You get active noise cancellation and all kinds of other great premium features thrown in there. So here’s my full review of the oppo encore x and for more on the latest and greatest. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so my first impressions of the oppor encoex buds was definitely very strong. I was impressed by how compact they are cause. I’Ve reviewed, some which are pretty damn massive. They jut right out of your ears and make you look frankly ridiculous, but these things are very tiny indeed, but they’re also very, very smooth and very very slippery. I mean i’m talking more slippery than a greased up. Jellyfish, here, i’ve honestly lost count of how many times i’ve fumbled these things they’ve gone, flying off across a hard floor with me chasing after them screaming nobody move worried that they’re gon na get crushed underfoot or something it seems to happen at least once a day And yes, i am quite cackhanded to be perfectly fair, but it doesn’t happen as much as this with other true wireless earbuds. But if you look at it another way, that also means that the oppo ankle x buds are tough as because the number of times the both of them have slammed down onto hard flooring from a height of about sort of five or six foot, i mean we’re. Talking dozens of times here, basically so the fact that they’re, both still in full working order, absolutely no scratches dens anything like that means that yeah job done and what’s more they’re, both ip54 water and sweat resistant as well.

So you can happily rock them while you’re doing your bit of jogging or whatever exercise you happen to enjoy or endure, and while yes, actually getting them in your ears, can be a bit of a pin in the ass. Thanks to that slippery nature, once you actually get them in there, i’ve got nothing but love for the oppo encore x’s they’re super super light and really really comfortable to rock even for hours. At a time. Thanks to those nice soft, silicone tips and also i found there was no slippage or anything like that, once they were in my ears, unlike the lg tones, which i just recently reviewed, so no worries at all. If you’re listening to a really thumping rock track, you want to bounce about the place like a tit and really get some proper motion. Action on the go and speaking of which mosh test and connecting the encore x buds to your smartphone is a piece of piddle. Basically, just flip open the lid and you should get a nice nfc pairing message, flash up on your android smartphone, even if that doesn’t appear, which it didn’t for me on a couple of the smartphones i tested it with uh. You just got to go on the bluetooth menu tap it in there. Job done, you’ve got full bluetooth, 5.2 support on these buds, and i found that connection was strong and stable across all of the devices that i tested it with no jettas or anything like that.

Even when i strayed a fair distance away from my smartphone and likewise no syncing issues or anything when i was enjoying a little bit of youtube netflix whatever now, some clever danish fork from dynaudio apparently lent a helping hand when it came to the audio side of Things for the oppo, encore, x, buds and i’ve got to say the results are very bloody, lovely indeed. The oppo encore x’s definitely serve up. Some very slick and i’ve got to say surprisingly, beefy sound as well for something so compact therefore, definitely proven that sometimes great things do come in small packages like myself. Ladies definitely one of the first things i noticed was some really good bass coming out of these things. Certainly around this sort of price point and again for something so compact. I really like a bit of rock and metal uh dance hip hop, so i was certainly enjoying what was here and here and when you listen to a variety of genres, you’ll notice that the whole range from laws up to highs is comprehensively covered. Often, certainly a lot of the uh, the finer more subtle details in a lot of more complex tracks. They do tend to trickle through and if you happen, to have an oppor smartphone like the fine x2 or the fine x2 pro as well. One of the more uh premium mobiles then you’ll have full support for that lhdc. Codec too, i did a lot of testing of the noise cancellation here on the oppo enco x, buds as well, and i got ta say certainly at this price point as well.

I was absolutely blown away. It did a great job of dampening all of that background. Like cars, trains, vacuum cleaners, even chainsaws, when the council was having a go at some trees right outside my bloody window, so yeah they do a great job uh when you’re out and about so that’s great news. If you listen to a lot of audiobooks podcasts, you wan na listen to them and hear clearly what is going on without having to bump the volume all the way up and knackering. Your hearing and oppo has also included an awareness mode which is quite common for true wireless earbuds, with noise cancellation as well. All you’ve got to do is long press on one of the buds and it will cycle between noise, counselling and awareness. Though i found, i didn’t really use the awareness mode very often uh, because, frankly, all you need to do is yank out one of the buds and your music or whatever you’re listening to will auto pause. So you can have a quick chat with whoever’s trying to desperately get your attention and then once they’ve buggered off you just stick your bud back in and whatever you were listening to will auto resume and speaking of those touch controls, i find they worked really well. Here on the oppo encore x’s as well, sometimes they can be a bit ropey on true wireless earbuds, especially ones. This compact but yeah there’s no single tap functionality, which is probably just as well, because sometimes you can, you know, be fumbling the buds and accidentally.

You know skip a song or whatever what you do is you double tap, either of the buds in order to skip a track. Otherwise, you can also adjust the volume by sliding your finger up and down. Those little stems, and again i found that works really really. Well and if you’re an android user, you can download the hey melody app from the google play store for free as well. This allows you to customize the controls, it’s quite limited customization, admittedly, but at least it’s better than nothing, and you can set it up. So you can triple tap in order to load up the voice assistant, suddenly the call quality on the oppo ankle x’s wasn’t, quite as strong as a lot of the other features. Apparently, my voice sounded a little bit equity or distorted at times, and also they didn’t. Do a great job of drowning out all of the crap going on all around me, so let’s bear that in mind, definitely not ideal for making calls when you’re out and about as for the battery life. Well, i found i got around four and a half hours of use each time from a full charge on the oppo ankle x’s, with the active noise cancellation turned on so that’s about the same as what i got from the lg tones that i just reviewed, but Sadly, not quite as strong as those huawei free buds pro and speaking again of the three buds pro the dinky little charge and carry case thing that you get with the oppo.

Nco x’s is basically identical. It’S very, very cute, it’s compact it’s light just pop the buds away in there and they will immediately start charging when you flip, the lid you’ve got handy little led indicator thing which tells you how charged the buds are and also the case itself once you actually Take the buds out the case will charge up the buds again about three four times on the go and then when the case itself is empty, all you need to do is either plug in a type c, usb cable. Otherwise, it also charges wirelessly and there you have it that’s. My review of the oppo encox, true wireless earbuds, with active noise cancellation, 135 quid from amazon right now, which makes them one of the cheapest anc. True wireless earbuds out there and definitely solid sound quality. Excellent active noise cancellation as well, not the strongest for battery life, but that’s one of uh. Only a couple of minor grumbles really so be great. To hear your personal thoughts down in the comments below what true wireless earbuds, have you been using as well be great to hear uh your thoughts on that i’ve reviewed tons of the buggers in 2020 and i’m going to continue doing that in 2021? So definitely stay tuned for a lot more of that, please do put subscribe during that notification as well and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week.