.. Man. Infinity v display design. It feels like 2019. What is up guys IzzI here and welcome to thechannel.. So 2021 is already up and running and we already have the Samsung Galaxy A12 as the first available in Samsung’s new generation of A series devices for the year 2021.. This is supposedly an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy A11, but some fans might find it a little disappointing at the use of an infinity v display, as opposed to a left hole punch as we’ve gotten used to from the year 2020. But I guess that can be overlooked.. The Samsung Galaxy A12 should be priced around 170. I picked this up for 67000 here in Nigeria and at that price you are getting the 4GB version. With 64GB of storage, mediatek helio, p35 processor, 48, megapixel, quad, rear cameras, 5000mAH battery and other specifications we’ll cover as video progresses.. At this point, a sub to the channel will be perfect.. The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes in the same box common with the a series and standard accessories. There is a 15 watt charging, brick a usb c cable and earphones.. No pre installed screen protector, no protective casing either.. The design of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is very different from previous generation of a series devices. The rear cameras are now placed in a square bump with the flash just underneath the bump. The rear design is divided in two unequal sections, with the top part having this nice striped pattern, which makes for easy grip really convenient to hold.

. The bottom part is smooth and is more of a matte finish. It is a plastic build., The fingerprint scanner. This time is side mounted and on the power button. Next to the volume rocker keys., It is easily reachable and quite responsive. You should have no problems, unlocking the device., The Samsung Galaxy A12 still retains the headphone jack placed at the bottom of the device alongside the usb c port, which supports 15 watts fast charging.. You also have a bottom firing, mono speaker, which is not really loud. It sounds good, though, but I’d say it’s below average when it comes to loudness.. The A12 accepts dual nano sim cards and also has a slot for expandable storage.. The display on the Samsung Galaxy A12 is TFT with a resolution of 720 by 1600 and a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch.. It is 6.5 inches and it has a water drop notch for its selfie camera or Infinity V, as Samsung would like to call it.. Personally, I would’ve preferred the left hole, punch, design from the Samsung Galaxy A11.. It doesjust okay for media consumption, though and I’d say the display quality is just fine and exactly what you’d expect from a TFT display. On regular usage. That is running your regular applicationsand multitasking, the Samsung Galaxy A12 holds up just fine and you should have no problems. Itruns android 10 out of the box and One UI 2.5. Minimal, bloatware and fine user experience.

Not sure how soon. But this should get android 11.. The Mediatek Helio P35 processor on the A12 does its job quite well, even though it doesn’t have the best benchmark scores, especially when compared to other devices in this price range, with reference to the Nokia 3.4, the Infinix Note8i and the Redmi 9.. When it comes to gaming, I’d say the Samsung Galaxy A12 falls short. Don’t get me wrong, though. Games will work, fine. The lives of PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile work smoothly and mostly lag free.. However, you can only play at the minimum settings that is low, graphics, settings.. This can be a deal breaker for the gaming enthusiast.. The Samsung Galaxy A12, however, has an impressive 5000mAH battery and it can guarantee up to at least 8 hours of screen on time. That is pretty impressive.. The 15W charger that comes in the box can power it from zero to 100 in about 2 hours, pretty cool for a 5000mah battery., While the A12 might not be as good as the competition when it comes to gaming. There is one area where it should excel and that is the cameras.. This is an area where Samsung seems to have prioritized on this device.. It is equipped with a 48 megapixel quad rear camera setup, which includes a 5MP ultra wide camera, 8MP macro and depth sensor.. It takes good photos with decent, dynamic range., While using the main camera. If your subject is close enough, you can get the blur effects.

Just like portrait mode without needing to use live. Focus., The default photo mode is about 16 megapixels, and you can select the high res 48MP mode to get more crisp shots that you can crop in on.. The ultra wide camera does its job quite well. It has 123 degrees field of view and can allow more into your shots.. The Samsung Galaxy A12 also does pretty well with indoor shots. However, it does not have a dedicated night mode, so, no night time photography., The macrocamera is just 2MP and you can’t really have high expectations, but I think it gets the jobdone.. The selfie camera is 8MP and it does a decent job of capturing selfies, both on regular and portrait modes., You be the judge. What do you think of the photos from the Samsung Galaxy A12 On video? It can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second with no form of stabilization.. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has just 8 megapixel selfie camera, which is able to shoot 1080p full hd videos at 30 frames per second can also do so from the 48MP main camera. On the rear., Let me know what you think about the quality.. The Samsung Galaxy A12 can be considered a reasonable upgrade to the A11, with improved cameras, improved battery life, more RAM and memory. Also, you could say improved processor, though deficient when it comes to gaming. In comparison with the competition, and some of us would have preferred a left hole, punch display to an Infinity V design.

, I do have to use this for a couple more days weeks, maybe to see just how well it continues to hold up with overall performance and Battery life so expect another review, and probably a comparison with the Nokia 3.4. Do leave a like if you find this video helpful and also if you made it this far into the video, please subscribe to the channel.