Take a look so here it is the ulefone note 8, not the actual phone. This is the box, of course, so let’s get the box open and see what we get inside so nice and tightly packed lots of goodies in here by the looks things so start with the the phone it’s. Usually at the top. I got a nice branded bag. There beautiful and once we get in there we get to the uh the fun i’ll go into a bit more detail with that in just a couple of minutes and get a tray where the phone lived. While it was its previous life as a boxed phone, we have a uk plug, because this is a uk device. I’M, not gon na undo that but i’m assuming it’s a very uh standard, low power, usb charger, probably one amp uh. We get sim card and tf card installation instructions, a quick guide to the note 8, a warranty card and instructions of phone charging seem to get the same stuff in these uniform phones. Well, so we got usb cable, so kind of expected this, but it’s the old connector we’ve not got usbc on cheaper phones. You will you will see that to cut manufacturing costs and then we’ve got what looks like a second phone but it’s. Obviously not a second phone got a bit of fun packing that out. We’Ve got uh sim adapters, so i’m, assuming the likelihood is here that it will be a ah, you know, i’m, not sure dual sim full size, maybe we’ll, see when we have a look at the phone vip.

So, ah, yes, uh in case you have an issue of this phone. Please attach this vip card to email us at amazon eulophone.com, you will get the chance of free repair or replacement vip card does not come into force unless you fill the following information and then there’s an email address there, so you get free repairs. Basically, if you email that email address very nice, so we’ve got a spare screen protector. The phone actually comes with one pre installed, it’s a nice to have, and then we’ve got excellent. So we’ve got a bit of a skin for the phone, therefore not needing to buy any accessories, which is handy at this price point. You don’t really want to be shelling out for anything that costs anymore when you buy such a cheap phone. Let’S get this stuff out of the way and we’ll just bring in the box and we’ll. Just have a look see what the box says. So we’ve got water drop screen. So on the front we can see that there’s, a the front facing camera, is cut out. There, in the style of a water drop quite a quite nice, a phone for this price we’ve got um an mt6580 quad core processor, 2 gigabytes of ram 16 gigabytes of rom. Face unlock not expecting to that to be the 3d face, unlock so it’ll be the low security one where you can basically take a picture of yourself and put a picture of yourself in front of the phone and it’ll unlock um, dual rear camera.

Eight. So not eight megapixels, five megapixels and two megapixels, so probably more a quirky thing rather than a functional set of cameras. Can’T imagine it’s going to be too good. Um 5.5 inch fw display, which has a resolution of 960 by 442 pixels, 2 700 milliamp hour battery. Quite a low capacity, but we do expect that on phones at this price uh you just need to charge it a bit more and it comes with android 10 go edition. So let’s take a closer look at the beast. So i’ve got his kind of bar of soap style phone bit like uh, they’re, all very old iphones and so like the iphone 3. That kind of thing, obviously, with a bit more new tech in there it’s a 3g only phone, so it’s, not 4g um, but that’s expected and so we’ll just go around the phone and take a look at the features that we’ve got so on. The bottom. We’Ve got a microphone and we’ve got the usb charging and i’m assuming data as well. Across there down this side, we’ve got volume up down buttons and then we’ve got the unlock and lock button, which is it’s, got like a bit of a texture on it. I don’t know if you can see that in the camera, but it’s easy to find that’s. Quite a nice touch up on the top. We’Ve got oh yeah, the headphone jack and then around the other side. We’Ve got absolutely nothing on the back.

We’Ve got two cameras: five megapixel two megapixel and a flash and we’ve got a speaker on the bottom, which i’m assuming is for media you’ll notice. It attracts fingerprints uh. Admittedly, i haven’t got the case on it, so that doesn’t really help, but it is one of those that does attract the fingerprints front and, back as you can see, i’ve hardly used this and there’s loads on it, but it’s a cheap phone. What do i expect on the front? We’Ve got a pre applied, screen protector, it’s, just a plastic one it’s, not tempered glass or anything, uh, very plasticky, feel to the actual screen, and then we’ve got the uh the front facing camera there, um, which i will go into in a bit more detail later On in the video now you’ll notice, there’s no sim slots around the edge. That is because bit of a bit of an old school design in the bottom corner, here there’s a little place where you can get your nail. If you’ve got some and basically pull the phone apart, which i shall do now it’s fairly easy to get off, he says struggling there we go and we’ve got inside we’ve got the the battery here. Doesn’T look very easily replaceable uh. It looks as though it’s completely attached, uh but i’d. Imagine taking a few of these screws off around the edge you probably get into it, and then we’ve got dual sim slot here, so it’s, dual sim or uh sim and tf card or micro sd card uh.

You will notice, it actually says down here: 3d sound um. I don’t really know what that is. Some sort of marketing gimmick, but we’ll put the uh the back back on and wow. Here we go there’s a display for you, so i’ve just got on fingerprint unlock at the moment. Not fingerprint unlock swipe unlock with no pin, but you can put security on there. A lot of the google apps built in um a lot of the go style of apps are in as well, which are sort of dumbed down versions, just to make the phone a little bit quicker. Just on the screen at the moment, i’m. Just going to show you how much space there is prior to doing any updates and then just now it’s space available when all the apps that are pre installed are installed. So you get quite a lot of space available, which is quite nice on a cheap phone. Like this in terms of pre installed apps, all i’ve done is put three games on here at the moment, so asphalt, 8 i’ve put on so you’ve got google go assistant and so that’s the usual way. You can say the keywords and it will help you out. Um we’ve got calculator, calendar, camera, app, chrome, clock contacts, drive duo, emergency alerts, files, flashlight fm radio, which works when you plug the headphones in sorry about that the screen went off, got gallery. Gmail google go maps messages minecraft, which i’ve installed now notes player movies play store, roblox, which i’ve also installed settings sim toolkit, simple mode, sound recorder, telephone youtube and youtube music.

Now most of those apps you’ll be very familiar with, as they are pretty standard on most google, or rather android phones. So i’ll just show you simple mode um. So what this does is it just makes the phone really quite straightforward, and it just gives you large buttons uh, which you can customize in order to use the phone to get out of it. You just go into settings and exit simple mode and you’re back to where you were before all the other apps i’m, not going to show you because there’s not really much point because they’re just your usual google apps. So, just take a look at some pictures that i am taking with the camera and also some videos let’s bring them on screen now and i’ll. Explain more i’m just recording this on the front facing camera. So this is the highest quality. I can get the video at all i’m, not sure what the sound quality is like, but i’m sure you can be the judge of that, while you’re listening to it here, i’m, just going to flip around and record a similar video on the rear facing cameras. It’S, a video recorded with the rear facing cameras and again sound quality, is what you hear: i’ve, not adjusted this footage or anything i’ll just record a video of some objects being panned around see how that looks. So this is a luminous orange nerf bullet. I thought i’d pick something that’s quite vibrant, see how it looks um.

So again, if you just let me know in the comments what you think i personally dislike the quality of this it’s, not really bringing out the colors properly and it’s very jerky same again with the nerf bullet, but i’ve taken a picture with a front facing camera. Here, it’s not too bad, actually um for for a phone at this price point it’s good enough, and but i wouldn’t, i wouldn’t use it to take any memorable snaps of your holidays or anything and there’s. A very moody. Looking uh selfie of me with the front facing camera and so i’m in quite a good light here, so it brings out some of the detail on my face, but it is a bit too soft um. In my opinion, the front facing camera is actually only two megapixels, which is very disappointing. Taking a look at youtube playback, so the maximum resolution you can actually play back at is 480p kind audience members asked me to get ahold of this audio is not bad. This is a box you can hear it picture. Quality is well it’s, 480p, so it’s, reasonable gaming, wise we’ll, give asphalt 8 to go. We are just going to try the the tutorial stage or the the mini game, and so bizarrely, this feels quite playable. You won’t be able to run asphalt, 9 um because you won’t have enough ram um, i think ram, or maybe the gpu that’s not quite up to it.

But this is actually very playable. I mean it’s a very old game now, but if you want a 3d racer, it’s uh it’s, pretty good fun, the game i’m often asked about um, mainly by parents, is, will it run roblox so run it? Yes? Is it playable um? Well, i would pretty much say: no, this is not playable um, the processor. Just cannot you just can’t handle this not not effectively, i mean it runs, but you’re gon na get a very, very frustrated, youngster uh, trying to trying to play this after about a 10 minute way. I’M still stuck on this screen, minecraft, so minecraft definitely doesn’t run well. What can i say about this phone um? It is the lowest common denominator for new android phones. To be honest with you that’s, not necessarily a bad thing. I mean it is very low cost and you do get some nice ish features for the money, but just don’t expect to be playing loads of games on it and i probably just use it as a phone and maybe if you’ve got kids and you want a Phone that you don’t mind obliterating uh. They can use it to watch youtube videos on uh but other than that it’s uh yeah. It promised so much with the dual cameras uh that kind of thing, but a bit disappointing from uniform, normally their their stuff’s. Pretty good got some of their other phones viewed on the channel, but this is a lot cheaper than the others.

So can’t really complain anyway, that’s it for this video. Thank you for watching, and please do support me this year in 2021, by subscribing liking. Commenting the usual stuff and i’ll see you in the next video.