This is the xperia one mark ii or one two very complicated from sony. It is a premium flagship, experian one. Two here you go. There is some imaze at the top i’m going to show you that, but here are some of the features, as you can see: triple 12 megapixel rear camera, eight megapixel on front a big 4k display, 4 000 milliamp hour battery snapdragon 865 and water resistance, so um. Those of you who pay attention to me on twitter and everywhere else will already know that i’ve actually reviewed this phone for hot hardware. I’Ll put the link in the description below the reason: i’m unboxing it after reviewing. It is because i already have one it’s right here, but i didn’t get a new one. It was a pre production device, not with the case and the right accessories. This is a retail unit, so i wanted to unbox it. So we have the full experience of a proper unboxing and then i’ll go over the other one let’s set up. So i can give you a bit of a mini review, so let’s get started. Let’S open this up. Okay, there’s! Nothing in here here’s the phone which i’m gon na have to tip to get out and it comes with a bunch of paperwork. So you’ve got safety, nobody cares and important information. Nobody cares. Then we have. This looks like it could be interesting. Maybe a little manual action, ah startup guy there we go so let’s have a quick look at that.

It says one sim card shows you what to do here. So you have microsd and sim support or dual sim support. As you can see for some units, you got the power lock key here which, by the way, has a built in fingerprint sensor and then tells you how to do a bunch of other stuff. So that’s it not too much else. In there now i’ve got a divider. You got a charger here, i’m going to hold it up to see. Ah, conveniently it tells you that’s it’s, an 18 watt charger and usb type cpd nice, so there’s, an 18 watt charger in the box, then there’s a c to c chord c on one end see on the other end and then oh what’s. This do i see earbuds with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack wow sony’s, including earbuds in the box, that’s nice. I wonder if they’re any good, but anyway, who cares it does have headphone jack. Now you know that let’s check out the phone. Shall we here it is? It has a screen protector here, as you can see, and some stickers on the back so i’m not going to remove this, because i got another phone right here to show you so let’s move on to. I guess the review and spec part of this unboxing magic here’s the phone again this time without stickers or screen protection. This is what it looks like it’s, a nice phone it’s like a monolith like 2001, a space odyssey.

It feels really nice it’s, very thin, which is cool, it’s very tall because it’s a 21 to 9 aspect ratio, and those of you astute enough to pay attention here. We’Ll notice that there’s, a small forehead and a small chin, very small, the bezels on the sides are very small, of course, but what’s. Nice is because it has a small bezel top and bottom. It has speakers top and bottom for stereo audio and it has the 8 megapixel front facing camera and a notification light embedded in here in that edge, which is really really cool. So you know when you’re watching videos, this screen is uninterrupted, with no cutouts or hole punches and it’s 21.9, just perfect for watching film it’s, a 4k screen too just kind of incredible and the only drawback is that it doesn’t refresh higher than 60 hertz. So for flagship, you know you get a bit of good and a bit of bad, so that’s kind of a interesting um kind of middle ground. I guess, but look this display is absolutely phenomenal. You can see it with your own eyes. Look at how the icons are literally floating on this display, like viewing angles unreal. This is sony at its best oled, of course, but here’s what’s, interesting there’s. No in display fingerprint sensor, as i imply earlier, the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power lock key on the right hand, side now, that’s good, if you’re right handed a lot harder if you’re left handed, but you can always use you know your middle finger or Index or something so that’s, the first thing you need to know about this phone now there are some things that are good like the headphone jack, and there are some things that are bad.

This is a snapdragon, 865 phone, so you’d think it would have 5g at least sub 6 5g, and it does. Unfortunately, it has no bands that work in north america or in the us in general. So that means that if you buy this phone in the u.s you’re stuck with 4g now i was gon na say you know: okay, so that’s, maybe a small compromise. It really isn’t a huge deal, but it is because this is a twelve hundred dollar phone. One thousand two hundred dollar flagship in every sense of the way without 5g working in the us i’m, not sure what they were thinking at this price point, that’s kind of crazy to me. Obviously, sony pitches, this phone as a camera, centric experience and the selfie camera is, you know, it’s fine, but it’s, not anything. I would write home with i’ll show you some photo samples in a minute. Let’S talk about the other specs real, quick, so in the back are three cameras. Those are very important because they’re pretty cool, but before i get to them, there’s a 4 000 milliamp hour battery and, surprisingly considering you know, this is a little bit on the small side for a flagship battery life on this thing was really really good. When i tested it, so you know, that’s good memory is eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage with microsd support, it’s, ufs3 storage, so it’s really fast. Sony has made very few compromises other than this 5g issue and the price which is kind of crazy there’s.

Really not too much to complain about here. So let’s talk about these cameras. You got three cameras in the back. All three of them are 12 megapixels, the main camera, the ultra wide and the telephoto. You also have light sensor here that detects color and then we have an led flash and if you see very carefully between all these three lenses, there’s a timer flight sensor and that’s used for autofocus it’s, actually pretty much the same thing you see in front of An iphone with the notch you know for his face id so what’s, so special about this camera system. Well, there’s, two things that stand out the 12 megapixel main sensor is massive it’s huge and, to give you some perspective, the pixel size on this is 1.8 microns. So they’re massive pixels, 12 million of them f over 1.7, and this is a sony imx557 which i think is only used by sony right now. It has ois. Of course, it has dual pixel phase, detect autofocus, so it’s very fast at auto, focusing and very good in low light, but, unlike other flagships that have like 48 648 megapixel sensors, the idea behind this 12 megapixel is that it’s fast. So what sony claims you can do, and i tested this it works – is you can do 12 frame per second burst mode, with full, auto focus and auto exposure, so it’s great for sports photography or, if you’re, trying to photograph a child that’s running towards you, because It’Ll focus not just on their face: it’ll focus on their eyes and it’ll focus on a pet’s eye as well so animals humans, eyes and faces a 12 frames per second burst, that’s kind of bonkers.

Now it doesn’t have 8k video. It only has 4k video, but other than that i mean that’s perfectly okay, it does have a 21 to 9 aspect ratio, video, which is really cool. Now the ultra wide is a 12 megapixel as well. It has an f over 2.2 aperture with 1.4 micron pixels, not too bad, and then there is a three times: optical zoom telephoto, which has f of a 2.4 aperture and only 0.8 micron pixels. So the telephoto is kind of like the only one here that i think has room for improvement. If anything, but look the reality is this phone takes phenomenal photos. I’Ll show you some samples in a minute, and you know what you need to take away from. This is that sony’s kind of tried to mimic the alpha experience from their cameras and they have succeeded because they have two camera apps. They have a regular normal camera like everybody’s used to, and then they have the alpha camera app, which is basically a replica of the user experience you get on an alpha camera, so yeah big deal. I like that, if you like, shooting manual all that it’s there and it’s great, so very, very nice design, i think, it’s a beautiful phone but 1200 without 5g and here’s the thing about that camera. You know it’s kind of cool on paper and you know the manual controls and that alpha camera interface is great there’s. Also a a video app like a professional cine alta.

They call it, which is the name of sony’s video, professional video cameras and that app is also separate and it’s for video recording and it has like the venice, color science and a whole bunch of other features that we saw on the xperia one and the xperia. 5, by the way and all these apps are really nice, but you know in the end, this phone takes great photos, but it doesn’t really beat like an iphone or samsung phone, never mind like a google pixel or a huawei flagship right. So it’s a bit of a tough sell. You know for that money, especially without 5g that’s kind of my my only gripe here but overall it’s, a very solid camera experience. This phone is really fast.