So if you follow my channel, you have seen that i’ve uploaded a video last week on the zap e, which is actually based off the amazing gts2. So these guys here they are very similar, but in today’s video we’re, focusing on the zap z that is based off the amazefit gtr 2.. So in this video i’ll be sharing with you guys all about the differences between both devices right here, as well as what that massive price premium gets you. But before i start all that, i just want to say thank you to dasher for once again providing me with all these toys for me to play with, so that i can share my experience with you guys all right, if you’re in malaysia or singapore and you’re. Looking for an amazing device to buy don’t forget to check out the links in description below all right now, let’s jump into the video itself, so i’ve already unboxed the zap z right here and you can see again. Let me show you guys what came in the box. We do have this super long box here once more everything feels hot and rock solid. It is a premium device here and once you unbox it, obviously you get the watch itself, which is sitting right here and beneath that you get your charger which i have already removed and, of course, a set of manuals, so the entire unboxing experience is definitely a Pretty premium one compared to the standard affair you get with the amazfit smart watches, but let me put these boxes aside for now and show you the charger that came in the box all right so on standard amazing smartwatches! You do get this a simple kind of charger right here, but seeing that this is a premium device, you get a puck here for the charger for the zap z, so how this works is.

Basically, you put this on top of the puck right here and it will start charging uh. One thing i don’t really like about this pump is that it doesn’t feel very magnetic. It is very wobbly. So, as you can see right here, it doesn’t stick on very well, and sometimes it just doesn’t charge so just a slight complaint here about that little part right there, okay, so we’re not going to focus on the charger, because we’re going to be focusing on this Zap z, right here and just to let you guys know the pricing difference is a huge one, because the gtr 2 is actually sold in malaysia for about 550 ringgit, and that is about 130 us dollars. But this guy right here is about 350 us dollars. So it’s a huge premium compared to the gtr2 almost three times the price. So before i start off, uh telling you guys what’s different between both devices we’re going to take a very close look at the zap z, so, first and foremost, you’ll notice. That, of course, the phase and build materials are different over here we actually have a titanium body according to zap all right guys. So if you take a look at the side here, notice that we have three buttons on the zap z uh, this is a first for this kind of watch, because even on the previous maze fit gtr2, we only had two buttons on the side, but on the Zap z, we have three.

That means more quicker controls for you to press around on the watch itself, so the top button here is actually a touch touch button. Actually so, for instance, when i just long press it, you will take me to the heart rate tracker right here and you can definitely customize this shortcut key to go into a different health tracking app such as your stress, tracking or your spo2. So let me show you once more: all i need to do is make sure the screen is lighted up and long press. The long touch this top button here to get into this particular shortcut, so very nice way of making it happen because you don’t want to touch it by accident. You have to long press to actually activate the heart rate, monitoring right there, all right so second button. We have here is the middle button and again this is a very cool button here, because this time it is like a scrolling key where you can actually rotate the crown here to go through the menus here. So the one thing that i like about this particular function here is that, and whenever you rotate this key, you do feel a little bit of haptic feedback here. So, to give the overall experience the rotating experience, if you may feels a bit more intuitive and definitely it’s quite kind of cool, i mean usually i’m used to this swiping along like this, because it’s just so much faster but let’s say your hands are dirty or You’Re wearing gloves or whatever, and you just want to rotate it – you have the option to do that on this button right here, all right.

The last button that we have here is this bottom shortcut key, which functions very similar to the bottom key on the main speed gtr. Basically, this is just one more shortcut key. Then you can hit it to go quickly into your shortcut that you have programmed it too. So for the zap z right here, i have it programmed to go into the activities mode right away. So all i need to do is hit that button press it and it will jump into my list of activities. So those are the three buttons that you get on the zap z, smart, smartwatch right here and i think, it’s. A pretty good combination of quick ss keys, all right so moving the device uh from top to bottom. Let me just show you very quickly. We do have leather straps here once more, very similar to the one on the um. Sorry that’s the gts2 very similar to the one on the zap e, but notice that the zap e actually comes in this a very thin ladder, which is a bit different, whereas the zap z comes in a more thicker leather width, with some kind of thread going Down the sides of the strap, so i would say it’s pretty interesting, uh the build quality feels nice. I did submerge this watch in water and i noticed that the uh it it absorbs a bit of water here. So, even when i press it a little bit, some water comes out i’m, not sure if there’s going to be an issue for you, but overall it’s, pretty alright.

For me all right. So if you flip the device to the back you’ll notice that you have this very nice looking thing at the back here, battery cap or whatever you want to call it compared to the standard gt r2, which is like totally plastic. So you have this very nice smooth feeling kind of piano black back at the back, which is very nice. The straps are actually uh similar. You have the similar size. You have these little tabs at the back here that you can use to unlock or unlatch when you want to swap the straps out all right so putting both the zap z and the gtr to side by side. You cannotice the the massive difference in the design. Obviously, everything here is just very slim on the gt r2, whereas it is a bit more manly if you may, on the zap z, all right so uh. One thing i want to show you guys is the watch phases that we have on the zap z right here so uh, seeing that this is a premium watch, we do have some very premium. Looking watch faces here like this one, that i’m using at the moment. So notice that this is actually the always on display and yep, it does light up right there. So let me show you guys once more, the always on display let’s see if it goes off there. You go all right. So when the screen goes up, it shows off a lot of information here on the watch itself, and i absolutely love this, so this is just one of the many a premium looking watch face, that is on the amazefit z.

So let me just show you guys a couple more because it does look pretty good. We also have this. I don’t remember seeing this on the amazefit gtr 2.. This looks pretty good as well. Let me just find if i have another one. Okay, this looks pretty cool as well. I think i downloaded this yesterday yeah, so this is one of the other ones. Are this so called again premium looking watch face that is available on the zap z and it does look pretty good, especially with it’s uh, always on display, looking like that, all right, so let’s talk a little bit about this zap z, so it works very similar To the amazing gtr 2., if you hit the button here, you just go into the main menu of applications which, like i said just now, you can glide through. So let me show you guys what kind of apps is already uh available in the watch itself. You have your standard pie, your heart rate, your workout, which supports 12 workouts. By the way you have your standard, running, walking cycling. Of course it supports your pool swimming as well and a couple more items here on the zap z. But if you go back, let’s see what else we have here, your activities. It also tracks your stress, your spo2 uh, your music controls and your alarms and yeah those basic stuff that you would get on the amazefit, so what’s actually missing on this zap z.

Right here is uh one core feature, and that is that this watch right here uh does not come with a built in storage of four gigabytes like the gt r2, so that’s one thing, that’s missing here. You can’t store your music in the watch itself like how you could store it on the gt r2, so that is a kind of a bummer because you’re missing something while you’re paying three times the price all right. So, having said that, this watch is still a very nice watch to own, because it feels really good and again. Zap is really positioning. This watch at the premium side of things i could see this being compared to the galaxy watches, but the galaxy note watches actually allows you to respond to messages, whereas this guy does not okay, one cool function we have here, however, is alexa support, so very similar To the gtr 2 right there, this actually supports alexa, so that’s actually good. If you have an alexa account or something like that. Apart from that, it also comes with a built in gps. So luckily, that’s still here in this watch, unlike the zap e right here, which is missing the gps built in so at least the zap z. Here still comes with that built in gps to help you, if you want to bring your smart watch out without bringing your smartphone to track your runs and all that so that’s still available on the zap z, alright, so putting both devices side by side once more.

What do you guys think do you prefer the amazing gt r2 with its slimmer profile, or would you prefer something like the zap z here with this leather straps, the titanium build, and this overall look which do you guys prefer the gtr 2 or the zap z Of course, please consider the fact that these are both very different pricing items, but if they were the same price, which would you take apart from that, i think that’s pretty much it for this video guys uh. This is how it looks like. Let me show you very quickly how it looks like on my wrist. So let me just remove this amazefit t rex right here thumbs up to anyone who’s still rocking the amazefit t rex, which is a pretty stellar watch right there. So yep. Let me just put this in very quickly and show you guys how it looks like all right i’m, not treating the straps very well here. So please forgive me for that, but yeah. This is how it looks like on my wrist. I would say it looks pretty good, definitely looks very bulky here, but it’s actually very lightweight, so you don’t feel any heft on your wrist itself. I kind of like the look of this guy right here, but i also love the look of the totally blacked out amazefit gtr2, so not really sure which to choose. Let me know what you guys think and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below.