So what is up guys nick here, helping you to master your technology? Why is this iphone? Se 2020 ridiculous in 2021. Well, by the end of this video we’re gon na find out why that is but a key spec refresh. This phone has a 4.7 inch retina display it’s lcd 12 megapixel rear camera, that’s, pretty darn close to what you get on the main lens for the iphone 11. It also does 2160p recording three gigs of ram inside the body and an apple a13 for this phone 1821 milliamp hour battery inside of it now the iphone se 2020 is ridiculous in a good way, and the reason why is multitude of reasons let’s begin by talking About the body, a super thin lightweight phone at a reasonable price point that also finds a way to still feel more premium than some other phones in this segment or in this price range, with an all glass back. Supporting wireless charging, an aluminum body on the edge and a very sleek looking camera. Yes, we do have an older design on the front here. The phone still felt very premium here at 148 grams, while the iphone 12 mini comes out and steals the show as being even smaller, even lighter. The iphone sc is still a light, easy to use phone in one hand with ip67 dust and water resistance. So, very nice, very ridiculous in terms of what you’re getting for the money. I really do like it.

Okay now, the iphone se is also ridiculous when it comes to display and then for this one it’s it’s, not a ridiculous in a good way. I mean this display is not the sharpest, but it does get very bright, so it does have something good about it. It gets the 625 nits on that retina lcd panel 326 ppi, for this display, so you’re going to have really a big issue with pixels. Seeing that stuff, but the display does feel a little bit old school. If you do punch in here, you do get the same features you get on the newer iphones on the whole in 2021. The iphone se 2020 has an acceptable display for the price point. Although i would like to see a plus model and for them to bring back that landscape mode, that you’ve seen on the iphone 8 plus, but in terms of just opening up applications every day and using the phone, i don’t think you’re really going to be thinking About oh, the display is bad or anything like that it’s very well tuned. It has plenty of brightness and it’s sharp enough for most people, weren’t complaining in the past about their iphone 7 and iphone 8 display. So i don’t think they’re going to be complaining much about the iphone ses either. Now, when it comes to the software again a ridiculously good deal, we have a phone that’s not going to be even more than 400, depending on which model you get in terms of storage and giving you the latest refined ios software of ios, 14.

3 and it’s fun. To put widgets and use the app library on this little phone right here i mean it’s, not the smallest, iphone. Of course, the mini again we’ll mention it again. It had to come and steal the show, but the iphone se with its home button, it’s kind of like a mix with the old with the new. It does have the home button, but it does have widget support and it also does have the ability to see you know the app library. But in addition to that, you can also see your battery health and you could still swipe up from the bottom. Like you used to do in the past, so if you do prefer this method versus gestures, that’s, nice and while we’re on the topic of that touch id home button, this is also very useful in our current times, if we’re still wearing masks when we’re out and About we do have the ability to easily unlock this phone, so very nice, at least until you know we do get everybody to the point where we can now just take off the mass. You can see bam, we’re going to be getting in very fast here with the se and again. This is why i want to see a plus model. Not everybody wants a smaller model here in 2021., okay guys. So when it comes to performance. If i go into amazon, it doesn’t want to click sometimes, but when i go into the applications very fast here day to day now, i will say that, with this home button, this action of coming home on the sc when we are hitting that home button to Come back to the home screen, it doesn’t feel as fast as just quickly swiping a gesture away on the newer phones but at the same time it’s a very reliable way of operating this device, but with the apple a13 bionic chipset, three gigs of ram once again Apple has built an iphone that is built to last i mean again, some snapdragon 888 phones are not even gon na beat this entry level iphone se.

So let’s talk about the iphone se’s camera here in 2021, it’s, a ridiculously good camera for just being a single camera, it’s, also very simplistic, there’s, no thinking about when to use a wide and when to use a telephoto, it’s just point and shoot classic apple. Here you do have 4k 60 video. Unfortunately, on the front you don’t get 4k 60 video. This is a sacrifice, if you want the best of the best. Video you’re gon na have to sacrifice that uh extra money and go get a mini or a regular 12 or an 11, or even you know an iphone 11 pro, for example, or even you know, an iphone 10. If you want those extra cameras, you’re just not going to get it here, but if you do want that extra video on the front, the 4k 60 you have to get 11 and up, but over here. If we swipe up you’ll see we do have 16×9. We have the square modes here. We have portrait panoramic modes, but instead of me just talking about it, you’ve seen the iphone interface a thousand times. Let’S take a look at some of the samples i did take here. So you can see it does, have the ability to produce some beautiful results, and i i really do think you can get. You know exceptional photos out of this without really thinking about needing an extra camera like buying an extra camera. But if you want to be, you know, super professional about it.

You’Re gon na have to get a dual lens camera, but this one, i think, is a great starter, iphone it’s, actually much better than what we’ve seen years past on like the 5s, the older se. This camera is actually very usable and i think i could take some video and some photos and put it on my youtube channel. You might not even know i was shooting it with this phone. So, yes, a very usable, very acceptable camera for video and photos, but it’s not going to be mind blowing. I think, like you, would see on the 11 pro series, the 12 pro series, the 12, the 11, like those phones, okay, guys when it comes to sound this phone doesn’t have the same level of loudness. As you know, some of the other iphones in the lineup by the way happy new years you guys, okay, so on my sound meter, i hit around 99.3 now on the 11 pro or even the 11. Some of those phones can hit around 110 decibels at their max volume, so this phone doesn’t get quite as loud and it kind of makes sense. It is the cheaper iphone and if the at the loudest volume it doesn’t sound quite as full as even the 12 mini, so definitely not the best speakers, but they are very usable, they’re still stereo and you will probably get some air pods or some bluetooth headphones. That connect to this thing anyway, so you’ll be good.

I think on audio it’s, just not the best on an iphone call quality on this phone fantastic. You know this phone didn’t have no issues here, speakerphone, because the audio again not as loud it’s, not going to be the loudest speaker phone. You might again want to throw on your headphones for this one, but it will still do the trick when needed. When it comes to the battery life on this phone, you are going to be sacrificing a bit here on the battery life with this device 1821. I found this to be very reminiscent of the older experience with iphone where you were charging middle of the day: seven o’clock p.m, you’re back on the charger, because you’re getting a little bit nervous about the battery. This is not the best on an iphone, but with chargers in the car chargers at home. Wireless charging fast charging. If you don’t, have an extra charging solution by now. You probably want to start getting with the times when it comes to battery backup because there’s a lot of options these days to keep your phone running all day, long, but again, 4g lte on this phone right now i would say that 5g is not super widespread. So again, a ridiculously decent deal here for the iphone se. So in conclusion, the se is ridiculous: it’s a ridiculous steal. In 2021 i mean it’s, giving you most of what a premium iphone can do. You just have to make some sacrifices of an older feel, but you have the same processor, similar camera on board, yeah worst battery life, but the same software experience that will be updated for a long time.

This one comes in red, black and white, so pretty standard colors. I wish they would have launched it in like a pink color or a purple color for people who, like those alternative colors, but no. They just gave you some standard colors here, but still, i think you might find one you may like and white is pretty good if you want to throw an alternative case on there with your own color, because it’s pretty neutral but again, 199 250, depending on where You find it 350 at apple. This thing is a steal, it’s, a ridiculous value, and if you found this video helpful entertaining and forming, do me a favor click the thumbs up for me, and let me know what you want to see going forward on the sc. Do you want to see the sc plus this year? Do you want to see this go up against snapdragon 888? Let us know down below in the comments nick here be sure to be well, i will catch you all in the next episode and subscribe.