This system includes a soundbar wireless subwoofer and two surround speakers. It supports up to 7.1.4 channels of audio. So that means it has a total of seven channels, firing at your level, five from the soundbar and two from the surround speakers, one subwoofer and four upward firing channels, two from the bar and two from the surround speakers now this is adobe atmos and dtsx compatible System utilizing the upward firing speakers it bounces sounds off of the ceiling to create a very immersive 3d sound bubble, but do keep in mind that this works best with short to medium height ceilings that are flat. If the ceiling is too high or vaulted, then the upward firing channels are not going to be very noticeable now before we get too far, make sure you guys just boop the like button that helps my channel tremendously and i’d really appreciate it. This system looks great and overall i’m a big fan of its design. The sound bar has a sheared metal, look on top and a fine black metal grille covering the front sides and two upward firing speakers something that you’ll notice immediately is how wide the sound bar is. It’S 56.8 inches wide two and a half inches tall and 5.8 inches deep, making it the longest or one of the longest sound bars that’s out there right now. The benefit with having a very wide sound bar like this is that it can greatly improve the sound stage, but this sound bar likely won’t fit on a lot of people’s entertainment centers because of how wide it is.

You’Ll also want a fairly large tv around 65 inches or more to best match the width of this sound bar. As you can see in my room, it completely hangs off of both sides of my entertainment center. The sound bar has a nice led display located slightly right of the center. This is used for adjusting volume, levels, adjusting settings, etc. The surround speakers have the same: sheared, metal design and black metal grille. I really really like the way that these speakers look. They are labeled as left and right so make sure that you place them accordingly. If you want to mount them to the wall or stand, then you can use the mounting hole on the bottom of the speaker and they wirelessly connect to the soundbar. So all you have to do is plug them into a wall outlet. The subwoofer also has the sheared metal design on the very top and a very nice cloth material that wraps around it i’m. Typically, not a big fan of cloth material, that’s used with subwoofers, but for some reason i really like this one. The seven inch driver is positioned on the front of the subwoofer and there’s a port on the back to reduce pressure inside the enclosure and, of course it also wirelessly connects to the soundbar simply plug it into power. On the back of the soundbar. Are all the available connections like most high end bars? It has an hdmi out or hdmi er port.

Then it has two hdmi 2.0 inputs it’s odd. At one point it stated hdmi 2.1 on the spec sheet, but now it only states hdcp 2.3. I actually reached out to lg support and they confirmed that all the hdmi ports are 2.0, not 2.1. Then it has a digital optical input and usb port in which you can play high res audio, and the power cable is actually attached to the soundbar, which i found extremely odd. Every other sound bar that i’ve looked at doesn’t have this kind of annoying? If you ask me, but it’s not a huge deal, the subwoofer and surround speakers are very simple and only need to be connected to power. Now let’s talk setup. The setup process for the soundbar is pretty simple: connect the soundbar to your tv, with the hdmi out or er port connect, your devices to your soundbar or tv and plug everything into power. Once you power on the soundbar, the subwoofer and surround speakers should begin to wirelessly pair with the soundbar you’ll know that the surround speakers and subwoofer are paired when the leds on the back turn green. Now you need to connect it to your wifi network with the google home app. This also sets it up with a google assistant, so you can use voice commands to play music control, other smart home devices, and things like that. Once the setup process on the google home app completes, it will prompt you to open the lg wi fi speaker app, so yeah it’s kind of odd.

It has two different apps to control it, but it’s not too confusing. I promise the lg app is where you can adjust all of the soundbar settings, something that they immediately recommend is to run the ai room calibration. Make sure you do this during the day when everyone’s awake, because it’s very loud Music, the lg app, allows you to adjust some of the channel levels as well, which is really convenient. You can adjust almost everything with the remote control 2, but i would really suggest using the app to fine tune things there’s, a few different, sound modes that you can easily cycle through. I would recommend trying all these out to figure out what you like most what’s, really nice about this system is that it supports basically any audio format that you’ll ever need: adobe, dts lpcm and a wide variety of music audio formats as well. I had quite a few people say that using the music sound effect mode on the lg sn 11 rg made the music quality worse. You’D think a brand as big as lg partnering, with a highly regarded audio brand like meridian, would optimize the music sound mode to you know: make music sound better well, regardless of the sound mode that you select listening to music on the system, just doesn’t sound as Good, as others in this price range, the sonos arc, samsung hw q950t jbl bar 9.1 and nakamichi shockwave ultra easily outperform this system in terms of music playback, now that’s, not to say that it’s horrible, but it’s, definitely not amazing.

In comparison, the soundbar has a flat sound to it. The frequency range from the soundbar just seems very limited where the mid range frequencies sound, pretty good, but the higher and definitely the lower frequencies sound, muffled or slightly distorted. The subwoofer can get a little punchy but it’s not very clear, it’s hard to clearly understand what it’s playing, although this does seem to be a case by case basis. It’S not always like this. The surround speakers play in ambient mode, so they aren’t very loud at all, while listening to music. What i would love is, if you could play the surrounds in full mode or mirror the left and right audio channels, while listening to music overall for music it’s, not horrible, but i wouldn’t get your hopes up too high. Again, as i say in most of my soundbar reviews, i’m not going to provide any audio samples or comparisons, because it doesn’t provide an accurate representation of how the system sounds. So if you saw my adobe atmos soundbar comparison, video, you know that i was pretty harsh on this system. The lg sn11 rg definitely fell short of my expectations. I expected to get a heck of a lot more than you get from the system. If you haven’t seen that video yet then definitely make sure you check it out after this video link in the description alright, so i originally said that the lg sn11rg didn’t, make me say wow to myself, while testing it i’m gon na partially retract.

That statement put that on the record, so after further testing and watching a wider variety of media, i’ll say that this system can sound incredible with some media, but it also depends on what you’re, comparing it to what changed my opinion slightly was watching mad max fury Road and avengers infinity war, both with dolby, true hd, audio, the overall sound, is pretty good. The sound stage is very wide and if you’re in a rectangular room, the side firing speakers widen it. Even more dialogue is clear, although you may need to adjust this inner channel level. Some most everything in the mid range frequencies sounds great. The upward firing speakers are fairly clear and noticeable if your ceiling, isn’t too high or vaulted. This system seems to be able to keep up with the action most of the time. The upward sound effects can sound tiny at times from both the soundbar and surround speakers. I noticed this specifically with rain. At times it felt like the sound effects weren’t placed exactly where the movie intended them to be sometimes everything kind of blended together, but not in a way that most would like it’s a shame that it didn’t entirely live up to my and many other people’s expectations, Because i actually really like this system, i love the design and look of this entire system. I love how the soundbar looks the sheared metal design, the metal grille, the upward firing speakers the display, all of it.

The surround speakers are large and can output more sound than most others. Can the subwoofer’s cloth material is also very nice, i’m. Typically, not a big fan of cloth, because i have cats and i don’t like dust very much, but this cloth doesn’t bother me at all. Like in reality, they did a great job, designing the system, but the sound quality. Just doesn’t pique my interest, like other sound bar systems, do for the retail price of fifteen hundred dollars. I just don’t think it’s worth it. There are better options out there for that amount of money. Now again, this is my opinion. Some of you may agree with me. Some of you may disagree, that’s the thing about audio it’s, very subjective. A system may sound better for one person, while another person may completely disagree with them. We all interpret it differently and with that said, i hope you guys enjoyed this video.