What up? What up my beautiful people, your boy, kevin back again with another video for you guys today i got another budget phone that we’re gon na review in front of me. I got the new release phone by doggy that’s, what i call it: doggie n30 there’s, another version of this it’s doggy n20. The cost of this phone is around hundred forty dollars. What we’re gon na do today, guys we’re gon na be doing the unboxing on this phone we’re gon na see how’s the quality on the phone how’s, the camera. How does it perform for gaming we’re gon na do a bunch of tests on this phone, and i got a surprise for you, guys, i’m gon na be doing a giveaway on this phone. If you want to win this phone, make sure you are a subscriber and make sure you watch this video all the way to the end at the end of this video i’m gon na, let you guys know how you can win this phone and uh make sure You guys smash that subscribe button and there is a little bell at the bottom make sure you press that. So every time i make a new video, you get a reminder, so let’s unbox this that’s how the box looks like guys. This phone is pretty much on the lighter side, let’s open it. This way, let’s see what’s in here, you do get a case. Let’S see that, yes, you do get a case.

I’M gon na check it out in a minute, and you get manual books. You put these away, you get a sim key cross is in there and you get a thank you uh card and you get a a wall plug it’s in euro, but they give me a connector for it, so i can turn it to us or canadian plug And you got cables and that’s pretty much it let’s see this wow. It looks so nice guys and really light for a phone that has 4 100 milliamp battery it’s, pretty light really nice honestly, the thing that i like about this phone already, the back of it it’s, got the curve like it’s curve on the side, so it’s really Nice to grip, really nice to hold in your hand and talk on it or, if you’re playing game on it. It feels really good. You got beautiful, quad camera setup with the flash on the side and your main camera is 16 mp and your front camera is 8mp and you got your on and off button right there. Your volume button is here. Then you got your sim tray here. This phone is dual sim and you got your fingerprint scanner right there and you got a beautiful 6.5 inch display hd 720, and you got your speakers right there. The phone looks really good. The phone is really light like i. I really love this phone and for the price range it looks really nice.

It looks like a high end phone now. Let’S try the case uh on end see how the case works. The case is actually pretty strong. Let’S put it on let’s see. Does it protect the camera? So if you guys can see it does protect the camera. The camera is in now so you’re not going to scratch the camera and if you drop it, it it’s actually going to protect the phone, and i forgot to tell you guys: you got a headphone jack let’s. Take this out again and look at this beautiful color on this phone it’s like light sky blue, then he goes to like darker blue. Then he goes to pinkish uh bluish. The color is really nice. On this phone phone is 4 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte of storage phone looks really good. Now let’s go through all the specs on this phone, the specs on this phone you get 6.55 inch display 720 times 1600 pixels hd plus for chipset. You got helio p22 quad core for memory. You got 4 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte for camera for the rear. You got quad camera 16, mp, 5, mp, 2, mp and 2 mp. This phone can record 1080p 30 and for your front camera you got 8 mp. Hdr can record 1080 30 and for battery you got 4180 milliamp and for sound. You got loud speakers and you get a headphone jack and this phone comes with fingerprint unlock and face unlock. This phone comes with fingerprint, lock and face unlock works.

Pretty quick. Now, let’s. Try the face, unlock, really quick Music. Try it one more time right out of the box. This phone comes with full google support, it comes with every google app. There is up there. So let me show you guys, so you get all these google apps right there. You have your play, store, let’s, go left and you got uh your clock. Your setting, your sound your calendar, easy launch, your camera, video calculator, fm, am radio, sim systems, face unlock assistance, file, manager and etc. Now let’s see how the google assistant works on this phone? Okay, google, open camera, okay response, nice and smooth now let’s type, something on google chrome, see how fast open a browser. Let’S go. Facebook works really fast and smooth and if you guys can see hardly any lag, let’s open the app boom now let’s go through the settings. Let’S start from the top. We got your wi fi bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, auto rotate flashlight screen record battery saver night light do not disturb hotspot and colors let’s go here and location that’s pretty much for the top settings. Now let’s go to main settings so for main settings. You got your networks and internet, you got your connection and devices let’s go here. I’Ll show you guys. So you got your connection paired device. You got your apps and notification. You got your battery, you got your display. Let’S go brightness that’s 100. The phone does not get that bright.

You got your wallpapers, you got your photo and you got your actual wallpapers let’s go here. These are the wallpapers that it comes with nothing special better to get your own. Then you got your sounds: let’s go down, let’s! Go to phone ringtones, then you got your storage, you got your privacy, location, security accounts, your fingerprint, your navigation bar, your smart touch. You got your systems. Let’S go to languages, let’s, see how many languages this phone’s got add a language. So these are the language that this phone come with comes with a lot of language, guys, like almost tell you guys, half of the world or maybe the whole world in here. If you guys can see, i can go on and on and on see. This look at this it’s got almost every language, then you got about phone and about phone. Pretty much tells you the device name. This phone is dual sim right there, your ami number and running on android 10 and that’s pretty much it for the settings. You got beautiful 6.5 inch display let’s, go see how the display quality on this phone and how loud the speakers get: Music; Music, hey Applause for gaming, you’re good to go; no lag very good and smooth Applause, Laughter, Music Applause, Laughter, Applause. Honestly, this phone comes with beautiful quad, camera setup and 16 mp in the uh rear and the 8mp in the front, and this phone can record 1080p. So let’s go through all the settings on the camera on this phone, then let’s go take some pictures and videos.

So you guys can see the pictures and videos this phone takes so for camera. You get a lot of features, you get your panorama, you get your video and you get your ultra wide. Let me go here: let’s go here, that’s your ultra white and you can record the micro let’s see you can record a micro and you got your other zoom right there zooms right in then you got your hdr. You got your flash let’s go to settings. Let’S see what max record on this phone is, so you got a 1280 x, 720 hd and you got fhd 1920 1080. Then you got beauty, so you can go low or high, and the phone actually does really good job uh, making somebody pretty so. For the ladies up there, this phone can actually make you look really pretty let’s go pictures same thing. You can take pictures with micro. Then you got your uh wide angle. Then you got your uh close up zoom. Then you got your bouquet, so you can go less high, so you can make your background less blurry or more blurry. Then you got your promote that’s for the pro people. I’M, not a pros. I don’t know how to use it. Then you got your mono and let’s, see how many zoom we got. We got eight times zoom and that’s, pretty much it for the camera. Guys now let’s go look at some pictures and some videos that i took Music Music i’m gon na.

Let you guys know my opinion about this phone and how you’re going to win this phone make sure you do write something in the comment section, because i am going to pick a random person from the comment section it’s going to be the winner and the next Video that i upload i’m going to pronounce the person that won the phone, then i will ship it to you, my own cost for the price range. This phone is a killer so i’m going to catch. You guys on my next video and good luck to everybody.