However, i do believe the iphone 11 is more worth buying for only a hundred dollars. More, it brings an ultra wide camera as well as better specs. Two features, i think, are worth paying a bit more. For that being said, the iphone 10r is still absolutely worth the price of admission at 500 bucks, and i think the vast majority of buyers will be more than satisfied with it. It’S fast it has a nice large display. The camera is good and all in all, there’s not much to complain about going to this phone from an older iphone like a 6s or a 7, for example, feels like a real upgrade. The battery life will be a major improvement for sure, but you’re also getting the full screen design with the notch and face id. So should you buy the iphone 10r, of course that’s up to you, i recommend the iphone 11, but the 10r is still absolutely worth it so to help you make up your mind, let’s back up here and start with the design of the iphone 10r. The iphone 10r has a glass front and back sandwiching an aluminum frame and considering this was meant to be the cheap option. When it came out, the build is very premium feeling it’s helped further by the ip67 water and dust resistance, as well as wireless charging. It debatably isn’t the most premium, looking depending on whether or not you’re a fan of having many colors and does the 10r ever have a lot of colors white and black if you’re boring.

I kid, of course, and you also have blue, yellow coral and red the one i have here is coral. Actually, my brother is using this phone now i really love this color it’s super unique and one of my favorites of all time. As far as iphones go from the front, the iphone 10r looks pretty similar to nearly any other newer iphone with the notch and near bezel. Less display there’s, of course, no home button so to navigate you’ll, be using the gesture system, and you have face id to unlock your phone. The display itself is 6.1 inches, which, in my opinion, is a great size. Although the screen is probably where you’ll hear the most complaints from tech enthusiasts, the resolution is only a bit above 720p and it is lcd which means colors, won’t, be as vibrant and everything just isn’t as sharp as say the 800 iphone 12.. That being said, the screen still looks good for the vast majority of people it’ll more than do the job, and i doubt most will have many complaints, although, if you’re coming from an android with an oled panel, you might want to go to the iphone 12. As this will be a bit of a downgrade, but i think everything looks sharp enough and i really don’t see the display as too huge a downside, although it is the biggest flaw of this phone without a doubt for the average user you’re not going to notice And the fact that that’s, the biggest flaw, i think, speaks really well to how great this phone is.

The 10r can feel a bit chunky, but the battery life makes it worth it. This phone should more than last you the day, if you’re buying used. Of course, it varies depending on how much it’s been used in the past, but if you get the battery replaced or you do buy the 10r brand new, it shouldn’t give you any problems on the back. We have a single camera lens, unlike the iphone 11, which has two. The iphone 11 brought an ultra wide lens, as well as the regular wide, and it also takes better photos as well as night mode photos. If you’re someone who wants a strong camera, i highly recommend going to the iphone 11, not that the 10r is bad by any means, because it isn’t the camera is 12 megapixels and pictures still look quite good from it, and we do also have the ability to Take portrait photos just like newer iphones, as you can see from examples here, the 10r can take some great shots as long as you have good lighting and video is great as well with up to 4k 60 recording capabilities. The selfie camera is okay. At 7, megapixels there’s, not much to say here, it’ll do a fine job for zoom or facetime or snapchat or whatever the kids are using these days. The iphone 11 did upgrade it to 12 megapixels, and that is a pretty significant improvement. So if you’re, someone who loves taking pictures of themselves, the iphone 11 is probably the phone to get overall.

The iphone 10r camera isn’t a concern. For me, the big thing is that you are getting a fairly significant upgrade in that department with the iphone 11 as well as, of course, the minor spec bump and so again that’s the phone. I would generally recommend, but if you don’t care or think the 10r will do you just fine, then that’s totally cool as it does really hold up well and the biggest reason it holds up so well is thanks to its great tech specs with the a12 chipset And three gigabytes of ram: it runs ios 14, like a champ, and i have no doubt it’ll be just as good on 15.. You can do anything on this phone, any game any app whatever it is. You want to do. It’S gon na feel smooth and almost to the point of what an expensive flagship phone can provide and yeah it’s pretty much a mid tier when it comes to iphones apple has really been pushing the limits of smartphone processors as of late, and the 10r is no Exception it performs really strongly, especially for a three year old phone, and it should continue to be that way for the foreseeable future, because it’s still being sold and came out in only 2018. I would guesstimate that it has at least two to three years of updates. If not even possibly more it’s, tough to say just how long it’ll get but we’re at the point that i really don’t think it’ll ever feel slow, hopefully, i’m, not proven wrong in the next couple years.

But i wouldn’t worry too much about longevity when it comes to the iphone 10r i’m, not gon na waste, too much of your time here talking about every single little aspect of the iphone 10r, the tedar is great it’s worth the 500 or whatever you’ll end up Paying for it and if you would rather not pay extra for the iphone 11 it’s gon na, do the job and it’s gon na do it well, i do think there’s some potential for some regret down the line, because the iphone 11’s camera really is worth that Extra 100 bucks, in my opinion, as well as likely another year in software support, but i don’t think i’ve talked to a single 10r user, who’ve, actually regretted their purchase, assuming you’re, not someone who really appreciates a good display, because again, the 10r is at best mediocre. In that department, it’s good enough for most people, your average joe won’t even notice that it’s lower quality than better phones, but again yeah assuming you’re, not someone who really needs a good display. The iphone 10r is one of the best phones for anybody, and i absolutely still recommend buying it in 2021 and of course, you can always turn to the used market as well. Prices vary, but going to I find the 10r to cost around 300 to 400 somewhere in that area, which is and not amazing, considering you can find it for 500 brand new it’s really up to you.

If you can find a good deal for a 10r i’d say it’s worth it used. Just keep in mind battery life may not be as great as it could be. It’S really up to you, but overall, the iphone 10r great phone fully recommend it considering it is approaching three years old at this point it holds up really well, so hopefully that helped. You out and if it did make sure you hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content. Just like this, you can follow me over on twitter and instagram 91 underscore tech, if you’d like to for some reason, and we do have a discord server if you’re into tech.