This time the xiaomi redmi name, i didn’t see from the back it’s the 4 gig ram 64 gig storage version. It supports nfc as well, which i was surprised with, as i didn’t think the redmi name did um so here’s, my unboxing, hopefully android. Just people teaching something Music, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music, nice headphone jack there, usb type c bottom fairing, speaker there’s your sim card tray go back at the top, got an infrared sensor. There always good thing to have to change the channels on your tv volume up and down in the power button. I especially like the color. This was what color was it again sunset purple well fancy glory dawg, i kind of like that camera set up as well. Don’T, you think nice little ring round the main camera there boot it up, let’s see what these bezels are like. Teardrop notch, definitely like the color bit of a fingerprint magnet that was i’ve just got really greasy fingers. It is rubbing off there for a little vibrate. There optics feel quite good rain, such a a cheap phone 99 phone from xiaomi uk when i bought it there’s your notch in your front facing camera bezel is on too bad for the price you could live without couldn’t. You, accessibility, canceled! Well, you know no problem. This phone has got, give you a quick rundown of the specs of this budget. Beast got them on jsm there.

So it’s got a 6.53 inch 1080 by 2340 lcd display it’s got a 30 megapixel. I can do 1080 main sensor. It’S got four gigs of ram on this. One it’s got the helio g80 and it’s got 64 gigs of storage. With a 5020 milliamp hour battery it’s got a dedicated microsd slot, which is always good to have in these budget. Tapes, like i said, usb type c, fingerprint scanner, which is there we are mounted, i didn’t realize it was. I thought it was a camera sensor. First, on a quick look and yeah nice budget handset from xiaomi again there’s enough budget to me. Nice premium feel nice big display, very bright display and yeah i’ll be reviewing this in a week or two. So please keep tuned for that and like and subscribe and hit that notifications bell.