You know about again with the best product reviews, and so today we have here a new android device from dgcell and installed the dl 3 pro, and these smartphones are going out for awesome price. Today we are going to talk about the specs we’re going to unbox the device. We run to show you what it comes with and we’re going to tell you the price for it as well, so definitely like and hit subscribe if you’re getting value out of the video and bear in mind. Digicel did not sponsor this video. I bought it myself. So right here of the box, we say the device work with a nano sim. It has gps on it. It has internal storage of 32 gigs and it has a ram of one gig it’s, an android 9 version. It’S 1.4 quad core it’s lte uses fast service. It’S 5.5 inches and the battery life is 3 000 mah and it has a 5 megapixel bar camera, 2 megapixel front camera. It has special unlock and it also has front flash and bar flash so we’re just going to up the device. So you can see it starts up with the digital logo powered by android, go edition, so it’s pouring up right now and we’re just trying to look at more things that come with this device. So if you think talking about it in one definitely drop some comments in the comment section so right here we see where the device comes with a headset problems with the usb card and also um adapter, and they come with um the manual as well, a quick User manual and um screen protector and a case, and so the case is a plastic case.

It’S a rubber case, it’s bendable and the screen potato is glass, so it can endure stretches or cracks. So sometimes, if you feel it cracked, it could be the stream protector that cracks. So when we start up the device, it should look like this comes up with a digital cell loader, and you know this is outside it’s, like two dots and a d turn downwards and it’s made with plastic really it’s. The length is fairly tile and we’re. Just trying to review it just to see if um it’s worth buying also so definitely drop some comments, if you think it’s worth buying will soon get to the price, so definitely watch the video until the end. So you can see the price for it. So we’re just going to look at the first detail, is the camera. So you guys can see the quality of the camera. Camera is fairly clean, it has a bad camera and what flash on it and it has front camera and front flash as well. So definitely let me think, let me know if you think that is a good feature, the front camera and the front flash. Let me know if you like that feature on the device, so we’re going to also look at the android version. When we go into settings about. You can see here: it’s android, 9.. Android 9.. If your version, this can download a lot of apps a lot of apps that in the app store that require a higher android version, so it comes with um a lot of dd cell apps as well.

This is a sports play pro loop grow load. These are all digital apps, but promising fair apps, like chrome, um, youtube, youtube, go, etc. So so let me know if you think um you like it. Okay guys. So i know a lot of persons are curious. What is the pricing on the device and where you can get the device also so definitely watch until the end hit like and hit subscribe, so i drop mine in kingston about it in kingston and the price that appeared where it was 8 700 dollars, geometry, it’s, Kinda under 60 us dollars. So definitely let me know if you think it’s worth to buying or if you think that you would get one curious to know this cell is not sponsor in this video. I dropped one myself and i thought why not review it and it would look good on the tripod see it has front flash. But let me know if you think um it’s a cool device like if you would get one. Let me know um. Let me know if you already have one and you like it, and so basically this says they’re giving a one year warranty for manufacture issues or that’s hardware or software issues. So the price is eight thousand seven hundred, and i heard if you’re changing your sim, that you could get it at a less price. So definitely comment like share hit subscribe. Let me know if you think this video was helpful and if it helps you made your decision, so definitely keep um tuned for more videos.

We upload every other day so definitely like and subscribe. Young stylist ja, i’m out, okay, guys don’t, forget to like and hit subscribe and stay tuned for more product reviews. We’Ll try to get more of these device to review. For you bear in mind. This cell is not sponsoring this video. I would love for them to do that in the future, so we can have more device to review and give you more people so definitely stay tuned. We will get more um device to review. Our next review will be about um, a tripod that you can get if you’re um into those type of things. Video making video editing so definitely subscribe and stay tuned, we’ll review the tripod next and the features – and i know that this will help a lot of youtubers as well in jamaica.