Okay, so i need to open this, and here you go, you guys can see it. That is the series number six and there you guys can see so and you guys can see. This is the series six look at that there you go guys. So pretty this is the charger. This is the charger you guys can see there you go, and this is the what’s itself consist it’s a silver oops. It should slide out like that. You guys can see it it’s a silver there. You go guys and then the bracelet right here, it’s white and have two sides you guys can see it have two sides of the wristband. I have white, you guys can see it. I have two two sides of the wristband, so either one i can use either. One either this one or that one, so i can change it at any time when i want to use them. So there you go. This is the charger, and this is the watch itself, as i said, is a silver and it’s pretty it’s. Really pretty you guys. Can see it you see it see, so i will show you later how it works. So again i have two wristbands in here: the small one and the large you guys can see. Okay, so i will download it and we’ll see how it works. Okay, guys, you guys can see it. This is the charger when i need to charge. I will put this thing in there.

You guys can see that there you go that’s, the one that you need to charge in there like that. You see that is magnetized. So i need to put the wristband so we’ll see okay, so i’m, going to use the large one. I will use the large one. So how to put is this way yes slide in there see there. You go guys just slide like that, and then this one is same, just sliding it there you go guys, you guys can see it okay, so i will take that out in there and then i will put it in this is the sports there you go here. You go guys, you see it. That is really pretty so this is. This is the large one that i use the wristband, and this is the small one if i don’t want to use this, i can just put this one here. Okay, so we’ll see you again. Here is the direction how to put the wristband. You guys can see it. That is the wristband. You just slide that’s. What i did just now see one and then there you go two and then right there’s the number three and then this is the way how to charge. So you guys can see it there. You go. Okay, guys, you guys can see it’s already fully charged. My watch so i will show you guys, can see there. You go and just press the button. That’S all the features you guys can see that have so many and i’m going to include the features so that you guys know what is the best thing for this uh, what series six! So this is the best thing guys.

What i like about this watch guys is: when you have a phone call, you can see right there and then, if you don’t, want to uh answer the phone or in your uh, i watch you don’t need to turn it off. Okay. This is only what you need to do if you have people calling you just put your hands like this, and it automatically going to be silent and that’s. The good thing to this what’s that’s, the very surprising for this watch that really i like about it. So that’s, why i’m glad that my husband gave this for me? You guys can see it, so you need to press the password in there to get in here. You go guys. You can see it just put up like this. You can make a phone call activities and work out music. All apps you guys can see, have so many right there. This is what i am so excited about this i watch you can see, have everything i have the my youtube right here. It will tell me when have somebody’s new like have a premiere or whatsoever as long as i am notified to my subscriber – and i know that i am as you guys can see, i have messenger and i have mail, i have calculator name it all so that’s. The exciting about this what’s so guys i’m, going to include that all the features so that you guys can see it.