It is your boy, legendary! Back with another video man, it’s been a while um today, i’m here to review the t mobile high speed internet gateway. I just received it in the mail um. This thing is gigantic. Look at this box. Man it’s huge, so basically, this is gon na be using um it’s gon na be just like your phone it’s gon na be like a hot spot except it’s, a huge hot spot um. So i got it and i want to test it out for you guys. So well here it is so let’s get right into it. I’Ve been waiting for this thing and um it’s been about. I think the weight was maybe i want to say two weeks, i’m gon na order it sometime in the 22nd of december, or something like that, and today is the fifth so yeah there. It is so first things. First, we have this little thing here. I don’t know what this is it’s like a welcoming thing, because we’ve got the quick start guide, um yeah, so let’s hop right into this thing. Oh my god. This thing is huge yo, this thing’s gigantic. So we got a couple of things. We got ethernet, cable and it looks like we have power, yeah and power, so this thing is extremely simple: it’s, literally plug and play you have to download the app on your phone t, mobile, um gateway, app, so let’s take a look Music.

Oh man. This thing is gigantic, looks like a speaker, wow guys. Look at this thing, it’s huge! Look at that it’s got like a big. I don’t even know like a fan. Look at that so it’s got two ethernets um it’s got a lan that land that’s a land button. I think that’s a usbc um, the on and off button. I don’t know what the ups stands for: i’m, not too sure and then the power button, but um. This thing is gigantic, so you got the product key and stuff like that on the back um wow. This thing is huge guys, look at this thing. It is gigantic yo, so we’re gon na go ahead and plug this up and uh i’m gon na show you what it looks like all right. So i got the t mobile home home internet plugged in ready to roll um, as i wanted to show you guys. You know um so basically, i’m gon na start off with my home internet. So you guys can see what i’m dealing with here it’s. Not that great so here’s the home internet let’s start the speed test here, as you can see, i mean it’s, just it’s bottling it’s, not even going past five. So yeah i mean look at that. So this is the um. This is my home internet. This is att um it’s, just uh. We pay for a super slow plan so um. You know this is what it looks like and i’m in the suburbs i’m.

Not in like the woods or something you know um. So this is what it looks like and then i’m gon na plug in the home internet, um and i’m gon na show you guys speed on that. So it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is plug it in and then download the t mobile home internet app. So it looks something like that home internet and once you do that you log you open the app it says set up, you just follow the instructions, um and then you’re basically set up um. You can set a password for it um. It has a preset password underneath the uh, the modem itself, so it’s, pretty simple um and once it’s set up. All you got to do is connect to the wi fi of the modem and once once you’re connected. Then you open up the t, mobile home internet app and it looks something like this and you can basically see my quality, the the quality of it, the connection quality, it’s, um yeah, so it’s pretty good right now, um so that’s. What the quality looks like and that’s what it’s gon na say, um and you can check what devices are connected. As you can see, i have my desktop and my iphone connected to it um and you can change the password and stuff like that. So i’m, going to plug it in i’m, gon na show you how to speed all right so now, it’s plugged in so it’s no longer using my house, wi fi, so let’s take a look.

Look at that um. This is at 4, 54 p.m. Right now this is at 5 o’clock in midday, so during the day it’s going to get pretty busy, um people are going to be using it significantly more than at night. So i kind of want to do a speed test at night too, just to see what it looks like, but look at that speed, it’s 40 download and almost 30 upload, which you can’t even get on a normal um internet plan, because at t and xfinity gives You like five to ten upload and if you want more upload, then you have to pay for it. This is fifty dollars straight flat, no taxes, no fees or anything like that um and i believe it uses the internet off of the fiber optic uh. I know t mobile was saying they put up more um towers and stuff like that for the home internet, but um i’m, not too sure how true that is. All we know is that that’s what it’s, looking like, it’s, looking great so yeah there’s my view on that um today’s my first day with it, you know i’m going to be testing this out along the way and we’re going to see how how good this is.