I guess because i’m not going to be showing my face. I have to show it from this way, but i will be unboxing. This instax mini link, print kit and don’t, mind this, but this is a kit that comes with 20 um instax film, the sleeve and the actual instax printer. So this, instead of having a polaroid camera, which i will show you my polaroid camera, this is the instax mini line. It still works perfectly, but i decided to get this because all you have to do is you can get any picture from your phone or any picture that you want basically and print it out. That looks like a polaroid which looks exactly like this let’s get started with opening this i’m really excited. This is a really perk, it’s, a really good gift. I got this for christmas and let’s just open it. So the first thing i see is the sock case, which is actually made by instax. So this is supposed to go and hold the printer. Then we have the 20 pack um instax film and last but not least, the actual printer. So this color is ash white and, as you can see here, it says all the instructions, so we do have to download an instax app, so let’s just search up instax mini link. It will be this one here and you just press get so now. It’S. Just downloading, i guess nice to open the printer up, while it is still um downloading i’m really really excited.

It comes with the charger i’m. Pretty sure this is the charger, and oh, my god, this is so cool. So here is the instax mini link printer. This is absolutely amazing. This is so beautiful too. Look at how pretty this color is too, and this is where you put the actual film. So basically you just put it in and close it back up. I’M. Pretty sure this one is to print. I won’t press. It because i have no idea – and i think this is where you have to charge it so, while waiting for it to load – and i will charge this for at least a little bit – maybe five minutes and i’ll get back to the video. It is taking a little bit long for it to charge, but it’s okay, we will have to wait so we’re back it’s actually been like around an hour or so, and this has finally charged um i’m going to be putting in the film that came inside the Box as well, but before we do that let’s actually open the sleeve Applause here is what it looks like now that we’re out of that asmr thing, it says in stacks here and slip it in the sleeve is so cute on it. Look at this so now. Basically, we’re just going to put it in our asmr Music, Music, Music Music. So do so. This is the extra piece of like i don’t know what it’s called but it’s, just like an extra part that i don’t even know what it does, but that just automatically prints out as soon as you push it down.

That is absolutely amazing. You guys so here is the app. I just need to connect it by turning it on in three two one: do you guys see how it’s changing color so now that it’s connected we are going to print out? Oh my god. Now we can print out a picture, so let’s go to simple. The first picture, i’m going to print is me and my family at wave rock. So this was during our esprit’s trip. I think my vlog should be up by then, if not it’ll be soon. So, oh my god, guys i’m so nervous to print this but i’m gon na. Do it in three two one it’s going it’s going it’s going it’s going! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god, so i’m! Actually gon na keep it away from the sun. I don’t know why but apparently you’re supposed to keep it away from the sun but i’m not quite sure, um how to technically develop it properly. So on the app you have a bunch of frames, you can do if you want to do any frame, prints or um a collage print now i’m, just gon na check if the photo has developed. I have not seen it at all, yet so in three two one: oh my god, you guys – and this is an edited photo by the way. This is what it looks like. It is amazing. Oh, my gosh, that is so cool you guys and it will be on my wall really really soon so yay i’m really happy i’m going to print out some more pictures and i’ll be back with you so guys these are all the pictures.

I’M printing for now. So the first one is me and my family at wave rock, then me and my grandparents and me and my friends on a day out so that’ll, be it for today’s video. Thank you guys so much for watching.