Of course you can move it around it’s only magnet, but i am putting a bit of strength to do this. So, as you can see, the wallet itself was 89.. I still have the stick right there, so this this is how we would open it. Applause and that’s it there wow. I love this color Music Applause, information, Music – and this is the wallet so it’s very smooth to the touch it has nice, even stitching all around. So at the back here there’s an instruction on how you would take your cards out, so you would have to slide them upwards. This way and put your cards in through the front so we’re, just gon na try and put the wallet on and see if it will stay and it was very easy, strong magnet. As you can see, it is not coming off not without any effort, so that’s it there. I would really like to try it with the case on it. It’S not weird at all having this at the back it’s, just a small padding. It feels like so my hand, has adjusted to having it at the back of my phone without any concerns. It’S almost like it’s, not there. When i was purchasing my phone. I was happy with the silver color, because i knew it would go so well with different combinations of wallets and cases i’m, not surprised at all. This looks good together this california poppy color and my silver phone.

So now i am very curious to try the wallet with the case on the phone, so this is my case and it’s. Just a clear one and we’ve got that on there. The magsafe case allows me to obviously put my magsafe charger at the back here, and it touches very well and, as you can see, it is charging without any problems. So i’m also curious to see if the magnet between the wallet and the case work very well. Together so let’s try that okay and it sits there pretty steadily. Of course, you can’t move it around it’s only magnet, but i am putting a bit of strength to do this, so it feels very steady, even with my case on there it’s not strange at all or too bulky still has that apple logo just there, but we Don’T mind that one at all and it’s looking good. This way, i will have my cards and everything with me whenever i have my phone on me. So, yes, the use of this wallet is to keep your ids credit cards. Whatever cards that you have. It says up to three cards, so it just depends on how thick or thin your cards are. I do plan on purchasing the leather phone case, but at the moment apple had none in stock in this color, and this is the color that i was very adamant. I wanted so until then. This is what we’re working with i’m excited.

I still enjoy the clear magsafe case on my phone. So initially i chose the clear case for my phone because i knew it would match with my six series watch and i was excited to use it together, and i know once i get the california poppy phone case, it’ll match with the wallet. Thank you for tuning.