67 inches and variants, 6gb 64 off storage, 6gb, 128 and 8 gb 128 storage and the indian price range 664 in 20, triple nine and six 128 in indian rupees, 21 triple nine and eight 128. 23, triple line and front and back korean gorilla, glass and single, mounting fingerprint sensors, also available ir blaster and a splash proof phone and very big and big battery and powerful battery for a 20 ms protect time 0 to 100. In only 58 minutes, and here also dual split charge – technology and the displays hdr and hdr 10 plus also wide vine 11 certified super super bloke’s, smallest dot, camera wow, new linear mode, wow, linear model fix for better performance, Music and subsequence speakers support, and here also 360 ambient light sensors light serving automatically adjust. Brightness feature super intelligent, 120 hertz. I drive display and wow its faces max super super and also see here. The performance guard level in the back of the device built aluminum temperature, sensors and here cooling system, the phone temperature and then – and here you also see the score’s performance of the processor and 765 – is the latest by seven sixty five Music, the presenting qualcomm snapdragon 750z. Only based on eight nanometers manufacturing process, it has a 5th generation global chipset and looks better than low end life. Music also available here for colors for software and also dual video mode super selfie pieces, a resolution 4k full hd, hd also available super macro videos and 8 megapixel ultra wide macro and depth sensor also maintains colors brightness super quality.

Pixels resolution super also crop larger image. Refresh ray also crop larger imagery frame, good and also iso adjust exposure. World’S slimmest 108 megapixels share this video Music, refresh it qualcomm snapdragon 750 g for a 20 ms battery and corning gorilla glass. 5K. You better latest processors battery display Music battery Music i’m.