it, you just continue personally it’s increasing it’s increasing the brightness whoo. This is super super bright, and this is very, very good, so you just plug it around. Like you just like clean it over to your phone see and then and then with the lights on the other, you see. Let me let me reduce the light of this, so you see how very very bright it is. Light i’m using nancy jones’s lights, see how bright it looks. So you see this is super amazing, so you can use this at night like when you go for night party go for night club. You can just take this along put in your purse and you’re good to go or then you can like use this when you’re out like during the day for enhanced brightness. So this is, let me put on the light back. Let me take a selfie, so i’ll show you guys so this is this shade yeah? Let me switch this shade. This is another one, then last one okay. So this is how it’s called this is a light shade. The last shade – and this is very very good like for those who are into like wow and makeup artists – you can just get this for brightness like at night, when you’re doing your makeup or you’re doing a client’s makeup.

You can also use this. You can use this for night party, as i said earlier, it’s just very, very portable, so you don’t have to carry your ring lights around. You just have to carry this what’s in your post and you’re good to go so and i’m using this to film. This video so for youtubers to do that. You like vlog around you, can just carry this and then very. This is very, very good at night on your system. This is very good at night on your phone. The key pads like when you can’t see very well. You can just use this also as your lights and then like this. This can be used for so many so many purposes. So this is the smartphone led for light. Sf02 it’s crumbling feel in light in light and forever beauty. Okay. So i think this is the this first one this this first one. This one right is the filling light. Then this second one is the in light and then the last one is forever beauty like this is a very, very good. I recommend this for youtubers and it’s very affordable, so in case you want this, you can just go to any store or you can go to amazon store to purchase this. This is so good and so bright, so guys. I hope you like this. I just i just feel like reviewing this, because i felt like it’s very good and i don’t like people to get it.

If you love it, so you can just like recommend this to your friends and yeah they’re going to purchase this, so they have an amazing day, guys i’m, loving it and i’m enjoying it.