Now this is a nice budget. Smartphone gimbal, coming in at about 79 it’s a great option if you’re gon na be doing any video with your smartphone and you’re looking for a way to be able to keep things steady, but also have some cool features to go along with that. This is a great budget option for you, so let’s get into it. Let’S check out what’s in the box here, as you can see, the box is nice and small, and very compact and we’ll talk about the reason why here in a second as we get into it here, the first thing that we have here it looks like the Charger cable: next we have a connection cable to be able to connect the gimbal to your phone through the headphone jack and lastly, we have the moza pouch to be able to store this gimbal once you got it out and about now getting to the gimbal itself And one of the cool things that you’ll notice is that it’s actually a foldable gimbal, which explains why the box is very compact. As we talked about earlier, this gimbal is able to fold down and compact making it a lot easier to be carried around and used wherever you need it. The first time i took this out of the box, i had a very hard time trying to open it up. I couldn’t figure out how to be able to get it from that folded position to the opened up position where you can actually use it.

I was able to find the switch and actually figured out that you just got to pull the switch and then twist it it’s a simple mechanism, but the first time you get your hands on it. Obviously i don’t read the instructions i just kind of dig in, but the first time you get your hands on it. It gets a little bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing the ability for this to be able to fold up and fold in is very handy. It saves a lot of space in your bag and allows you to be able to carry this wherever you need to go now that we’ve got it out of the box. Let’S go ahead and take a look at some of the physical features. We’Ll start off on the back here where we have the trigger and the trigger can be used to be able to reset the gimbal to its starting in level position. You can just double tap back here and that will allow it to be reset once it’s on the next thing. We’Ll look at on the side here is the zoom feature for the gimbal. You can press the t part to be able to zoom towards your target and then the w part to kind of zoom wide and pull away from the target on the front here. We’Ve got the joystick that feels really good to the touch. It’S really easy to move around and adjust and then on the bottom here below it.

We have the different button functions that you can do everything from switch modes to take the take a selfie or do other things with the camera. Moving on at the bottom here, we’ve got the power gauge and this lights up blue when the gimbal is turned on, but it’s a little bit hard to see when you’re outside in, like brighter sunlight or brighter lighted area. So that’s kind of the only downside of it, but just pretty simple, pretty basic and you know, does the trick now. Looking on the side here, we’ve got the red power button and then we’ve got the charging port right below that as well. Now, once you’ve got the gimbal all set up and you’re ready to use it it’s pretty simple to be able to get it into action. The first thing you want to do is obviously set up your phone onto the gimbal and attaching your phone to the gimbal that hook that grabs it that claw that grabs it right. There is a little bit hard at first it’s, very tight, so it’s a little bit hard to pull up. So you got to put a little bit of effort to it, but once you get it on there, it holds your phone very tightly. You don’t have to worry about this thing: drop it off of the clip it’s going to hold it nice and in place, and once you put that on there power on the gimbal, the gimbal is really cool because it auto balances as soon as you turn it.

On so you don’t have to worry about leveling it out yourself and getting it balanced once you power it on you’re good to go in terms of using the gimbal. Now the gimbal comes with its own app, the moza genie app, which works really well. When you partner it up with this gimbal, once you have the app downloaded and your gimbal powered on, you can actually locate your gimbal and connect it via bluetooth through the app that’s. A really cool feature, it’s very easy to do, and you don’t have to deal with cables and wires to actually get your phone connected. Then the app there’s several different things that you can do you can play with the calibration of the gimbal. You can adjust some different camera settings through there as well. You can adjust the frame rate and resolution of the video that you’re recording. You can select some different app functions: everything from video to photo or even do time lapses, which is honestly one of my favorite functionalities with this gimbal it does a quick and easy job of being able to get some time lapses if your phone can record 4k That also makes it a nicer and crisper footage. A couple key features that actually make this gimbal stand out from the rest of them, the first one we actually already talked about and that’s the ability for it to be foldable. You can actually fold up this gimbal as we talked about it.

It makes it very compact and that’s super nice it’s, very space saving and it’s very unique. I honestly haven’t seen a ton of other gimbals within this budget range that are able to do that. So it’s kind of a cool feature to have. I know some of the other pricier gimbals can do it too, but this is cool for 79 dollars to be able to get that, and the other key feature that comes with this gimbal is actually the ability for it to be able to extend. Now this gimbal, you can actually pull it up, pull it up, not a part. You can actually pull it up and it’ll be able to extend. So you can get kind of a higher point of view or a higher vantage point and it’s really neat it’s, actually not something that i thought about when it came to a gimbal that wasn’t. The first thing i would ever think about. I would think about it. For a selfie stick that’s about it, but not for a gimbal, but it actually comes in very handy if you’re shorter or you know. If you just want to get a different perspective, you can stretch it out and get that higher angle or, if you’re doing selfies or anything like that, it just makes it a little bit easier to do so. That’S, a cool key feature that i think adds some more value to this gimbal because it’s, not something you think about every day, but it also comes in handy in some moments where you just you just need some higher level footage.

Now, when it comes to video, smoothness i’ve actually recorded a couple different clips here and i’m going to show those to you. These are clips of panning, with the gimbal from left to right, walking and panning, and then there’s another clip on there of running so check them out and get an idea of how this gimbal actually works with live Music footage Music. So, overall, my experience with this gimbal has been fantastic. I don’t use gimbals a lot, especially not smartphone gimbals, but this is really got me considering incorporating it into my footage and into my videos a lot more um it’s, very simple, to use it’s easy for somebody. Who’S not familiar with gimbals to be able to grab it and you know get going. The only hard part, i would say is just that initial setup. Getting it unlocked and get it and open it up, opened up that’s, probably the hardest part of it all. But once you’ve got that set up you’re pretty much good to go, so the ease of use is fantastic, the buttons and everything that comes with it aren’t overly complicated. I mean i was able to figure it out within maybe five or ten minutes of actually playing around with it. So it’s perfectly awesome not very complicated for someone who’s newer to gimbals and the app is great it’s, absolutely fantastic. I love all the options that come with it. I haven’t explored every single option yet, but so far what i’ve played with has been really good and really easy to use.

I highly recommend it, but if you want to find out how it stacks up against a couple, other budget gimbals be sure to check out the ultimate gimbal comparison. Where we’re going to have this stacked up against two other budget gimbals and see which one is truly worth your money so be sure to check that out on the channel and have all the information before you make your gimbal decision. So thanks for joining me guys, hopefully you enjoyed this review. I hope it was helpful to you, at least in terms of understanding what this gimbal has to offer and if you did be sure to like this video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t and be on the lookout for that ultimate gimbal review coming up here.