I wanted to take a look at the galaxy s20 fe samsung’s, affordable 600 flagship for the majority of users. It takes most of the boxes as it offers good value for the price, considering its flagship qualities. However, just like all phones, it’s, not perfect, let’s, take a closer look at this device and see if the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition is worth buying in 2021. First, the specs. This is a legit flagship with top of the line processor, a generous amount of ram and enough storage for most users fan edition of the s20 means that samsung finally gives a snapdragon processor to all this is what fans have been asking for these specifications paired up With a beautiful flagship grade 6.5 inch, amoled screen with 120hz refresh rate, assures excellent. All around performance, keep in mind that the display does not flicker in practice. In this video flickering is caused by the increased shutter speed of my camera required to record 4k 60fps video. So you can see a high refresh rate of the display. The phone was recently updated to android 11 based one ui 3.0. This is not a major software overhaul, but the user interface looks more refined and polished to me. The recent iteration of samsung’s ui has been one of my favorites. It offers a great combination of features, customization options, smoothness and overall performance. Speaking of performance. This phone is ready to handle anything you throw at it. All of my favorite 3d games run well on the highest graphics settings from asphalt extreme to call of duty pubg, forza street modern, combat 5.

This phone handles everything well now, let’s talk about the design. First of all, this phone is ip68 rated, meaning that it is water and dust resistant. Secondly, the s20 fe is well crafted and it feels nice in the hand the phone uses an aluminum frame and a plastic backplate. This backplate feels nice to the touch thanks to its matte finish, but glass would have made this device look and feel more premium. On the other hand, it doesn’t make the phone look very cheap and i have no complaints about the build quality, but this is something you need to know before buying this device. Another thing i wish samsung used a matte finish on the metal frame to match the backplate. Now a quick comparison. This is how the s20 fee looks like next to the galaxy s20 ultra, the glass backplate on the ultra feels more premium, but it attracts fingerprints. Much faster, samsung threw in a fast 15 watts wireless charging a feature still mostly reserved for the flagship segment. Speaking of charging a 25 watts power, brick that is sold separately, can fully charge the phone in one hour and 10 minutes with a bundled 15 watts adapter, you can get a full charge from flat in a 1 hour and 35 minutes battery life has been pretty Good, but you should expect to charge the phone daily if you use the device, mostly for the basic stuff like web, browsing, social media and youtube at about 50 of screen brightness.

You can expect to get over 9 hours of screen on time 50 of screen. Brightness is plenty enough for indoor use and 823 knits of maximum auto brightness assures excellent outdoor visibility, the phone houses a triple lens system on the back, with a regular, wide angle and three times optical zoom lens. On the front, there is a beefy, 32 megapixel shooter as usual. I’Ll talk about image quality in just a bit. Other notable features of the phone include a hybrid dual sim and a micro sd card slot, a great sounding dual speaker system, always on display nfc and fm radio. I found the essential features like call, quality signal, reception and gps to be working great. The fingerprint reader that is embedded under the display could be faster and more reliable, though i found the face unlock feature to be more reliable. Lastly, many samsung fans have always loved a headphone jack, but for some reason the company didn’t include one on this device. That’S a shame, what’s impressive about this phone is that it offers flagship, great image, quality. All of the shots were taken on a dark and cloudy day, but most of them came out nice and sharp using the wide angle main and three times optical zoom lenses. That 30 times zoom is more like a gimmick. So don’t expect great results. The quality of images will impress you when you use the portrait mode with both the main and selfie camera.

Also night mode produces really nice photos and is available on all three camera lenses. If you can find a little bit of street lighting, you can also take pretty high quality, selfies or selfie portraits the s20 fes cameras are very good in the video department team. I found 4k 30 fps video to be nice, sharp and smooth using the main and wide angle. Cameras telephoto lens, on the other hand, produce quite a shaky video 4k 60 fps. Video looks very good too, but its stabilization is worse than 30 fps footage. Selfie camera can also record videos up to 4k 60 60fps, and the quality is great, especially considering poor lighting conditions that video was shot in just like all of the video samples shown in this review. So here is a quick summary and conclusion of this review. Even though the phone uses a plastic backplate, there is no headphone jack. The fingerprint scanner is not reliable and slow. The samsung galaxy s20 fe is a great smartphone with a lot of flagship qualities for about 600 bucks. You get an ip68 certified phone that looks nice. It has a beautiful display with high refresh rate flagship, great specs, assure excellent all around performance android 11 base. 1 ui 3.0 is the most polished piece of software. Samsung has ever made and cameras on this phone produce flagship, great photos and videos, if you add good battery life, wireless charging and great dual speaker system you’re.

Looking at a really solid smartphone that i can easily recommend. Despite a few shortcomings, the samsung galaxy s20 fe is a great smartphone, especially if you have just about 600 dollars to spare but you’re looking for a device that has a lot of flagship qualities. But what do you think about the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition? Would you buy this device, or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you want to see more content like this drop me a comment down below.