Smartphone very excited at your specifications: Music, foreign, Music um. In this video is, we are going to unbox and review the newest nokia, 3.4 nitusa philippines, i’m buying them and the guys is 4 gig of ram and 64gb of internal storage, and, as you can see, the collar that i have is fjord blue merchant charcoal and I’M going to show it to you later so here guys 3.4 and saffron. There is an image of the phone, so you have already an idea how the phone looks like, and i am again circular your placement, camera and the silicon. You guys specification now phone and again square type, young, honey, long box, so yeah. So here, as we take this cover off guys – and it has a nice cover again then um box and as we open this meron tayo again usb type c, cable, so usb type c n ring nokia, 3.4. smartphones, right, lola, Music, guys, as you can see there At clear case, nila, wow, nice and, of course, guides and warranties language yeah, so again, box guys so let’s go on now directly, so you need so here. It is guys um, nokia, 3.4, now let’s. Take this cover off the tire guys. Then, as we take this off another speaker screen and guys so here it is delicate of nokia, 3.4 and komaki, tanyan, Music, Music, Music, yeah and a brand name beethoven center and upper partner maritime fingerprint scanner, then diana my favorite part is the placement of its camera.

So and then microphone this upper part a place: young 3.5 millimeter audio jack and the sensor. So here in the monster right side, volume, rockers and power button then left side again the sd cards sd card, so let’s turn it on guys. Foreign Music or pixel density is 229., so packet exactly specification guys. This one is powered national qualcomm, snapdragon 460, so alumni qualcomm, snapdragon telegram long, lasting atmosphere. What i have said a while ago mentioned 4 gig of ram and 64 gig of internal storage and expandable by young guys up to 512 via microsd card there’s, a battery guys in fairness, 4, 000 milliamp hours battery. So for me, Music, Music shoot her puny. Nokia. 3.4 or your camera is 13 megapixel, yes, that’s for the main camera five megapixel namanu secondarian, that is, for the ulta wide, then 2m pina man for the depth sensor, jumper and quick reminder guys. Now, if you are going to purchase this phone, don’t forget to update the system. First, para talagang experience the box casino, nightlight meshong do not disturb mode merry channel screencast, then meditation nearby share. You like a specification as a notification bar, so let’s go on the guys. It’S a performance miss monophone ayan, so is the performance of so there’s a charging guys from forty nine percent china for one hour, then again. Seventy eight percent so manga twenty nine percent la point increase sonia for one: oh, probably, two to three hours: small, fully charged i’m.

Okay, three point: four more next is young canyon, draining guys so they’re, making you from Music percent pusha from sixty four percent. So, for me, the months among four thousand milliamp hours, battery capacity and phones, standard consumption and battery every time they test one hour telegram, most probably fifteen percent yokinokoha percentage. So for me on battery performance, yeah next is your heating guys so from 32 degrees celsius, 35 degrees celsius and one hour, then a game minion. I answer. Camera features my panorama time lapse, mentioned portrait and shang knight. I am veronica white of course, foundation. Panorama time lapse, camera performance, yeah wide angle, then so you don’t have to step back when you’re going to shoot the scenery so far, guys in your preference front, camera performance and answer ear cap guys answering video quality, guys 1080p at 30 frames per second image stabilization And in guys setting your 3.4 and i status of full hd 1080p at 30 frames per second ring lights and Music first is mobile legend and the second is mobile. Young canyon, setting the postman high frame rate. That was very playable. You guys so mustachy performance metal casing a very smooth view on your performance and loud audio, loud young speakers, so nineteen yeah, the price is first, is design guys. I love it. I like it very attractive: nice, young, color, nice, young design, miss monofol agansha guys.