This is what umidigi is calling their just ultimate device. This is the umi digi bison. It has an ip rating of 68 and 69k six gigs of ram 120 gigs of storage, 48 megapixel quad setup on the back and a 24 megapixel front camera uh. It is a 1080p 6.3 inch display, according gorilla glass, doesn’t, say which one, but it doesn’t really matter. Nfc and google pay with stock android 10. uh man. This is going to be pretty interesting. 5 000 milliamp hour battery side with an 18 watt fast charger. It’S supposed to be fairly thin, we’ll see about that, but i i i like this design of this, the phone so of this. The phone. The phone itself is military standard grade of uh, 810 g, so let’s crack it open here before i do so. I’Ll show you the specs on the back. Once again, this should be an all around phone that you should be able to use for quite some time now t mobile owners, you will. You will rejoice because it has man 66 in here as well, and that is important for coverage. So it does have one two, three, four: five: seven, eight twelve, thirteen, seventeen eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty six, twenty eight and sixty six. So that should be pretty good. Five thousand milliamp hour battery once again, and this phone has the helio p60. Now the helio p60 is no slouch folks. This is a great processor and you should not sleep on it.

Yumi digi has been doing their thing. Let’S make sure they do it with this. One, and already i like this one, so nothing in the top of this box, because this is a rugged device and uh wow. It is fairly thick um, but let’s uh let’s peel this off. Here i like how grippy it is man. This is a grippy grippy phone, oh yeah. I can already tell you this feels really good. I can’t wait to get my sim card in here, so the phantom reader is awkwardly placed on the left side of the device for some reason, that’s an ai button. And then you have you sim your sim and sd card slots over here and then you have your power and volume and then a camera button because they have it so that you can use this underwater and just use it. How you want to use it now. All those specs i was reading off here’s another closer look at it right here. Let’S go ahead and peel this off and it does have a screen protector built in i kind of lifted it a little bit right there. But this is a good sized device. So let’s hit that power button in and i’ll show you what else is in the box: it’s weird that they have a screen protector on on this device uh when it’s a water resistant or has all these ip ratings. I think that’s pretty strange, but just the the device itself – oh headphone jack, the device itself has um built in the bumper corners on it, it’s just going to be super rugged.

So this is the manual let’s hit that matrix let’s read it real, quick one. Two three i’ll load it up now and you get your your fast charger in the box here, pretty good size, brick and the red signature, yumi, digi, cable, uh, some would say that is reg signature from oneplus. Okay, you have an orange right here. Little highlights and stuff like that, bison on the back uh you’ve got the camera set up back there and i’m going to go ahead and set this up real, quick here, stock android i’m going to put my sim card in here like asap, but first i have To finish this video, so let me finish: getting this set up and we’ll take a closer look here at this device. All right folks, welcome back to this part of video man. It’S been probably a couple hours since i even um started the first part of the video, but the phone is super dope, so uh i’ve, already kind of figured out some things that i like and dislike already just from the hardware itself. And the first thing is this: this button right here that assist button, ah not really feeling that i keep accidentally hitting it and then also this camera button i keep accidentally hitting it, but other than that uh pretty dope, and even after i i hit i disabled. The button it still seems to um when i press it. It goes to the zell thing right here: that’s a that’s, a huge flaw, because i don’t want to use that button and i keep hitting it by accident.

It keeps opening up that app so um. I figured out a way to disable that completely, but around the hardware, man you’ve got real faint designed by yumi digi right here on the device really really dope rugged buttons. They have all have grip. This is just like a a phone, or you know case, built onto it. That’S all through rugged phones are so this phone can get wet slammed around everything and it’s gon na it’s gon na work for you, so the camera set up on the back. The cameras is actually pretty clean man, um that’s gon na annoy the crap out of me for real, so i’m gon na have to disable the fingerprint reader and figure out how i can disable this button right here super annoying already, but this is this – is such A clean design – man i’ve, had rugged phones before, but this bison is actually pretty dope. For some reason, it feels really good there’s lots of grip and that’s what this phone is about, it’s about being able to take a beating and keep ticking. So the fact that it’s type c that’s real dope as well uh it’s got a fingerprint reader. It’S got facial recognition. Now the hardware obviously is going to be really good, i’m sure they tested this, and so you could beat it up real hard. Now, software, i got it all set up with my apps on here. Still installing a few apps there was a software update.

Just a whole bunch of stuff has happened since that first part of the video again. This is probably a couple hours later i mean i cut the grass. I just was doing other stuff too, and this phone is actually dope. You can drop it in the mud. You can do whatever it’s just wipe it off, rinse it off and it’s back at it again. So software wise one thing i don’t like about the rip is i can’t put five across no matter what i’ve tried. I tried to go into the home screen. Also, the first thing i recommend you do is when you get this phone long press go to home, screen or homescreen settings and change it to default, because if you have it on the other version, it’s gon na have all the applications on the screen and you Don’T really get that full. You don’t get app drawer for one. You don’t get that full. You know. Um, google feel because it’s a stock android with a light skin on top of it. So keep that in mind. The helio p60 is a fast fast phone man. Uh, the processor i mean it, it flies through here and it’s, just an all around good. Look. I really like how fast this is. I have the yumi digi a9 pro if you haven’t seen that video make sure you check that out too uh, but man this this phone flies man, it’s, really fast, it’s, very fluid uh everything seems to open up good.

I i was able to sign into everything i just haven’t had any issues with it. So far, uh no heating, no nothing just everything is just working just like any other device. That’S a tight photo right there that grant took with the pixel 4 a5g pixel squad. If you haven’t, updated your pixels yet pixel 4a pixel 5 pixel, 4 85 g update um. The software update is out yeah, so um software. Knowing this thing is actually really good. It’S fast, it’s fluid uh, no problems with it. We’Ll get into the settings in a minute, but wallpapers it’s, like it’s like three wallpapers on here: that’s it that’s all you get right there that’s it that’s the wallpapers. I thought that was pretty strange. I was like it’s just three wallpapers on this thing, so let’s go into settings. Real quick he’s got fast and fluid. This software is so same thing like the the a9 pro it’s, the exact same setup. You got your network, your nfc, your bluetooth, because this phone does have nfc. Google pay. You got your recent apps and your defaults, your smart key. I went in and disabled um. Okay, wait! You know what let me see. Yes, okay, so i disabled the this key right here is the smart key um, but this key over here i don’t, want it to come on at all and it keeps coming on and i got to figure out a way to get that to turn off yeah.

I got one thing i could do is probably just disable gazelle disable the zell thing and it won’t come on, but i wanted to find out how to disable that and i’ll figure that out later but um. The smart key is actually over here. My bad that’s. Over here and this key right here, it was launching the camera and all this other stuff, and i just wasn’t feeling it so um. You got your smart assistants, you can see your navigation, adjusters and everything got glove mode. You can activate that. You wear your gloves. You can still use this phone because this is a rugged phone, so you know you need to be able to use it outside that’s important, so three finger function, gestures and everything i already turned on gestures. I turned off the buttons and everything you got. Your display. 98 brightness is where it’s at right. Now i got everything set up the way i want it set up, lift to wake. You know, auto rotate it’s got the night light and everything like that adaptive brightness the dark theme. As you can see, i turned that on asap. You know and um check the volume on here. I want to show you the volume very loud, very loud, it’s, a loud phone to have just that single speaker on it. It’S really good, and then they have this advanced sound. You can boost the loudness of the speaker and that’s. Why it’s, probably as loud as it is so storage is 128 gigs and with all of my applications on here i still have 115 gigs left looks like 112 left.

I got 112 left and then you got your location screen, lock and fingerprint again. That’S kind of strange uh: you can see my security patch right there it’s on september 5th uh it’s kind of strange that the fingerprint is over here, but i will say, the fingerprint reader works every time, it’s it’s good. I like it. I like it and then the rest of this is just you know, here’s your face like down here by itself and digital, well, being all those the normal things that and the umidigi has this duraspeed thing right here, like i said, i turned that on you know. Even though you know i’m saying uh, you know you know, the duraspeed is uses all the networks at once. If you can get you the best speed yeah, so there you have it man um. I got to figure out how to disable this button right here, because it’s super annoying uh and then the sim tray it yanks. It pulls out it’s kind of flimsy on the top right there, but you get a sd card slot and you get a single tray right there, a single sim card so i’m going to go ahead and put my sim card in real, quick. Take it out of my z, fold 2. let’s pop it in, and the sim tray um it’s just got a little grab a pull tab right. There it’s got a little pull tab, so we’ll pop our sim card in here like this so i’m gon na, have to i’m gon na have to do it like this, make sure i get it to stay in there we go now.

You’Ll see network there’s the network, you see, i got 4g up there. This is my atm t sim card. This does have band 66 so for those that are on t mobile you’ll be happy to know that you got band 66 and you should get some pretty decent uh coverage with this device yeah same as the other human digital device. 10 20 is probably the max it’ll get all right. Bison uh drop tests from about five and a half feet. Let’S go looks like the spring, is still good. Let’S go from way up about six feet. This is six feet all right. This is here screen’s still working and those are on the corner. Let’S go like this screen’s, not cracked. Let me crank the brightness up Music. This is direct sunlight right here, so let’s go face down on the screen. That was about five feet: no cracks a little dirty, but nothing that’s good let’s, try even higher and i’m gon na go. This is about six feet, face down, uh, no cracks. No, nothing! Still working uh let’s go insane like i’m gon na do about 10 feet. So i’ll just leave it down here, so you can see i’m going up, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait and then we’ll drop it face down 10 feet had to crack that time. Nope screen protector is a little dented up, so i think we’re scratched up right there, but the screen didn’t crack and it’s a little scratched up up there, but the screen didn’t crack.

Okay, all right, bison, we’re gon na go at an angle. Since most people drop their phones like this – and this this is where the screen shatters i’m gon na try to get it right on that corner. So i can break the screen. It’S about six feet definitely hit right. There screen’s still functional well let’s. Get this thing wet. Definitely can take a beating all right, long, press, smart key to switch the camera click, the smart key record or take photos, okay, so well. It definitely is a phone that can get wet and it can take photos. Underwater um definitely works with that. I haven’t can’t figure out how to switch to video for some reason. Won’T take videos underwater but it’s. Definitely taking these photos that’s for sure, yeah it’s, taking the photos because there i am holding the ipad. Oh man, let’s get back to it all right after getting wet and banged up a little bit getting wet. Actually, it kind of muffles to speak a little bit but i’m sure once it dries out, it’ll be fine. Anyway, there it is it’s, your man, j, hope you guys enjoyed uh and i’ll, see you guys in the next video.