Here i review all types of uh equipment – some vintage, some new today i want to do this thing about streaming yeah with maybe your phone or an ipad or you know, whatever you’ve got uh compared sound wise to a dedicated, streamer what’s, the difference. You know – and i mean i kind of say this because i said to a few high five friends of mine before i really kind of got on the case. I said what’s the difference between an iphone and a streamer then, and i didn’t really know they didn’t, really they weren’t sure you know and uh. So i thought was that anyway, i landed up getting myself a streamer and now i certainly know something about it and i’m gon na do i’ll do this. I do some technical stuff. I do the technical stuffers and then we’ll do the sound yeah, which is you know what i’m interested in anyway. I’Ll tell you what we have here. We have here in case you don’t, know blue sound node, 2.0, 2i that’s, a streamer yeah, if you don’t know, connects to your wi. Fi then connects to the back of your amplifier and you control it with your an app on your phone tidal code, buzz whatever it is yeah and on the top here you can skip tracks forwards, backwards, turn the sound up and down and pause it, and you Also got a headphone socket in the front there yeah so that’s what that is: 500 pounds and that’s just my old ipad, yeah that’s about that’s, well old, actually it’s, probably about seven years old – and this is my iphone 5s yeah.

Now i can stream with both of these into this amplifier and then, if you don’t know this of course, i’m. You know some people won’t know i’ll quickly, tell you how you would do that yeah, so you would just uh get the lead like this yeah headphone socket to rcas and you will plug your headphone socket in there. I take that case off that case won’t. Let this plug go in properly by the way and people say: oh it’s, not working it’s. Just this stupid case you’ve got to get out of the way that goes in the back of your amp. If you’ve got a vintage amp, you can plug that into orcs or tuner, even taping uh or, if it’s, more modern, your cd tuner. Any line in yeah don’t forget to turn the sound up on this phone. I i pretty much turn it up full. I do turn it out full uh and same goes for that ipad. Yes, uh annoyingly, the modern iphones don’t have a headphone socket, but you can do it. You have to get one of them, yeah, which is kind of an adapter really. So your headphone socket goes in there and then that thing, which is the lightning thing, is it that goes in your newfangled, brilliant iphone. You know where they’ve took the headphone socket out of it, so, but only if you haven’t got a headphone socket, do you do it that way, and you have to get one of these special things.

Okay. Is that all the technical stuff out of the way? Well, let me i mean, let me just say quickly: i have spotify tidal, kobas cubas, whatever you want to call it. If you have those you’re getting those go into the settings and make sure you set it on the highest resolution for the wi fi, at least, which you know at home, you know you want to do that. Get the highest resolution: okay, that’s, probably all the technical stuff! Now sound let’s! Do the sound now i’ll try and express it as a percentage very quickly difference between this 500 pound streamer and say my ipad, which actually sounds better than my iphone by a tiny bit. It’S about 10 percent – better, i would put it at that. Yeah i’ll go into a lot of detail here. You’Ll get the picture now thing is this: if you are on uh, tidal and you’ve got the highest setting and you’re on one of those marker called the masters albums, where they’ve apparently got the master tapes or whatever it is, but it it is really high quality. The sound that, by the time you’ve got that good, a source yeah it’s, still sounding great out of this ipad. It’S sounding great. You know it’s sounding better than you know: 500 pound cd players. I would say, and and more and more and it’s, probably sounding as good as a lot of turntables. One thousand two thousand – and i don’t know it’s hard to say, but i just wan na say it does really sound good in case you don’t know and you’re.

Thinking. Oh, is this. You know how good is the sound of streaming when you’re on here’s. The other point – sorry, i should say this tidal, kobas and others dedicated streaming music streaming things most of those are superior to spotify you may. This is kind of well known stuff that uh, you know the resolution or the rates, the bit rates, the frequencies blah blah blah it’s better on cobalt and tidal and others, and it is noticeably uh, not so good on spotify, of course, you kind of won’t notice. This until you’ve and i didn’t – i have only spotify for ages. You know and i’ve just got this co buzzing title in the last few weeks and you can’t, i can’t really go back. You know what i mean. I can’t really go back, but okay let’s deal with this issue here again. So how much you know it’s pretty damn good that’s. That is a great signal. You’Re getting with these master tapes. The high resolution tidal covers it’s, pretty damn good. I mean that the duck in that is obviously better than the duck in that it’s. A dedicated thing doing that sound, and this is a multi purpose thing but um. What i want to say is the difference between that, and that is about you having it’s about how good your hi fi might be yeah if you’ve got you know, let’s say a pretty wicked high five you’ve got 5 000 pounds worth of speakers and amps or New or you’ve got two thousand pounds worth of speakers and amps second hand yeah.

Then you will probably appreciate the difference this streamer makes compared to this ipad. You’Re gon na get it yeah you’re gon na get it. You don’t notice it. But if you, if you haven’t, got that type of gear yeah, if you’ve got kind of a 400 pound, amp 500 pound speakers, something like that, it’s it’s, a questionable whether it’s gon na matter, you’re gon na really get a big difference. You’Re gon na be down to, i would say you know, like three percent, you know what i mean: five percent or less in how noticeable the difference is between that and that you know you might have an ipad lying around or you just use your own ipad And you know you’re saving 500 pounds yeah i mean when i bought this streamer i’ll be honest with you. I bought this stream and i i wasn’t entirely sure why i was what it was that i was getting. That was the big difference you know now. I i pretty much understand it, you know, but it’s, not something they talk about a lot. You know that you just plug your ipad in and it’ll sound, really good. I and it will, as i say you i if i put if i had an ipad and spotify i i personally wouldn’t, be happy yeah that wouldn’t really do the trick for me uh, knowing how much better it is. You know i might as well for a few dollars more or a few pounds more a week get the tidal or the kobas or the diesel or whatever these other ones are called.

Then you’re really into pretty you’re into pretty high end sound. You know i really got ta say that because uh, you know comparatively you’d have to have great front end cd and tur or turntable to equal that sound other nice thing, of course, with the streaming. Is they level everything out? You know level wise yeah, so you don’t get an album, that’s a bit quiet and then an album that’s a bit loud that’s, all equalized at source, so there’s, something kind of nice and easy about that i’d. Also like to say, i think, it’s a great thing to mix good front end, either just your ipad with a high quality source. You know high resolution or and or a streamer like this, with a vintage equipment that costs so much less because you’re feeding it with really good information and that will kind of iron out any little. Some of the problems that you might get with say certain vintage speakers that might not that would like they need some things need a bit of taming. You know what i mean. Some speakers need a bit of light. If their signal is a bit bad they’ll sound terrible, if you send them some great signal, then it’s good, you know so you know i could plug this 500 pound streamer into this 100 pound amp with i don’t know. If you can see those there, those uh 150, i got those for speakers and you know it’s now pretty wicked.

You know i’m now getting a pretty wicked sound for less than a thousand. You know and it’d be a lot less too. If uh, i use my ipad, you know so and also yeah. Another thing is with the ipad: you’ve got your visual thing yeah, so you can see the album and you can switch tracks on that. If you want, you know, because if you buy a dedicated streamer that has a screen on it, that shows you the album these cost. Quite a few bob before you start getting a little screen, you know where you can have a nice big screen. It doesn’t have to be an ipad, it could be 150 pound tablet, you know uh, you know i’d buy it a tablet myself rather than a cheaper phone, because i think you’re getting louder output out of tablets, and i know that this tap. This ipad sounds better. A little bit better, my iphone 5 and actually still a little bit better than the iphone 11 yeah, and i tell you they’ve done. I know apple – have tweaked the sound on that iphone 11. they’ve sort of made the bass a bit bigger and a bit boomier. It’S, like they put a bit of loudness on it, i don’t like it uh, so they you know these aren’t huge differences but uh. So you can get a great sound for a low amount of money. You’Ve got your monthly subscription to pay for um anyway.

Is that it? I think that is it uh yeah i mean, as i said, title sounds better than spotify it’s. Just true so does kobas tiny differences in sound code. Wasn’T title. Maybe i’ll talk about that. Another time i think that’s it. I think that’s it a lot of technical information here. I hope i got it all right. If i haven’t i’m sure someone will uh correct me in the comments but uh, i think i’m, on top of this technically so you know, i think, it’s a great idea. You know i’m happy with this with that streamer i’m, pretty damn happy and i’m a fussy person um, so okay that’s about it, okay, more stuff on my channel.