I also like the message indicator light on that phone. I use my computer for nearly all my internet interactions. I prefer using a full size keyboard but like having an internet option on my phone for when i’m out and about the jelly pro gives me the small size with more modern day technology and message light indicators. I use it with a t and t prepaid and even though the settings are correct for it to get 4g 80 and t only gives me 3g on the phone, i think the 3g may be why i get good battery life out of it. So i’ve not pressed at t to get 4g on the phone. Since i put a higher priority on battery life than data speed, i do keep cell data off unless i’m using it, which also helps the battery life. The few times i’ve used the internet through the cell service. I have not noticed a lag, probably not many people using 3g for the internet, so the lines are clear. Haha i use wi fi at home, so the speed is not an issue there. The hotspot feature has come in handy when the home internet went out and i had to get some work sent from my laptop. I love this phone. I got this to replace my gear s watch. I love the portability of the gear. S with the full keyboard feature which all of the more recent watches don’t have, but the apps are limited and i really wanted a camera.

I wore my watch all the time and especially loved it for running, but the battery is now failing. So when i found this, i was ecstatic all the features of the gear s plus that add ons. I wanted camera more apps, etc and still the small size. I suddenly realized you have to think of this phone as a huge but fully functional smartwatch everything works. Exactly like a normal sized phone, however, there are a few apps like google pay that won’t work. I don’t know electronics, but something about it not being rooted. Essentially, google can’t trust the programming of the device, so it won’t allow it to load. Having said that, though, there isn’t nfc anyway, so i guess it wouldn’t work, even if the app was trusted future upgrade observations it’s, not as hard to view the screen. As reviews have said, there is a way to adjust the font size and the largest setting is plenty for me. Without my glasses. The keyboard can also be scaled up in size. However, it takes up screen space i found typing is quite accurate, even scaled down, but if you know how to swipe it is freakishly, accurate and that’s always easier than typing on anything, not a full keyboard. I am ho. I struggled a bit with the sim card. Initial poor call quality duplicate contacts populating in even after deleting from sim, but when i switched slots as a last, ditch it fixed everything.

So keep that in mind the lower quality screen and camera resolution is noticeable, but not bad. For what they’re trying to do camera does have an amazingly wide angle. You do have to be deliberate in pressing on the screen. I suggest. Turning on sounds for button presses, so you can hear that your press was recognized edges, especially the bottom, when trying to pull up a keyboard and texting app is noticeably different in its sensitivity, i’ll press it a few times, but i’ve noticed if you press more towards The interior of the screen, which is a bit counter intuitive it will more often recognize your tap Music. For me, none of these are deal breakers and acceptable when considering the smaller scale environment.