Not are you safe, i’m outside in my tree house, they can’t get in that’s smart see. Can you see me, i can see you through the window you’ve been all by yourself through this yeah. I want my parents to come. So don’t make aj in the snow. We thought he was gone forever. That was the last straw for kenny and without lee around i had to make the call i couldn’t and kenny killed jane it turned out. Aj was alive, jane hit him to make a point. Knowing what they’d done, i still decided, we were better together for aj’s sake. I, like everything else it wouldn’t last that’s good getting into first gear is the hardest part. Now just stay on the road most important rule. There is crap. I got it turn the wheel. Oh, my god, kenny i’m. So sorry, i don’t feel anything. I can’t feel my legs. You got ta go help. Aj, clap aj will be safe with me. I’Ll take great care of him. I promise. I know you will clementine. I wouldn’t trust aj with anybody else. Now go hey, come on, sounds nice having a partner. It is how about you. You must have been pretty young when this started. I was but some people looked out for me too. What happened to them same thing that happens to everyone. We opened our arms to you made you one of us. This is how you repay us by stealing by putting yourself before the group.

Please you’re done here: uh uh, he stays can’t. Take him with you. The ship has sailed i’m, not leaving without him i’m, not leaving without him. Let him go glenn. No, you monsters what about this. What was it all for? Don’T forget i’m, one of you not anymore. I love you. I love you come on what the hell he’s at mccarroll ranch it’s, not too far, that’s that’s, where we left for so many years. I am so attached to this character and i’m so attached to this game as the actor for clementine, but also as a fan – and i have so much love for all of you. It’S been an amazing experience. I’Ll be right there with you aj i’m. Coming. I searched for a long time, just when i gave up hope i found him we’re searching together now for a place. We can call home i’m. All aj has he’s all i have but it’s, okay, we’re survivors and the first rule of survival is and never go alone. Whatever go we’ll alone find ourselves a new home together and i’ll. Never leave you again clue: you’re, okay, you’re, not dead, that’s, good marlon. Let him take the twins him and his people. I thought they were killed by walkers that’s. The story we told everyone shut up cause marlon was so ashamed. I saved one for you, oh my god, lemons you lee isn’t with you so he’s dead, then so um.

I, like you, a lot like like you as more than a friend, oh that’s, romantic kill me. I know you won’t. Why? Like family ones, he won’t hurt family, hey whatever trouble you have you get out of it. You get your friends out of it. You don’t know that i know you’re a survivor wow. Just look at you. Just look at you time to go clip in time. You’Ve got people that need you fall. Eventually you getting bit turning into a monster, huh yeah, the older i get the more i see. I don’t know why: what happens then anyone can give it doesn’t matter if you’re inside, outside of how careful you are aj. We’Ve talked about this a lot. If i get bit you know what has to happen, i don’t want to talk about this anymore, but you brought it up so we’re going to oh, it does something weird to my stomach like i’m, going to get the dookies aj. I need to know you remember what we talked about, what you’re supposed to do. If it happens, i got bit listen to me. If i get bit, he would behind you, you did it now. What how did i get so lucky don’t be silly right now. If i get bent oh help, you can’t break promises, aj james said: guess, not what you doing there goofball crutches all those times. You would ask me if we’d find a home, all i could ever tell you was we’ll see and your face would fall every single time.

Did i do a good job? Of course you did. Are you crazy? Maybe a little a lot more than a little you made it. So thank you for everything.