Very good, really good products. The 85 ts are no different. Let’S just get right into it. A lot to cover here with these earbuds in the box, we do get some oval silicone tips. These are supposed to be a little more comfortable for you for people that do have problems with in ear tips in your ears, usb type c to charge, and then we do get the charging case here. Let’S, look at the packaging really quick on the back of the box. You can see now. This is a different box than previous versions, a lot smaller of a box. We do have adjustable a and a and c and hear through battery life. Five and a half hours and 25, with the case now granted that is with anc on so, if you are not using anc, your battery life will be around seven hours. 12 millimeter drivers on here for great sound and good bass, fast charging chi wireless charging case. Six mics with wind protection, so you should get some crystal clear call, quality and an ipx4 rating for sweat and water resistance. Definitely not waterproof! So just keep that in mind, and this does have app support as well. So let’s get right into it. There’S a lot to cover inside of the app let’s, take a look at the actual buds here and the case jabra the branding here on the front on the back. We do get the usb type c port to charge and really good magnets in here.

They are not going anywhere they’re not coming out of here at all price on these guys again around 223, and we do get the actual buds here. You can take a look at the actual buds now, on top of these buds, you see their branding. That is also a multi function button. It is a physical button that do control all of your controls, a physical button, but it works really good, very sensitive. You don’t have to push too hard into your ear to get anything to work. It works really well. So let’s throw them in the air and we’re going to connect them we’re, going to go through the app i’m going to show you the app support and then we’ll talk about the sound quality. We’Ll do a mic test. All of the good stuff let’s go so fit wise. These things are very comfortable for me. I have gotten used to the in ear style of earbuds and we can do a shake test. I don’t do this much because it gives me headaches, but we’ll do it. Now i already got a headache coming. I could feel it, but yeah they didn’t move at all. So if we look at the actual jabra app right here, very good app find my job repair new job we’ve already paired it, but we’ll do it again. We do have the 85 t’s take out the headset. I got to turn them on, so you hold down both buttons go to bluetooth, she’s talking to me right now, so we go to jabra, we hit connect.

We are connected pairing request. Now we are connected. If we click on the little settings button here, you can go in and cause audio. You can rename these to whatever you want to rename them to and we’ll go out now. The app itself is let’s find the app sound plus app. That is the jabra app. If you click on that, you can see the jabra elite85ts, please rate this out. We will rate that later does give you the battery percentage up top of both earbuds the left and the right, as well as the charging case now. Let’S just start scrolling through because there’s a lot to cover in here we have these three buttons up top here. My moment commute and focus. These are all different moments that you can put your info in. If i want to say leave it on anc, set my eq to something and set the other settings to a certain way. I can actually go in and i can save that moment so, it’s always there in your presets, if you’re a commuter, if you’re out and about you’re heading to work – and you want your settings to have hear through mode on instead of anc. So you can hear your surroundings, you can save that setting to always have that available and then focus if you, if you’re at work – and you want your earbuds in and you just want to focus – you can have that turn anc on.

Have your settings ready to go pretty cool right, so sound modes again, anc hear through mode. You can control everything through there and we’ll talk about anc in a little bit after we get through the app a music eq right here. You can adjust your eq to whatever you want, your bass, your mid range and your treble, and it works really good music. Presets, you do get a bunch of music, presets, neutral bass, boost smooth, energized, treble and speech. Now your soundscape, you can actually go in here and it does give you some different options. If you have trouble sleeping or if you just want a peaceful environment, you can put some sounds of nature on some waves, some rain song birds. You can listen to some birds, comfort, ambience, a cavern, a crowd. Whatever you want to do. It gives you options. Options are always good and you can edit those as well go in and you click discover this will show you all. You need to know about the app you can go in and learn about your controls. You can turn on find my job or you can use gps to find your earbuds. If you misplace them, you can register it and get two years warranty which you should do. I don’t know why you wouldn’t do that and then the about section you go back out of here and you go back out of headsets. You click on this, this wheel up top.

This is your settings button. You click on that, and this is where you will do your firmware update your headset settings. You can set your settings up on here for audio experience you can take. You can set it so on your detection right if you’re playing music and you take one out, it will pause automatically. You can turn that on and off and when hear through is turned on. You can do that as well. When hear through is turned on, you can have it mute the audio, if you want, if you’re listening to something which is pretty cool, call experience mute reminder tones play a minor tone periodically when the microphone is muted. Just you know some of us forget you’re, voicing a call. You can hear your own voice in a call if you want, which is a good thing. I actually like doing that call quality. You can set your call quality to select how you would like to hear the other person on a call. So do you want a little more treble in your calls? Do you want a little more bass? You can set that so lots of stuff. I mean they dive deep into the settings here. You can prioritize your bluetooth device with a call for connection, so really good now call experience. We just did that now also headset configuration. This is where you can put it into sleep. Some of us forget sometimes to not put them back in the case.

You can just put them to sleep if you leave them out for increments and time 15. 30. One hour two hours whatever you want. Headset feedback select the type of guidance you prefer to hear in the headset, so you can get tones. You can get somebody talking to you if you need assistance or no guidance at all which again just comes down to preference. Next, you can go in and you can personalize your headset. If you click on here, you can go into my sound, and this is where you can. You know: do a test. It’Ll walk you through a whole test where it plays these little beeps and you have to push the button when you hear the beep and it will personalize your experience. I’Ve already done that i’m not going to do it again, we’ll be here for another 10 minutes. My controls, you can go in and adjust your controls now. The controls on here control everything, including volume, and, if you go into my controls for media, this is where well, if you’re listening to music, you know watching youtube videos whatever this will control that single press play and pause. Double press next track and triple is to go back to the previous track and you can go in and you can change those around if you want to activate a voice assistant or to scroll through anc and hear through and then on. The left, ear bud. Single presses sound mode here through an anc, double press, next track, triple press restart and then to increase and decrease.

The volume is actually touch and hold. Why it’s not listed on here? I’M, not really sure, but if you touch and hold it will increase and decrease. The volume and then you have controls for your incoming calls and your outgoing calls that you can adjust and change so really cool voice, guidance, language. Of course you can change the language inside of the headset. Whoever is talking to you and giving you guidance in there. You can have different languages on here, so lots and lots of things you could do in this app a very really good, app, a very really good, a really good, app guys, just overall one of the best out there you’re going to find – and it works really. Well, let’s talk about sound quality on the jabra elite. 85. T’S. These things are crystal clear. Listening to music on these things, look whenever i listen to music and earbuds. I look for a few things. I want crystal clear, mids and highs, and i want some good bass right. I don’t want the bass to overtake the mids and the highs, and i don’t want the bass to be lacking either. I need that nice balance sound and i don’t mind. Sometimes you guys know if you follow the channel, i like a little more bass, but i don’t like bass that muffles out anything else. This is not that this has some really good bass. The mids and the highs are crystal clear, and these get very loud and you guys know again.

I like excessive volume i like to dial it down and find that sweet spot. These. I can do that. These are very loud crystal clear. They sound really good. Now the jabra 75 ts they do have more bass than the 85 t’s again. They went a different way here, they’re a little clearer, there’s, still some really good bass on here, but there’s, better bass on the 75 t’s. So just keep that in mind if you want something that still sounds really good and has a a little punchier bass, the jobber 75 t’s or you know you can get them for 120 bucks right now. So just keep that in mind. Overall, they still sound, really really good. Next let’s talk about latency. There is no delay between audio and video on these earbuds. Everything is perfectly in sync, between your audio between your video, whether you’re watching youtube videos here check out patrick rambles, really good channel. Everything works. Just like it should no problems with latency. Now one cool thing about the java early 85t is you can connect to multiple devices on here and i’ll? Show you i am connected right now to an iphone and to an android device, so very cool and check this out. If you scroll through your anc on one device, it will change on the other, so a and c on here it will change over here. If i want to hear through it will change over here now, unfortunately, nothing else in the app does that.

So if i want to scroll down – and i want to go to speech or treble boost on this phone it’s not going to change it on here, so just keep that in mind. Some things work together, other things don’t but say i wanted to listen to a youtube video. This video is playing in my ear right now and i wanted to go over here and listen to another video. I can’t just click play and listen to this video. It will just stop. I have to actually stop this and then click on this and it will play and it does switch in my ears and i can listen to either or it just doesn’t do it automatically, but still you can connect to multi multiple devices. So pretty cool all right, guys now, let’s talk about touch controls and how they work again. A multi function button on here and you can set it up to control everything inside of the app and again you can also touch and hold to increase and decrease the volume. So if we place some music on here, one push of the button on the right. Earbud we’ll play and pause now the left ear bud is a little different. If you just do it once on the left, earbud, it will scroll through a and c and hear through mode and two on the right. Earbud we’ll go to the next track and turn the left. Earbud we’ll also go to the next track and three well.

Of course, we’ll go back to the previous track and on the left, earbud the same thing and we’ll go back works fantastic, instant. Now, if we just touch and hold on the right earbud, you can see the volume going up and if we touch and hold on the left earbud, you can see the volume is going down and these things are very loud guys really good volume on here, which I am a huge fan of and they sound really really good. Now, let’s jump in we’ll do some mic tests. We’Ll do one with some crowd. Noise and we’ll do one regular in a nice quiet environment. What up guys it might test the jabra elite? 85 tees? Really good mics on here guys. These should sound, really clear, really clean and what’s. Also cool is while i’m talking hear through mode is on, so i can actually hear myself talking to myself inside of the mics. It sounds really good in my ears. Let me know what it sounds like to you. Now we got some crowd: noise going and we’re going to test out the mics with some background noise, i’m in the stadium right now chilling at a game talking on the phone. Hopefully you can hear me. Hopefully the mic sounds really really good. Let me know next we’ll talk about anc and hear through mode now. Anc on here is really really good. Now it’s not sony level it’s, not airpod pro level it’s, not the best of the best when it comes to anc, but it is good.

Now the 75 ts did get a software update recently. That does provide anc, and i will say the 85 ts do have slightly better anc than on the 75 t’s. But the fact that the 75 ts have a better ip rating, almost as good, a and c, and some people might prefer the sound quality of the 75 ts. That might be a better option for you. If you want to go that route, but it’s, even saying that the anc on here is really good, i do have a comparison, video between the buzz pro and these coming very soon and anc on the jabra elite. 85. T’S is slightly better than the anc on the galaxy buds pro and here, through mode works, really good it’s again, you have a bunch of different levels and it doesn’t matter how high you go. It does let into some good amount of ambient outside noise, but it doesn’t turn digitally sounding right. A lot of the anc or a lot of the hear through modes or ambient noise, like the ambient noise mode on the galaxy buds pro on very high, is a little too much i’m on very high on here, and it sounds really good. There’S, no digital, sound it’s, just my voice and i can hear the outside, so it works really good, in my opinion, very clean right and that’s what these earbuds are very clean. The sound signature on them anc hear through mode they’re, just a very clean pair.

What you can do inside of the app overall, not a bad pair guys, the jabber elite 85 ts again price around 220. So you got to see what else is out there in that price range to determine the value of these earbuds for yourself. But i like them a lot, i think they’re a really good pair, the jabra elite, 85 tees and again, if you want to spend a little less of 75 teas, still a really good pair with anc, a little more bass and a better ip rating.