com and when the traymobile aqua s9 max first launched, i was just as disappointed as anyone when it sold out faster than the company’s own expectations. Thankfully, cherry mobile was kind enough to send one to me and i’ve been taking it for a spin as my main phone for the past few weeks, taking the aqua s9 max out of the box, you’ll find it covered in protective film with some of the highlighted Features printed on the front, the most important ones, you’ll want to pay attention to are the 6.53 inch full hd, plus ips display, and particularly the helio g90t soc, which right now is the best you’ll find on a phone under 10 000 pesos. As far as accessories go it’s pretty standard fare, all of them are in white, starting with the earpod inspired headset there’s an inline mic, so you can use it for calls just temper your expectations with sound quality. Next is the wall charger, which is better than your typical charger, since it supports the touted 18 watt fast charging standard, the aqua s9 max is capable of. Then you have the type c cable for charging and data transfers it’s, certainly great to see type c gaining wider adoption with phones toward the entry level of the spectrum. You also have a quick start manual with a lot of condensed information, not just for new aqua. S9 max owners, but for anyone new to android smartphones in general, then of course you have a sim ejector tool which will come in handy when you’ve just bought this phone and are transferring your sim.

Finally, you have a tempered glass screen protector, which is a bit weird because to install it, you would need to remove the pre installed plastic screen protector. Circling back to the phone itself, it’s a pleasure to take the wraps off this handset i’d say cherry mobile took a risk in not offering the apple s9 max in a more neutral color scheme. But the holographic finish of the jade green is very well executed. Giving a hint of a premium aesthetic without being too loud when you do want to appreciate the finish, though you’ll enjoy bouncing the light off the aqua, s9 max and varying angles, and it looks good in all of them if you’re a first time, buyer don’t deprive Yourself of the pleasure of peeling off the protective film, as this will probably be one of the last few times, you’ll see its pristine holographic finish without the stain of your own oily fingerprints. Just a few years back a finish like this on a budget phone would have been jaw dropping, but it’s 2021 and great strides have been taken to deviate from the generic black candy bar. That seemed to be the rabbit hole of all smartphone designs. The finish of some of cherry mobile’s budget phones has been hit or miss for me, so it’s nice to see the aqua s9 max not being left behind in this regard. Music. Now before i continue if you’ve enjoyed the video so far, please do hit the like button or, let me know in the comments below and if this isn’t, the first video you’ve watched from me.

Why not subscribe? It goes a long way in supporting the growth of this channel, and i do my best not to disappoint Music. The aqua s9 max’s most prominent feature next to the finish, is its quad camera setup with a fourth camera located under the dual led flash since it’s? Really just used for depth sensing cherry mobile has also been in the habit of keeping their branding subtle over the years, which i continue to appreciate here at the bottom. You’Ll find a proper type c port, speaker grille and a 3.5 millimeter headset jack on the left. You’Ll find the sim slot, which can accommodate both dual sims and a micro sd card up top you’ll find a microphone pinhole for noise, cancelling while on the right side, you’ll find the volume rocker and power lock button. All the buttons have a nice stiff feel to them with minimal play with the aqua s9 max you’re, getting a 6.53 inch. Full hd, plus ips display, with really good brightness, driven by a helio g92 chipset, resulting in a really smooth user experience. Thankfully we’re getting a mostly stock experience, save for the occasional bloatware, none of which seem to be intrusive. The notification shade can be brought down with a gesture and the quick toggle options are editable and if it wasn’t already obvious navigating the ui is smooth and responsive i’m. Sure a lot of you care about benchmarks – and i ran my favorite ones – for testing most notably antutu, which we can see the affair s9 max scoring close to 260k Music typing on google’s default keyboard can be a bit of a struggle for folks with large fingers.

Considering how small the keys look on screen, but the touchscreen is responsive and you can always adjust the size of the keys in the settings or even download an alternative keyboard from the play store Music. If you’re upgrading from an older version of android, you might not notice swipe up to get into the app drawer but it’s there there’s also an option to switch to a drawerless version. But honestly, i prefer this desktop mode now, if you’re into any sort of content creation using your smartphone, the aqua s9 max’s cameras, give you a lot of options: the primary shooter utilizes a 48 megapixel sensor, and you can turn on ai mode to automatically optimize the Output, you ultimately end up seeing the 48 megapixel camera is about as wide as you’ll typically see on most phones. But if you want to go even wider, you can tap on the on screen button that floats on top of the image preview to switch to the 8 megapixel wide angle. Camera there’s also a beauty mode which i am not going to demonstrate on myself. But it does let you adjust skin smoothness, the slimness of your face, apply a whitening filter or even make your eyes look larger though i find it to be a little bit too aggressive next there’s, the pro mode which lets you take full control over the camera Settings such as white balance and iso, you can manipulate the settings using an on screen dial, though turning it doesn’t appear to be that smooth Music.

You can also apply creative filters to your photos, it’s not that wide of a selection, but certainly enough to play around with hey guys. This is jambolicano of and i’m here with the traymobile aqua s9 max giving it a test, run the park’s a pretty nice place to test it out check out some of these shots: Music, Music, Music, Music, hey guys! Let me know what you guys thought about those shots you can actually. Let me know what you think about this one too cuz i’m testing out how stable this is. It’S not actually quite apparent whether this has image stabilization or video stabilization or not. But you know, let me know how this video looks personally i’m, pretty happy with the aqua s9 max’s imaging and video capabilities, though i hope to come out soon with an even more in depth camera review now if there was a single reason to buy the cherry Mobile aqua s9 max it’s for gaming, the helio g90 team makes games like genji and impact a dream to play it isn’t as smooth as i’d like it, but certainly pretty close to a console quality experience. Another taxing game i tested it on is nba 2k20, even with most of the graphic settings on high and crowd detail on medium, the gameplay experience was smooth enough to my liking. So should you buy the traymobile aqua s9 max? To be honest, i definitely would have bought it at its introductory 6999 price time.

That would have been an easy decision to make best chip sent under 10 000 pesos to deliver a great gaming experience, along with impressive camera capabilities at its 9999 peso srp. That still holds true, but now it’s a more difficult question to answer, because, if you’re willing to compromise on the chipset, there are a couple of options worth looking into. In fact, one of them is the aqua s9 infiniti which comes with a weaker chipset, but eight gigabytes of ram, now i’m, hoping for a better year for train mobile last year. With the s8 series, they kicked off the annual refresh, pretty strong, but never followed up with anything new, as competitors came out with better and better options or, at the very least, adjusted pricing and response. The aqua s9 max and the rest of the s9 series holds the promise of a new start for probably the last local brand that can go toe to toe with the budget, chinese brands that have seemingly taken over the philippine market in the last few years. The aqua s9 max is a phenomenal phone and barring any competitor sales it’s, a no brainer, so i hope you found this video useful. Please take time to leave a like, or let me know if you have any questions about the aqua s9 max in the comments below if this isn’t the first video you’ve seen from me. Why not subscribe and turn on the notification bell? I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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