So do you think that this one is still worth it or not? Even in 2021, you can comment down below for this device, which is still worth it or not, and this is the box and so without further ado, let’s get started so the first one i’m going to try the camera. So basically, the rear camera got 8 megapixel camera and 5 megapixel selfie camera so i’m, going to show you the camera as well as selfie mode for the resolution. This is the camera mode. Now let’s go to video mode 1080p, 30 fps max resolution for this device. Same goes to selfie mode 1080p, 30 frames per second and now i’m, going to show you what’s inside the box, so of course the charger and some something i already removed it and here’s the box. You can see it second package. I mean packaging, fully white color, let’s open it. This is different place. The manual book will be inside here, as you can see, here’s the manual book inside there got earphone cable as well as charger. So now i’m going to show you the settings on this device, and this device is running android 5.1 lollipop latest version color os 3.0 and this phone has 2 gig of ram 16 gig of storage. This is the play store, of course, most of the apps that you can still download on this device. You know 1.4 gig, free and here’s my apps i’m going to try and show you the facebook first latest vision, the instagram also latest version.

The snapchat is quite like for the first time when i turn on default and launch this app, but still latest version it’s a bit lag but stick and use it. You need to worry. I mean you need to re launch the app. Then there’s no lag anymore. Recent apps so now i’m going to show you this phone with case back case very nice easy to install, and this is the phone size when i try to call someone not so big and yeah. Now i’m gon na try the speaker for this device and of course this is the no computer, sound Applause and not bad for the sound. So before i end off this video oppo 827, you can comment down below for the feedback for this device, so that’s all for me.