Yes, you’re getting these user manuals, and you have to have silicon case. It could be very useful for you. You can use it afterwards now. This is the phone that you all have been waiting for. This is the phone here, so here it is you’re getting a usb cable. It is type c, of course – and here here is Music, so this is all you’re getting in the mi10i box, so here’s the phone let’s remove the plastic that is over it and we’ll. Take you through the phone, so this is it the mi 10i only umi 109 against. So you are getting a 6.67 inch, hdr10 plus or sati l white wine, l, one car support b, so let’s now quickly move on to the usp of this phone and uh. It is the camera so up in upper milton mega pixel, quad, camera setup and first impression so i’m just running you through all the specifications: Music, Music.