So you don’t know wander around flicking light switches, i’m, all right, but of course getting a complete smart home license set up in exactly cheaper, at least it isn’t. If you stick to most of the big brands, so that’s, why today i’m going to be checking out a variety of products from yee lights? Now this is a xiaomi sub brand channel. You might well know from their smartphones. They do all kinds of other shenanigans. Like scooters and hairdryers and stuff, and of course, xiaomi is well known for offering great value for money and yi light is no exception. For instance, a yearlight smartbob will cost you just 20 on the likes of aliexpress and the e light bulbs seem to offer all the features. You’D expect from more premium kit, including full support for likes of apple home kit, google, home and alexa, so let’s get them set up check them out, see if they’re, actually good value for money. So let’s start with you: light’s multi, color m2 smart led bulb, as i said, cause it’s just 20 from aliexpress. Just your standard screw in bulb, as you can see, there goes up to a thousand. Lumens covers the full color range, a plus plus energy rating and lifetime approximately 15 000 hours. That should do the job so that she blows make sure. Of course, you get the right kind of bulb for your light fixture as well. So this is an e27 bulb.

It’S, this kind that you actually screw in you can get the little baton, type ones as well. I believe they’re called b22 or something equally memorable, now i’m, just going to carefully balance and try and get the old one out and this one in. If you don’t, hear from me again then send help now we try turn on and print it. Doesn’T explode yep. So far, so good, oh that’s, bright, oh yeah, staring at the bulb, as i switched it on, was not a good idea right. So i’m gon na do the setup via google home because that’s the smart home assistant that i use the most right bulbs all installed and now i’ve gone into google home and, as you can see right at the top of the home screen, there you’ve got setup. One smart light let’s give that a tap so that’s great to see google home has automatically detected the yeelight bulb. Just for me, sticking it in so let’s give that a little tappy tap and then just as when you’re setting up any other google home smart device. Just see exactly which room of your home, it is in and give it a memorable name, so you can easily identify it and switch it on or off individually, and now that that’s all set up, you can directly control the bulb via google home. So you can just turn off the ceiling light turn it back on again and of course, use your voice using the google assistant as well and, of course, because multi color we’ve got full control over all that.

So we can get all kinds of sexy. Barry white shades get it all romantical in the studios. Next let’s check out the yeelight storia bedside a lamp. It is apparently the bedside lamp of choice for the pros. All right, let’s get this beast out of here. How do you actually get it out of the packaging they’ve actually got instructions on how to extract it from this crazy, ass box that’s how difficult it is, insert your finger into the hall and then pull it out said the bishop to the actress. Ah, i see, and there we have it one yeelight bedside lamp. The only issue i’ve got is that the adapter comes with a two pin european end piece which does snap off, but then they didn’t include a three pin uk end piece. Unfortunately, in the box bear that in mind, so it looks like i’ll be using my trusty old uk adapter for this bad boy. Now, if you don’t actually use google home or alexa or apple home kit, or any of that good stuff, you can just set up the yeelight bulbs individually using the yi lite app, which is available on the google play store and the apple app store just got To log in using your xiaomi account or sign up for one, if you haven’t got one already, then let’s head to add device, as you can see, he like does a whole bunch of stuff, and i believe this is the one we want star bedside lab, even Though it’s really called the starria okay, so we’ve got it in pairing mode, so hopefully it’ll be detected i’m, assuming slash hoping that this is it there’s our connection successful and the lamp’s giving us a little mini discord to celebrate by the looks of it and once Again, just like, as if you’re setting up by google, home or whatever you can rename the device to give it a bit more of a catchy title i’m, just going to call mine lampy because that’s about how imaginative i am and one of the advantages of setting Up your yearline devices through the actual yearlight app rather than the likes of google home.

Is you get a bit more custom control over it? So once again, you can easily control the brightness, just as you can through the smart home assistants. You can also change the color temperature and for lampy there’s, a small number of presets as well, so, for instance, a bit candle flicker. If you want a little bit of atmosphere and you’ve also got all the other premium, spotlight features you’d expect from the likes of philips hue and stuff, like that, so first, as you can set timers and schedules always handy if you’re going to be away on your Holidays, but you still want someone to think your home as you can see, then you set up multiple schedules all with their own easily identifiable name. You can set the schedules to be active certain days of the week or every day, and just say when you want your lights to turn on when you want them to turn off again job done there’s. Another great feature this pro desk lamp is that you’ve actually got a wireless charger built in there as well. It’S 10 watt wireless charging. So if you’ve got, you know the likes of a galaxy s20 ford and an iphone something that supports that wireless charging just slap it on there, you don’t, have to have an extra charger plugged in let’s finish off by checking out e light, led light strips now. This is a one meter, light strip. You can actually string a whole bunch of them together up to 10 meters in length.

If you want it stretching all the way around your house and this bad boy will cost you 36 on aliexpress, so again considerably cheaper than a lot of the competition, and so this box is easier to open than the last one, at least so there we have A good bit of light strip action and hallelujah they’ve actually included the three pin adapter in this one. So you’ve got your meter long led light strip and that’s connected via a very, very lengthy cable to the little control panel, which basically got a single button on it, nice and simple. And then you connect that control panel to the mains adapter and plug that bad boy in to provide power. Now, once again, the e light led strip is easy to pair up with the yeelight app or your usual google home apple home kit. All that shenanigans don’t need to worry about setting up internet bridges or anything like that, it’s all completely hassle free. Now physical button can be used to turn the lights on and off, and it can also be used to cycle through various colors. If you hold it down as well, otherwise, of course, obviously you’ve got the full app control as well to get a very specific kind of color tone. You could also set up a color floor, so the year light strip goes through the full rainbow range or otherwise you can get one of those presets on the go nice bit of date, night action, very nice.

So so far, i to say i’m pretty impressed by the yi light setup. Definitely for a fraction of the price of a lot of its rivals. You get fairly easy, comprehensive setup. You got a lot of the same premium features that you’d expect from the likes of philips hue, such as the schedule and the presets and, of course, the full support for the likes of alexa, google, home and apple home kit. Here in the uk. Unfortunately, you will have to go through a retailer like aliexpress in order to get them in there’s no dedicated uk set up for yearlight just yet, but you might be able to import on the likes of amazon as well, because they are quite widespread throughout europe.