2 trillion. Photographs were taken in 2017 and out of them, 85 of the photographs were taken with smartphones.. That is not a surprise, because, wherever you go there’s one thing that you would be carrying all the time. That will be your smartphone., But there are some limitations with your smartphone. One of the limitation is you cannot change the focal length of these lenses.? There are a lot of smartphone lens manufacturers in the market, Moondog Labs Sandmarc Moment Ulanci. There are many more. Today we are going to unbox and review Ulanzi 4 in 1 Lens Kit., Hello, Everyone. Thank you very much for tuning in to my channel.. I am Dinuth. Let’s get it started. I ordered this package from AliExpress for 75 and this is available in amazon, as well. I’ll include the link in the description as well.. This is how the package look like.. The outer box is made out of really good cardboard and it has the Ulanzi branding in it.. You can slide it open the box. Inside that you can find the lens carrier case, which is very stylish.. It has the fabric finishing on the both sides.. This looks like a really good, durable storage case and really good for the portability and the safe storage for the lenses. Let’s, zip it open. Inside the case. You can see the four lenses.. There is a 75mm super macro lens 65mm telephoto lens 16mm wide angle, lens and 7.5mm fisheye lens.. Additionally, you can see there are two phone clips.

. There is a user manual which explains all the steps on how to mount a lens clip into the smartphone.. How to attach the Ulanzi lenses into it and all details are explained in english in this user manual.. Additionally, there is a cleaning cloth as well included in the bundle to keep all your lenses. Clean. Let’s start the review with the mounting clips. There are two screw mounted universal clips included in the package to mount Ulanzi lenses into any of the smartphone camera.. The universal clip is made out of metal, and the build quality is very good.. Inside the mount there are rubber pads, which stops your smartphone camera getting scratched when mounting and unmounting the clip to your smartphone. Clip has 17mm thread to screw mount.. The lenses mounted clip needs to be precisely aligned to the smartphone to minimise the distortion and chromatic aberration.. After inserting the clip to the phone tighten up the screw until it has a tight fit and no need to worry about falling off. Super easy and convenient. Mounting. Clip is large enough to mount to Samsung Note 10 plus without removing its case. Need to mention that clip covers parts of the screen, but it’s very minimal.. If your phone has multiple cameras, clip needs to be moved, realigned and tighten the screw again. To avoid the hassle of mounting and realigning. You can think of purchasing Ulanzi 17mm threaded smartphone cases., But cases are not available for all the smartphone models.

Check it in the Ulanzi website. Ulanzi.Com for the availability.. You can check other lens provider phone cases as well.. If the lens case has 17mm threads, it will mostly work. If you want to review the phone cases as well. Let me know in the comment: section. I’ll create a video on that too. To mount the Ulanzi lens to the phone clip or the smartphone case. Just align the lens threads to the center of the mount and twist until it is tightened, enough. Let’s move to 65mm telephoto lens.. You can see the top quality professional finishing.. This is not a cheap. Looking plasticky lens. Lens has aluminium alloy finishing.. If you look at the specification, it has 5 elements in 4 groups of construction multilayer AR coating to remove the glares. Lens is a bit heavy.. If you are using a smartphone gimbal, you definitely need to consider using some counterweights to stop overloading your gimbal motors. When shooting videos with your smartphone. If you don’t have a telephoto lens, a shallow depth of field can be very difficult to achieve.. To achieve a blurry background or bokeh to appear, you usually have to put the smartphone camera very close to the subject.. With this telephoto lens, you will be able to get 2x closer to the subject in photos or videos without moving or tapping. I’m. Pretty impressed with this lens and the quality of the footage that you’ll be getting.. If your smartphone already has telephoto lens inbuilt, you can mount this Ulanzi telephoto lens on top of your smartphone’s telephoto lens to achieve 4x zoom.

. This is definitely worth the money you pay.. If you purchase this lens separately, it will cost around 25, but the good thing is this is included in this 4 in 1 lens kit.. The 16mm 100 degree wide angle lens is designed to capture large scenery with unrevealed image quality.. When the lens is mounted, it will expand the field of view so that you can capture more in your shot.. It is made out of superior quality, high class imported optical glass, aluminum alloy body and multilayer AR coating. 4K HD wide angle lens can be used to shoot stunning photographs of people, pets, travel, scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies and more.. This will not give you any dark corners.. It is claiming that there is no distortion with this wide angle. Lens. Center of the image is pretty sharp.. If you purchase this lens separately, it will cost around 30. Prices may vary from time to time. Need to mention that when you buy this lens separately, it will come with a CPL filter as well., But with 4 in 1 lens kit. You will not get the CPL filter and you cannot buy it separately. Anyway. I’Ll make another video on how to create your own DIY filter rings for all the Ulanzi lenses. Ulanzi 7.5mm Fish Eye lens will give you top quality DSLR, comparable professional. Looking footage with 238 degree wide hemispherical image., The lens was specially designed and engineered to help. You take better pictures and videos with your mobile device.

. It is made out of high class glass with aluminium alloy body. Because of high degree of field of view. When you are using this lens with your smartphone, be mindful to keep your mounting grips or fingers away from the footage. Ulanzi 75mm Macro lens is an excellent quality lens for taking beautiful macro photographs. Lens construction is 5 elements. In 4 groups, magnification ratio is 10x. Focusing distance is about 40 to 75mm. Multi layer. Lens coating allows the lens to restore the clarity of the photographs.. This high quality lens provides refined, shooting effort closer to DSLR level.. This lens is highly recommended and more convenient and more powerful to take clear and gorgeous macro photographs: Okay That’s, my unboxing and the review of Ulanzi 4 in 1 lens kit.. Thank you so much for watching my video.. If you enjoy this, video don’t forget to hit the LIKE button and the SUBSCRIBE button to get notified when i upload a new video.. Thank you. So much See you again in a new video.