Videos, number 5, iphone 12 mini now. Is this a particularly noteworthy design choice in and of itself? No, not really apple has made smaller phones in the past, but those days were over or so many apple fans thought up until recently. If you were an iphone user and wanted a smaller phone, you had to buy an older model, the closest, probably being an iphone 5s. But now, with the release of the new iphone 12 mini apple fans can enjoy many of the same flagship features of the iphone 12 in a smaller body. The 12 mini has the same processor, same cameras and sports magsafe, just like the iphone 12, all while being about 19, smaller and 100 cheaper. Now it does come at a slight hit to battery life, but overall this is great news for people who think phone sizes are getting too big. The iphone 12 mini was released in november and goes for 699 dollars number four xiaomi mix, alpha we’ve heard about folding phones, but how about a folded phone while it does look like xiaomi’s mix, alpha has been cancelled. It still was an interesting design concept and something we haven’t seen before the mix alpha is notable for its wraparound screen that extends from the front of the phone to the back, covering nearly all of the phone’s exterior safe for the camera bump. Aside from looking really futuristic, the phone screen also provided the user with some unique features like a side display with virtual buttons and the ability to use the 108 megapixel rear camera to take selfies.

The mix alpha was originally planned to ship in december 2020, but reports say that the phone has been delayed indefinitely, maybe that’s for the best. While the phone certainly does look cool there. Doesn’T seem to be enough. Compelling features for wraparound display to justify 2 800 price tag: Music number 3, samsung galaxy z flip in what is probably the second most surprising twist of the year 2020 ushers in the return of the flip phone. The galaxy z flip is samsung’s, second, take on the foldable smartphone after the release of their galaxy z fold in 2019.. Unlike the fold which has a plastic display, the flip is notable for being the first folding phone with a glass screen which is important, as folding phones are often knocked for. Their lack of durability. It’S also one of the first folding phones to feature a clamshell design with this design. Not only can the phone fold down smaller, but also allows for a split screen, functionality called flex mode which smartly separates apps across the two screens, which could lead to richer app experiences. The galaxy z flip was released in february and goes for 1299 Music number. Two microsoft surface duo: after exiting the smartphone game nearly three years ago, microsoft is back with a new smartphone, the surface duo, while other companies work to develop folding phones, microsoft has instead released a dual screen phone with many of the same features while opinions about the Phone’S design are mixed being a child of the nintendo ds generation myself.

I really like the design compared to folding phones like the samsung galaxy z fold, which function as phones that unfold into tablets. The surface duo is more like a phone that unfolds to reveal a second phone it’s, a sleek two screen smartphone built with multitasking at its core. The phone can run different apps on the two screens and be configured in different poses with 360 degree hinge and because it doesn’t need a gap between the screens. The duo is much thinner than competing. Folding phones, the surface duo, released in september for 13.99 number one lg wing. The lg wing is a crazy looking phone, but it has earned our number one spot on our list for one admittedly selfish reason. For decades, we’ve been watching videos in landscape, but then smartphones came out and we’re all too lazy to rotate our phone. So now we’re stuck watching videos like this yeah. Well, maybe the lg wing can solve this problem. The lg wing is a dual screen smartphone, where the front screen flips sideways, to reveal a second smaller screen. Users can use the two screens in unity for multitasking playing games or to use your phone as a gimbal. My favorite use of the lg wing is the ability for one to hold the phone normally but still watch videos in landscape. Who knows the wing becomes popular enough. Maybe we’ll see the end of vertical video. The lg wing was released in october and goes for 999 dollars, so that was our top five most interesting smartphone designs of 2020.

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