Do a quick review, as always, you know, throw up the link in the description if you want to check it out. Pricing 25 bucks, so it’s, definitely gon na be a lot cheaper than the official one which is gon na run you a flat 60 bucks. So very expensive and on a side note, i’ve been using these pretty much every day for the last two three weeks now and i actually really like them, it really just you kind of get used to it. I haven’t had any problems with them falling off or anything like that. I think i just kind of get used to it and then i, like the minimalist experience i don’t have find it intruding or anything like that. So i really actually like this. I know a lot of people have had some negative feedback on it, but for the most part, after continued use, it’s been a pretty good accessory for my brand new iphone series 12 series. Now this is gon na, be a third party wall case from a company called moft. I saw this, i think, on my instagram feed and sometimes you know i’m a sucker. For that thing, you guys you know what i’m talking about you get. One of these instagram feeds with something you’ve been searching on, and then you pull the trigger you just don’t know what you’re going to get. This is 25. Bucks was definitely cheaper. Presentation actually looks very clean.

You can see what you’re going to get wallet series and then moft x, and then the back is going to tell you more details. What you’re going to get from this one looks like it kind of has a kickstand as well. So this is a kind of completely different uh accessory for your brand new 12 series. Let’S go and check this out, though, presentation looks good enough, especially for 25 bucks. Let’S go and see how we get this open. Let’S see let’s check this out. There we go. I think there’s a little tab in the back wasn’t clean, but let’s check this out here, i’m kind of curious to see how this is gon na be. This is the first uh third party case that i’ve actually had for the wallet series. Let’S go and see what we get: try not to break the there. We go. Okay, little struggles, you know all right yeah. It feels like leather let’s go put this this aside. If i had flossy carter here i’d, do this smell test, but i’ll. Let him do that he’s, the king of that. So all right here, let’s check this out. It feels like premium leather. I don’t think it says anything about it. So maybe uh doesn’t say anything let’s go check this out. Yeah we’ll go with it. It does feel like a leather though let’s go and put that that way, but it has a nice feel to it little moth branding right.

There feels very, very nice, a little bit thinner lightweight. You can see what you’re going to get here on the back. You got the magnet part, a little stitching around the border it’s a little bit. It comes like a little flex like this so i’m, not sure if that flap kind of seems a little flimsy, i’m, not sure if that’ll wear in time. But you can see what you’re going to get here snaps in like this all right, so that’s how it looks. Pretty nice let’s go check that out slap it on the back real tight, fit yeah real nice and tight fit yeah that looks pretty clean, let’s check it out. You can see how it looks a little bit let’s go and check the difference here on size here. So a little bit i was gon na say a little bit wider, but maybe yeah, maybe just a little bit wider, a little bit taller. You can see right there than the official one build quality. I like the official one. Better just has a more premium, build quality but again you’re paying uh 60 bucks versus 25 bucks. So keep that in mind moth branding again it tucks out, like i like the different look at that so that’s, pretty cool let’s go check. This out got the kickstand right there. That is pretty sweet. Look at that, i wouldn’t say: it’s, pretty flimsy, but that’s pretty nice let’s go check it out side right here, so it doesn’t have i’m just kind of wrong with it.

Doesn’T appear, you can do it on the side. So, if you’re watching tv on the side, but if you’re at work, that’s kind of cool, you can keep it like. This get the notifications all that stuff like that. So i like that, a lot real nice it’s gon na slap it back into place again, does that have too much bulk real thin. I would say i’m kind of curious how many cards you can go get in there let’s go and check that out. Real quick got some dummy cards from vegas let’s go and put it in stick it right in this is an interesting design. It’S got three. You can stick three in there pops it like that. Let’S check that out. Definitely not let’s. Go check this out real quick here and maybe that’s the parts that’s. What i was thinking so here’s, the actual. I thought it was an actual one of those you could keep it like this, keep it open but it’s actually inside here. So i messed that up but that’s, better. Okay, there we go so with that said. You got three of them in there. You can see how it does stick out, but not too bad it’s got a nice feel to it. I, like actually it’s a little bit thinner right here on the edges, so it’s actually got a nicer texture right there than i even think it’s the official one, because it’s a little bit thinner right there around the edges easier to hold, but pretty nice.

What do you guys think about that? Is it loose? No, it feels pretty close to the magnets field, just as sealed as the official one let’s go and check this out kickstand. Here, as i turn the there, we go kickstand look at that so functionality that’s pretty nice. You tuck it away like this yeah. I like that all right let’s check out how easy it is to get them out. You know, i guess you flip it like this. Yeah all right here’s, what we’re talking about so when you want to get them out. You just got to kick that down like this boom, one two three, so it definitely fits three. I probably wouldn’t want to go more than that. This is a unique accessory. I like what they did here, tucks away like that. So when you’re done, that seal is super thin three cards, you need to put that on the side again a little bit leery about a couple things like this. You can see this flap. It feels really really flimsy and cheap right there so i’m wondering if that’ll wear out in time, but overall my first impressions i like the design, is definitely unique. Will it will i use this over the official one? Probably not. I like the i, like the functionality. Just the premium texture to pretty much feel the official one, but if you’re looking to save some money – and you want to try something different – i think that this is a hit.

I just can’t say it’s a big hit, but i do like what they did here. It’S, just unique look at that that is pretty sweet, so i’m gon na say it’s a hit. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. This one threw me a little bit. I, like the design like what they did here so i’m gon na call it a hit. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. Is it a hit? Is it a miss we’ll call it a hit hit the subscribe button.