So i figured you know: uh yeah! We got ta! Try that out now before you go getting getting too excited, this phone is a tracfone carrier, locked phone, so you can’t put it on a normal carrier which, for the type of person buying a 20 smartphone, that’s, probably fine, you’re, probably extremely extremely budget oriented. This is technically it’s called the lg rebel four i’ve never heard of it before super curious. What the rebels, one through three, looked like and if there are for further rebels more rebels, but for this phone i have kind of level set really low expectations because it’s a 20 phone. So i expect almost nothing out of it from the get go um when doing the whole unboxing experience you open the box and the box said no branding, it was just a generic white box, the phone comes disassembled, the back is off. You have to put the battery in which some people might actually like um put the battery in put the back on it. Doesn’T come with a charge, so you need to charge it out the box for five hours, which i did and then i started the phone up now when putting the battery, and i noticed, it’s a 2500 milliamp hour battery, which is not bad um. That puts it pretty much on par with, like the pixel 4 or the smaller edition ish. It puts it close to that that phone’s battery life so already impressed that it doesn’t have like an 800 milliamp hour battery or something awful now later on.

In my use of the phone over time, the battery doesn’t degrade crazy fast, so battery is actually a plus on this for a 20 phone. I expected the battery to last like an hour and i’ve used it every everything i used it for the setup and unboxing it’s got 91 percent left so it’s very low power phone, which is awesome. The type of person buying this. I could see folks who aren’t going to spend a whole lot of money. You know a battery lasting a little longer, that’s it you’re lucky you get that so that’s pretty cool. Now this features a five inch hd screen um in hd, i’m, pretty sure meaning 720p. I only in the settings was able to run a 720p video in my youtube settings. When i was playing a youtube video, i was only able to run a 720p video for again for a 20 phone that’s fine. With me. The first time i tried to run 720p video, it crashed so performance wise, i mean, have low low expectations. It has a qualcomm processor it’s, a 1.4 gigahertz quad core processor. I that’s all the info. I got yeah. I mean it’s not going to run amazingly, but it’ll do any basic app. You want to watch a youtube video. You want to text. Go on facebook, do the basics with it it that it works. It can do those things. You know for 20. Bucks awesome for the battery life lasting awesome.

It comes with, i believe, it’s 16 gigabytes of onboard storage, so not a whole lot of onboard storage that should be expected for a cheap phone. It does tout expandable storage there’s, no expansion slots around the edge of it. Let me open it up here. Yeah, it looks like you could put a micro sd card on. I mean that the back’s off now yeah there’s a sim card in there, and you could probably put a micro sd card in um, the back just kind of snaps. Back on, oh it didn’t turn off. I guess it is still on the camera. Is i mean again it’s fine i’m glad it has a camera at all. You can get a digital camera for 20 bucks, so i don’t know again adjust expectations. It can record video. It can take pictures both front facing and rear facing, not bad here’s. Some other pictures in video i’m just going to play it for you right now, all right, um! Well, i can’t see how uh how this looks, but this is a this. Is the camera i’m using the camera on this 20 phone to uh to make a youtube uh to make one youtube i’m just going to walk around? I don’t know if this is going to be worth anything here. I am in front of this window i’m walking into a darker kitchen. Don’T know how that’s going so one thing: that’s nice is the camera centered.

So i know exactly where to look and there’s only one of them. So i feel like i am getting myself in the frame right now. As far as what the processor can handle, i was able to play among us on it. I was able to play youtube videos so uh. You know you can stay up with the pop culture. If i didn’t say this already it’s running android, 8.1 oreo and i don’t think you’ll ever get a software update beyond that. So when app makers or whoever stop making apps that are that work on oreo uh that you’re out of luck, you know you paid 20 bucks for a phone. You go buy another 20 phone. At that point, it gets internet via a 4g lte. Oh no it’s! Internet via 4g lte it’s got bluetooth, bluetooth 4.2. You got charging via micro, usb there’s, no way they’re going to put usb type c on a phone this inexpensive, and then you have a headphone jack. So you can listen to your music and and whatnot um again. That’S, a must on a cheap phone. You can’t expect people that are buying a 20 phone to then go buy 50 plus dollar headphones for it you this is a you use five dollar or one dollar headphones. You use the free ones. You can get at some hotels, that’s the kind of headphones you use with this now i know what you’re thinking you’re like wow, is that a fingerprint reader on the back? No all right when i first got this phone, i was confused there’s no power button where a normal one would be like near the volume buttons there’s, none on the top, not on the bottom.

The fingerprint reader looking button is a power button. It clicks hear that it’s, a power button turns it on turns it off. I don’t have a passcode set, but for securing your phone, you put a passcode in that or a gesture speaker there’s a single speaker. It does not use the earpiece as a speaker. The single speaker comes out of the back of the phone, not the bottom, where you would expect. The bottom has the the tiny hole for talking on the phone, but the back speaker is behind the phone, which again i didn’t really mind that much it was. It was fine while using it now overall construction of the phone overall impressions. It feels robust. It feels like this thing can take a licking keep on ticking um. The back material is like it almost feels like a carbon fiber e. It feels really nice honestly. I would prefer this material on. Most phones makes that kind of like vinyl sound, i don’t, know it’s pretty cool, i mean for being a 20 phone. I would recommend this to anybody who just needs a phone to get them by for a little while. I can see this being huge with, like the homeless, community or people who don’t have any income right now or anything like that. Where you need a phone, you don’t know if you’re going to be able to pay a monthly bill, so you want to pay it off piece by piece.

You can probably get on free public wi fi different places, so you really just need those minutes for those emergency situations where you need to make a call to somebody, but you still want certain apps. I know that if you’re without a home right now, there are a lot of free apps, usually it’s regional um, but that will tell you about resources where you can get food or shelter different places to stay places you’re allowed to panhandle and whatnot. This would be great for that type of person, because 20 bucks is all you need now. I bought it off amazon, so you need to ship it somewhere. I think what a lot of people do is they get a po box or they use like a ups location to ship and pick up items as far as the rest of it, you get like a monthly gym membership, and then you have one something to do With a little bit of your time, but a place to go shower and be inside for a little bit anyway, this is not trying to be a psa for for how how you how to survive. It’S just information i would say this is this: will get you by the internet? Browser works, fine um, the battery lasts plenty long. It almost uses no battery while you’re not using it so um. If you have to go multiple days between charging – and you want to have it kind of like in your pack or on your person as a just there in case you needed phone there, you go it’s a really solid phone, yeah, also it’s a burner phone right.

If you’re you’re the type of person that, for whatever reason you like to go through phones frequently, but you still want the smartphone features in your phone, i guess this will work it’s, probably cheaper than most flip phones. You can buy. So i don’t see why you wouldn’t get a 20 phone. You can see that they’ve literally cut every corner while not taking out any core features so now for smartphones. Nowadays we expect them to have a camera. We expect them to be able to get on the internet and and whatnot, and this can do all of that it’s. Just the it’s, just the absolute entry level of that it’s. Just the bare minimum required this phone existing in a world where you can buy like the cheap iphone for 400 or 20 times what this costs. I guess what i’m saying is our world. Nowadays, you pretty much have to have a smartphone to be any kind of normal right people access their email all the time they they have apps for everything, there’s payments. You know there’s stuff, that you need to use an app for to sign up for whatever service that, whatever restaurant you’re at what whatever it is. All those things seem necessary nowadays, it’s nice, that if you want to not really have to pay to do all that stuff, you can pay 20 bucks. You don’t have to sign up for the tracfone service and you can have just the thing that allows you to participate in society without having to spend even a hundred bucks for the price of a relatively expensive meal.

You now have your ticket to a whole bunch of different things that are going to help. You live in a modern, 2021 society. I wanted to shout out this product because i think it’s a great thing to exist out there and uh it’s something i’m going to recommend to anybody. Who’S like what’s, the cheapest phone. You can get well twenty dollars. You can get this. I don’t know i’d love to hear what are your questions on a phone like this. Please ask me in the comments below i try to answer every single comment. That has a question, so i don’t know how long i’ll be able to promise that. But i will try, if you’re new here – and you thought this was interesting, subscribe to the channel. Why not, if you’re, a returning subscriber as always thank you for coming back. My name is ryan. This is textbox.