Also so let’s talk about them and uh, they have five, but i have one more bonus thing, because i’ve noticed some manufacturers keep on doing that. So i’ll also talk about that and the first thing that you’re all very obvious is that quad camera setup that we are seeing on almost every mid range, android smartphone and you guys also know it’s sort of a gimmick, because, yes, you have one good camera. Generally, these days we are getting that 48 or even 64. and some are even giving 108 megapixel uh and second, we have that ultra white ultra wide, i would say, still uh it’s, just eight megapixel. It should be higher if you use it a lot, but still eight is better than five uh, but the other two cameras that i mostly see is that 2 megapixel for depth seriously. Why do you need a depth sensing camera? A single camera can easily do the depth sensing uh with the image processing. Many smartphones do in fact, many of these mid range smartphones that have just a front facing single camera. Do that depth processing so that depth is such a gimmick. Then we also have the 2 megapixel macro or they give that 2 megapixel black and white sensor it’s just to add stuff, so i feel realistically we’re just getting two cameras and instead of wasting money on those other two gimmicky cameras, they could improve the primary camera. Give a better wide angle lens, so i hope the stupidity and madness of that quad camera stops because i feel now most of the consumers are educated, but i still see that manufacturers are giving that maybe one great sixty four hundred and eight, but the last two Will be that two megapixel two megapixel i don’t know when the stupidity would stop instead of that giver.

What do you say? Telephoto lens or ois, that would have been beneficial. Okay, let’s talk about the next thing, and this i started seeing from last one or two years, and especially with a lot of chinese oems. What they are doing is. They are also loading their own app store, a custom, app store within it, and here you have a lot of bloatware, apps and stuff like that. Why do you need to root that uh android has its play stores and most users will be using it. So i see this trend of for having a custom app store, and i think that this stupidity should stop the uh. I hope uh. It stops in 2020. Uh next thing is related to this, and this is happening. A lot now on mid range, android smartphone, and this started accelerating quite a bit last year. Fortunately, indian government uh last year stopped it a little bit a lot of spyware, junkware apps like what do you say, those chinese apps were being pre loaded now most of them have stopped, but i still see a lot of junk apps being pre loaded with these Uh smartphone and i’ve seen a new trend. Initially, when we get a smartphone as a review, we might not find a lot of what do you say. Third party junk apps, but i’ve noticed that after two three months, these oems actually give ota update and it’s a pretty big ot upgrader consumer might say: oh yes, cool big update, but what they are doing is they are adding a lot of junk apps via that Route and the sad part is many of those apps are simply not even removable or uninstallable.

So this is a sad thing that is now happening in the industry, especially in the mid range smartphones, and i really hope uh manufacturers stop it and users. If you notice it complain, tag it on twitter to these companies and say you be vocal about it. Otherwise, we’ll have the same ad situation. What we started having and next thing is that ad situation is still there. Uh xiaomi started with the redmi lineup of me: ui phones, uh. Now they have toned it down a little bit but that’s still there, and i noticed now – other brands also are actually giving unwanted. What do you say, notifications inside the notifications? You get a pop up or something like that indirect ads. I would say that has started quite a bit and this has actually spread to a lot of other brands. Also, i feel as if not only the brands that they don’t do in the mid range are nokia motorola and even the last micromax phone, but micromax just launched one for uh, so others are doing it, and i hope this stops because notification, you uh, is a Thing for important stuff – and here you are getting unnecessary notifications there in the notification. Yes, you can disable it if you’re a power user, but i feel this is a sad trend that is happening. A lot next thing is this is not for every uh. What do you say, mid range, android, smartphone manufacturer, but i’ve noticed that the actual earpiece quality is not as good as higher end phones, and this is such a small thing, the earpiece i’m talking about – and you can.

These manufacturers can just spend 300 400 rupees more on a smartphone, maybe even less, because they do volumes and get a far better earpiece, and i don’t know why they compromise on this one, because i’ve noticed and this especially with a lot of xiaomi redmi phones. Every third variant, it doesn’t happen with almost every video, but every second or third variant, i’ve noticed with the redmi phones. The earpiece quality is not that good, and this can be easily migrated by putting what is a better quality earpiece, and this is such a small thing. Just by giving adding about 200 250 rupees more, they can get a fabulous quality earpiece, but they’re still trying to compromise on that, which is the basic of a smartphone. You use this i don’t know, but but i do take a lot of calls. Uh with the cell phone and the earpiece is such an important thing. So i feel these major end uh mid range. Smartphone manufacturers pay a little bit more attention on the earpiece, because that is one thing i find still lacking on some of the smartphones compared to the higher end counterparts and it’s such an important thing. And lastly, this is a bonus i would say – and this is a trick – that a lot of mid range smartphone manufacturers do when they have a new phone. They hype it up a lot on social media everywhere and they’ll announce a particular sale on this date.

Yeah blah blah blah first sale on 25th at 12 or whatever, and a lot of people will go online and try to do it and they have very limited units. Just a couple of thousand units might be there and it gets sold out like this within a minute or two and they send out press releases, got sold out within a minute or two and uh what this does is uh. This creates that scarcity for that phone. For example, you, as a user, you might not be very confident about this one, but, as you see oh it’s, getting sold out like this, you might be compelled to buy it, even though you don’t want to do it, and this also encourages black marketing. What happens is that when availability is very less many of the local shops, keepers will actually buy it and they try to sell it in the offline market for higher margins. So i hope manufacturers stop the shady thing of having limited units during the first couple of sales. This is artificially what they are trying to limit it. So these are some of the uh things that i do not like with. What do you say? Mid range smartphones, that’s happening uh what’s, your biggest gimmick. Do you think uh that you feel is on mid range smartphones. Do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed hit that subscribe button.