This is your first time checking us out leave a comment below and let us know what you think. We really appreciate the support today, we’re going to be taking a look at and unboxing another five dollar phone holder we found at walmart today. This one is called the flexi mount let’s, take a look at it all right, so here we are with the flexi mount clip on smartphone grip. It is able to reach up to 24 inches, has an adjustable neck for stable hands. Free use clip on grip, durable design and universal used with all smartphones, so it is android and iphone friendly. Take a look at the rest of the package here you see on the back here. It has a gentleman sitting in front of a countertop or a desk or table with clipped on the side here and stretched out there and it says, attaches to tables, desks, counters and more flexibility is the perfect solution for media viewing and recording on your smartphone. The flexible neck has a secure base that clips onto the table sides and more allowing for easy positioning of your device at the best angles and heights, so you’re able to make any angle possible it’s from 2019, all right so let’s open it take a look, looks Like i ripped it, there set the empty box to the side there. Okay, all right, so there will be a slight installation required. All you do is just unscrew.

This part. This part out here looks like it comes with some advertisement there for a pop socket, slash makeup item there all right, so you just slide that over there you’ll take this and snap it on and then just screw that back on there and, however tight you make This is how easy it is to pivot that joint there, all right so very wide clip. There looks like that might even fit not only your smartphone, but some of your your tablets as well and as you can see, i mean there’s, hardly any given that so yeah that’s gon na be really sturdy, as you can see it barely any bounce in that. So that’s awesome, then you just clip on with these little felt covers or phone covers here onto your desk like so, and your device would hang there. These have the little grips inside those as well to make them non slip. I mean for five dollars at walmart. I mean this is going to be amazing. I mean probably be able to use this, not only in the office area or in the privacy of your home. You might even be able to clip it into a car for hands free for your children in the back seat or even if you want to have it equipped on a visor or something like that for a passenger to be able to use their device. Even if you’re using it for gps or something like that, so this would have all kinds of good uses, so that’s awesome there.

So let’s take a look at this advertisement here. All right, so let’s take a closer look at this advertisement that came in the package. There it says new, nokies or nookies n. U c, k e e s, lip grip, it’s, a phone grip stand and lip balm, so it’s a lip balm and a mirror and a phone grip. So it’s kind of like a pop socket with the lip balm and the mirror included now this is not any type of paid advertisement i’m, not sponsored by this company in any way. But here is a twenty percent off promo code: lucky l! U c, k y! All lower case, you said you can go to and check that out and on the other side, this one is the nokies aroma. So this is a foam gripper stand and an essential oil diffuser. It says texting, never smelled so zen. So this side, you can put your essential oil on there and have the good aroma there or you could elect to have the lip balm and mirror so all right. So thanks again guys for checking out the video i hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment below and make sure you hit the notifications.