If you hit the subscribe button and also the bell button, which will notify you when new videos come out now, i want to be clear and very transparent, with this channel miros did provide this device for the review. However, as with any of my reviews, this will not influence the review outcome in any way. If it’s, critical or it’s positive, i will call it out, so you get the best information to be able to make a decision. Whether this is product is right for you. So, starting with the design and the unboxing, so in the box you get the miros smart garage door. Opener you get the open, close sensor with a seven meter, long cable, you get some screws and some 3m sticky pads to stick various different components to your garage door and you also get this iphone style power, brick, the main control unit of the mirror, smart garage Door is a rectangle shape and comes in white on the front device. You’Ll find the led will, let you know the status of the device along with the unkit setup code. The right of the unit has the power cable that features a usb, a connection and a connector for the open, close sensor on the left. You have a wire that is attached to the garage door opener and sends signals to open and close. The last element that completes everything is the garage door sensor that is wired rather than wireless.

The cable is seven meters, long, so enough, cable to reach the front of your garage now, overall, the design is really good, it’s small compact and it will fit nicely in most areas around the garage door opener now this is pretty obvious. This is a control unit to control a automatic garage door that you’ve already got so it’s, really important that you check your compatibility with the garage door that you’ve got and make sure it works now. Mirror also got a great compatibility tool on their website, which takes you through how it all works and whether your garage door will operate with it. Another thing to point out as well: it works on the 2.5 gigahertz network, so you may need to separate out your bands in order for this to work. Now i use the linksys vlog router and i didn’t need to do this, but again it’s worth pointing that out before you get started now. Setup itself is relatively straightforward in 99 of the cases. In my case i had it set up in about 10 minutes. I first of all set it up within the omar and added it to homekit, so it was all done before i started. Climbing the ladders and going into my garage now setup involves opening the omap scanning the code and then following the rest of the setup process. Once that’s done, it’s exposed to homekit and it’s working within there now the next part would be to add it to the miros app.

This would be to make sure you get the firmware update, and so the next part is the physical installation and the complexity all depends on the garage door. You’Ve got, but in 99 of the cases it involves connecting two wires to your existing garage door. Opener to install you connect the wire that is the right side of the unit to your garage door. Opener, then you fix the controller using 3m pads to a suitable location around your garage door. Opener. This next step involves installing the wired sensor. My recommendation would be to feed this along with the roof rafters and then place it at the top of the garage door once in place. You again use the 3m stickers and fix in place, and you then install the other part of the sensor to the garage door in line with the previously installed part and leaving roughly a one inch gap. Once you have everything in place and connected plug in the power cable into the usb plug and then into a power socket, so then, once it’s all connected and set up, it should then be ready to work within home kit. Now, if you do get any issues where it’s saying it’s not closed or it’s, not open, when it actually is, then don’t forget, as i’ve already previously mentioned, update the firmware within the miros app now moving on to performance and how it works with room kit controlling The miros garage door is all done within the omap or you can use siri voice control now using it with the omap involves us pressing, a tile which will open or close the garage door depending on the current state.

I found this worked really well and it responded very quick. I also used siri voice control to open and close the garage door and again siri did not let me down when opening the garage door so overall i’m impressed with the own kit performance, but you also can use it in scenes and automations. Now i used it in my good night scene, which is my end of day scene, which shuts my entire house down, closes all the blinds if they’re not already closed, and it also locks the door. Now, in my case, i added the garage door to my good night scene to make sure the garage door was closed, because i do have a habit of leaving it open. However, i just want to be clear on this. You need to be sensible about this. Then you need to make sure that nothing is within its path, so it’s worth pointing that out. If you are going to be using that, but again using it with scenes and automations, i had no issues and it worked really well, the other benefit as well. If you have carplay built into your car, you can use the miros garage door with carplay. So if you’re pulling up to your drive – or you want to open the garage door from your car, you can simply tap and it will open the garage door from within carplay and again i found this worked well now i did review the the ismart gate at The beginning of 2020 – and i was also praising of that device, but i did find the miros garage door.

Opener did respond a little bit quicker now. This may be down to the fact that the ismart gate has some alerts before the garage door opens. But overall, i think for the money miros versus ismart gay, i think you’re getting pretty much similar device that works pretty much exactly the same, but for half the price. So my conclusion to this review overall i’m impressed with the performance and the price point of the miros garage door opener during my testing. I didn’t have any issues, and this is over several months of connection dropouts or the dreaded, no response within the omap. It responded. First time to my commands with the neomat, when i press the tile, and also when i was using siri voice control, another plus point it’s easy to set up and in 99 cases it involves just attaching two wires. It took me around 15 minutes to get this device set up and running both with an own cap and the physical installation, which, for me, is a massive plus point for any new device it shouldn’t take and it shouldn’t be complicated when you’re setting things up. I also like you can use the garage door opener in scenes and automations to automate things that you would necessarily have to do manually. I also like the fact you can use it with carplay and again it works really well, and then we have. The price that’s been asked for this it’s 42.99 or 49, which is significantly cheaper than its competition, the ismart gate, and it does a comparable job.

But whilst the ismart gate does have some features, the miros does not, which, if you want to check those out, you can check out that review. So the bottom line miros is delivered again on a home kit compatible product. That is not only an affordable price, but also quality and performs really well. So if you’re wanting to convert your existing garage door opener and make it home kit compatible, then this is a certainly a great choice that you want to consider about all the options that are available at the moment, so that’s a wrap on this review. Hopefully you found it useful and if you have don’t forget to give me a thumbs up as it’s greatly appreciated, also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as there’s other videos coming out and other reviews. If you’ve got a question or a comment, leave it in the comment section below and if you think about buying one of these, then there’s some links in the description below that help. This channel out at no extra cost to you and finally, thank you very much.