We have today a oneplus 9 pro new wireless charging leak that i want to share with you and, of course, everything from the oneplus 9 release date and price to the design and specs for all three phones right after this. So if you want to hear the latest gaming news, tech, news, reviews and comparisons hit that subscribe button followed by the bell, so we now know we’ll be getting three oneplus nine phones. This year we have the oneplus 9 light, the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro to be the next top phones to come from the company. However, as with many other companies who make a pro line, the oneplus 9 pro has some extra bits and pieces to make it a bit more. Special and one of those features is the new wireless charging technology inside, but just quickly, though i’d love to know from you have you ever owned a oneplus phone before or are you considering getting one in the future? Let me know in the comments below and at the same time hit that like button cheers so let’s begin with that oneplus 9 pro league, so according to a report by popular leaker max jumbo, who is known to be fairly accurate with his information around oneplus phones, The oneplus 9 pro may come with the faster 45 watt wireless charging technology inside it. This compared to the 30 watt. Charging speed on the current oneplus 8 pro seems a major boost.

The leak doesn’t suggest what charging speed to expect on the oneplus 9. So, basically, how fast it will actually charge up the 9 pro, but the source does say he expects the cheaper handset. So we believe he’s referring to the oneplus 9, now to feature wireless charging technology as well. The leak also further talks on about reverse wireless charging. So the ability for the oneplus 9 pro to charge other devices on the back of the phone, but no details again and how fast this technology will be. So how many watts per hour say also following on with the success of the oneplus 8t, the oneplus 9. Pro will likely come with a 65 watt, fast wired charging charger that we first saw with the oneplus 8t, and it will be inside the box with the 9 pro, at least in real world usage. This means you’ll be able to get a day’s battery life within minutes of running out of juice, with the wired charger or even using the wireless charger as well for the release dates for all three oneplus 9 models. We haven’t heard much on it, but, like many other phone makers, oneplus has a bit of a habit and a bit of history of when they launch their phones, so we’re, looking to around april or may 2021. oneplus, typically teases its phones in advance of the launch. Though so maybe we’ll hear something about the launch around march time again, oneplus have a habit of actually launching the handsets about a week to two weeks after the launch event.

That said, one source has told android central that the oneplus 9 will be launching earlier than expected in march 2021, an exact date isn’t clear from the source, but this might be our best information. Yet we’ve also heard from a second source that march might be on the cards as well. Well, let’s look at the specs of all three of the phones. Next so let’s start with the oneplus 9 light. The newest phone we’ve been told about it’s likely. It will share a lot of its hardware fundamentals with the oneplus 8t. It will be powered by a snapdragon 865 and it should have either a 90 hertz or 120 hertz ammo led panel with the 65 watts fast charging. It is also likely to share the camera optics with the 80, with the regular oneplus 9 and the 9 pro getting the newer camera modules instead. Reusing components across generations is a strategy that has served oneplus very well in the past and it’s assumed that the nine lights will use lots of the 80 features, as the oneplus 8 is nearly identical to the 7t, for example on the hardware side of things, and Then again, the oneplus 7 was basically the same as the oneplus 6t, with a few subtle hardware changes. The oneplus 9 light could also feature a plastic back to keep the costs down say against the oneplus 8t oneplus is likely to copy what samsung did with the galaxy s20 fe and it’ll be interesting to see what the phone has to offer.

We’Ve also seen some renders supposedly showing the oneplus 9 pro, which you can see here. These include a quad lens camera and apparently a 6.78 inch, the screen and, of course, the hole, punch camera then next for the oneplus 9 normal for the overall design. The actual front of the oneplus 9 doesn’t look too much different from the oneplus 8t, where we’ll get a flat screen design again and then for the pro we’ll, probably get the rounded edges again, just like we did on the 7 pro and the 7t pro, and Also, the 8 pro as well we’re expecting a 65 watt warp charger inside the box and yup. You heard me right a charger in the box, then for battery size for the regular nine, it is looking likely to be a 4500 milliamp battery inside it. What is a good size for this phone to be fair for the pro we’ve been told it will get a 4710 milliamp battery. What again is a fair size for a 6.78 inch display phone? There is also rumor for the first time that the pro model will have wireless charging, the first from one plus at 30, watts charging there’s no rumors. Yet, if there’s going to be reverse charging with this, just normal one at the moment, but do take this rumor with a pinch of salt as oneplus have always been focused on wired charging. Moving on, as i mentioned already, we will get that hole punch.

It looks like it’s going to stay. What is a shame, because a lot of you loved that pop out selfie camera that we got on the oneplus 7 pro and also the 70 pro oneplus 9. Pro is also expected to have a 6.7 inch display, just like the oneplus 8 pro, and this display will be running at 120 hertz. I will also add again that the oneplus 9 standard will also have a 120 hertz refresh rate. The latest oneplus phones will also be running on the latest edition of oxygen os 11 fresh out of the box and i’m sure we will get some snappy wallpapers to go along with that design of the oneplus 9.. We have also had a leak from gizmo china, who is also showing us cases that could possibly be applied to the oneplus 9 phone, and you can see here the leaks photos match up very similarly to the renders that we’ve already got here. The biggest change, though we can see in the design of the oneplus 9, and also the oneplus 9 pro, has got to be that camera module on the back. We are now seeing a much more sleek square module sitting in the top left corner and you can see there are two big lenses and also two smaller camera lenses and also a flash. Interestingly, only two of the rear camera lenses look big enough to house the likes of a main and an ultra wide or telephoto snapper.

So one of those might be missing the other two smaller cameras underneath the big lens and there’s one off to the right as well, will probably be a macro and also a depth camera lens. We have an idea of some of the specs, though, for those two big lenses, though, with the oneplus 9, apparently having a 48 megapixel main camera outputting at 12, megapixels for the images and the 48 megapixel ultra wide one as well for specs in the oneplus 9. Pro a benchmark believed to be for the phone reveals a snapdragon 888 chipset, which we expect to be in the 9 and also the 9 pro. But it is paired with a slightly disappointing starting amount of eight gigabytes of ram. Although other configurations will almost certainly be available too, with an option of 12 gigabytes, we have also got to remember here that, for example, the oneplus 8t used ufs 3.1 storage. What is a super snappy storage system and maybe oneplus 4 – is the need of faster storage. Speed you don’t really need as much ram that paired with a snappier snapdragon processor as well. Well, guys that is the latest and greatest info. We have on the oneplus 9 models at this stage. Of course, if we get any more info, we’ll be sharing it out. Don’T forget if you have liked this video to press the like button and, of course, to hear the latest oneplus 9 news, gaming, news, tech, news, reviews and comparisons.