Now what’s interesting is that the a51 at least the international variant of the phone is now over one year old. I actually bought this phone in december of 2019, so it’s crazy. How fast time flies. But then again, this phone has been a very remarkable device for samsung ever since it was launched, in fact, for the first quarter of 2020. The a51 was the best selling android smartphone in the world, so that’s definitely very impressive. So if you’re, one of the many people out there that already owns one, then i’m definitely curious, know what you think about the phone and, if you’re considering getting one, then hopefully this video will help. You make a better decision on if this phone’s a good fit for you. Now, with this device we’re getting a very large display at 6.5 inches. The display itself features corning gorilla, glass, 3, so in general it features a high quality build. Now the display features super amoled technology, which is one of the reasons why it’s so bright and vibrant it’s 1080p we’re getting a ppi of 405 and we’re getting a 20×9 aspect ratio. So i would say definitely one of the best selling points about this device is the display. Not only are we getting great viewing angles due to it being super amoled, but we’re also getting a very crisp and clear picture with fantastic colors, so whether using this phone for browsing, the web, going on social media or watching video content.

Doing all of that on this large good, looking display, definitely is going to give you a very good experience now with this device we do have a hole. Punch for the front facing camera and what’s. Interesting, too, is the hole. Punch is actually very small, but the front facing camera is 32 megapixels now internally, with this variant of the phone we’re, getting 128 gigabytes of storage and we’re getting microsd card expansion, so definitely a very impressive amount of storage here with the device and what’s very interesting. As well is that this phone has more internal storage than the base model iphone 12, despite that phone being a lot more expensive, so pretty interesting here to see how much value we really are getting from samsung, especially compared to apple now with this device there’s. No wireless charging, unfortunately, but we do get an in display fingerprint sensor so let’s test that out right now and that was nice and quick let’s. Try that out one more time now, it’s, not quite as quick as like an s series phone from samsung, for example. But it’s still plenty fast and usable. Now the phone also offers face unlock as well. So you do have multiple options to access it. Now, on the back side of the device, we have a quad camera setup with a 48 megapixel main camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera a 5 megapixel depth, sensing camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera.

So we’re getting a variety of different cameras on this phone, really giving us a lot of different capabilities, we’re, also getting portrait mode for both the rear and front cameras on this phone now here’s how things look on the camera app on the device? This is with the main camera right now then, from here we can switch over to the ultra wide angle, camera to fit a lot more content into the frame i’m. A big fan of using the ultra wide camera in certain situations, especially when it’s taking pictures of an entire room or taking pictures of a large group of people or, if i’m traveling around. I want to take photos of my surroundings and i want to fit a lot of content into the frame. Then the ultra wide camera is fantastic for that now then, from here we can go over to the more tab and then we can access the macro camera. So we can take very close up detailed pictures. Then we can also access the live, focus, portrait mode, so we’re getting those nice blurred out backgrounds that i know that everybody’s a big fan of then we can switch around to the front facing camera and you can see with that again in live focus portrait mode. We get nice blurred out backgrounds, we can even crop out a little bit as well for group selfies and we can also switch over to the standard mode for the front facing camera too.

Now, internally, with the samsung galaxy, a51 we’re getting four gigabytes of ram and the samsung exynos 9611 processor. So it is very nice that we are getting that much ram and as far as the 9611 processor goes, that is one of the weaker points. When it comes to this device, it still is powerful enough that this phone is perfectly usable, especially for the majority of people out there. However, from my experience and also other experiences that i’ve heard from different people, it does slow down a bit over time now again for a phone that’s more of a budget mid range device. This is perfectly acceptable, however, if you’re used to the type of performance that you’d be getting with a galaxy note phone or the galaxy s series phone, then you probably will notice the performance slowdown with the a51. However, if you’re using this phone, primarily for phone calls text messages and watching video content and doing light to moderate social media usage, then i feel like the processor and ram will perform perfectly fine for you now. I did run a benchmark test using geekbench 5 on this device and i got a single core score of 348 and a multi core score of 1219. So what i recommend doing is installing geekbench 5 on your current phone and then compare those scores to these scores. To get a good idea of how much of a performance upgrade if any, you would be getting with the a51 now, with the samsung galaxy a51 we’re getting 4k video recording with both the front and rear cameras, so that’s definitely very impressive, but actually for a good Portion of 2020, i was using the a51 to record all of my videos i’ve since switched over to the galaxy s10, just because i had it sitting around anyway, but the a51 really does take nice.

Looking videos and another surprise with this phone too, is how good the microphone quality is. I had people watching videos that i recorded with this phone with the onboard microphone and they thought i was using like a studio microphone plugged into it. But no i was using the onboard mic and yes, it does sound good. So definitely when it comes to video recording if that’s something that’s important to you, but maybe you don’t want to spend too much money on a very expensive flagship. Then the a51 will definitely satisfy your needs. Now without a doubt, you are going to be getting better. Video quality in general, with a flagship but again for what this phone is and for what it’s being offered at you’re, really getting a nice video recording setup with this device. Now the galaxy a51 we’re getting a 4 000 milliamp hour internal battery, which is definitely pretty large and we’re getting 15 watt fast charging. So i definitely don’t have any complaints there and, as far as the software goes, this phone has android 10 with samsung’s one ui 2.0. However, it is going to be getting the android 11 update at some point i’m expecting sometime in the spring, so we’ll have to see how that plays out, but i’m definitely looking forward to getting that update, and i know that samsung has now pledged to give their A series phones at least several years of updates so that’s a really good move by the company, but now that we’ve gone over the major specifications of the samsung galaxy a51 let’s take a closer look at the hardware now again taking a look at the front panel.

Here a really fantastic looking display and we also have very small bezels throughout, so i really like the design of this phone. In fact, even at this point, this phone does not look obsolete at all. I mean it really does look nice and in general i think samsung did a great job with the design. Now, taking a look at the left side of the phone, we have the slot for the micro sd card and sim card, then on the right side of the device. We have the power button volume down and volume up then up top here with the noise cancelling microphone and then on the bottom of the phone. We have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, usb c port for charging data transfer, microphone and speaker. So it is nice that we are getting a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I know that is important to a lot of people, even at this point, so it is there if you need it and then taking a look at the back side of the phone. We have kind of this glassy reflective look on the back, however. It’S, not glass samsung refers to it as glass stick but it’s really more of a plastic material, but in general i like the way it looks, and i also actually like this color it’s kind of an interesting light. Blue color that you typically wouldn’t see with too many smartphones out there. Now it does pick up some fingerprints but it’s, not too bad, and then we also do have the quad camera setup as well, but in general, a pretty minimalist, simple design here with the phone.

But, on the other hand, it is very practical too now here is the box that the a51 comes in. I do want to show you all the various items that come included, but you can see right up front a51 and there’s a picture of the phone now open this up and see what all we get. So. The first item in the box is this packet here. So we have a sim card removal tool. Also, it depends on where you get this phone from. This is the international variant, but the international variant of the phone does come with a clear plastic case. I believe, if you buy the a51 from a carrier, you will not get this, unfortunately, but it’s really more of a temporary case. In my opinion, until you get something a little bit more durable but still nice, that samsung does at least include it with the international variant. Then we have some literature here. Then we have the adaptive fast charger. We have a usbc cable for charging and data transfer and again this might not come with all variants of the phone, but at least with the international variant of the phone you get 3.5 millimeter headphones. That do come with a mic i’m. A fan of the gestures. I am going to go back to using just gestures with phone instead of using the standard, android navigation, so the samsung galaxy a51 is a great device for viewing video content, as i mentioned earlier on in this video.

But having that super amoled display is going to give us really great colors and then, since it is 1080p things, do look really crisp and clear as well. Now one interesting issue that i did notice, as i was doing this test – is that you can’t crop in anymore on videos, and i think that this is some sort of glitch that must have happened in some sort of software update, because definitely you know previously when I was doing other tests with this phone and just in general, using it to watch videos i was able to crop in but i’m curious if that’s important to anybody. I know that cropping into the full display does give it a bit of a more immersive experience, but then, at the same time you do lose out on. You know some parts of the video as well. Now something i did want to mention as well is that the audio quality does sound really good. However, audio only comes out of the speaker on the bottom, whereas with other devices like the moto g power, for example, audio comes out of both the bottom and the earpiece, but you can see when i cover over that speaker. I can’t hear anything at all. So i’m, hoping that, with the galaxy a52 the successor to this phone, we will get audio coming out of both the earpiece and the main speaker as well. So, in conclusion, is the samsung galaxy a51 worth buying in 2021.

Now this phone is really one of my favorite phones, in fact, of the entire year of 2020. This is by far my favorite device, just because it gives you a very well rounded experience in the sense that you’re getting good cameras you’re getting a good long, lasting battery you’re. Also getting a good amount of storage as well, and the display on here looks really amazing. So really the only downside with this phone that i can think of is that the processor isn’t extremely powerful, again it’s, still more powerful than many other. A series, phones and other devices as well in the budget segment, but i feel like it could be a bit more powerful and really make things feel a lot different here now, if you are looking for a more powerful variant of this device, i suppose you could Look into the samsung galaxy a515g now keep in mind. The a515g is a totally different phone from the regular a51, which we have right here. It does share a very similar design, but it does feature different, build materials and cases that are designed to fit the a51.