Now in today’s video, i will be showing you guys my phone collection. Yet again now i did say that i won’t be making any more of these videos ever again, because i found them boring and i’ve just made too much of them, but you guys seem to really enjoy them, and i did get quite a lot of views out Of them, so you know what why not? Why not make another video and see how well it does and also the last time i’ve made. One of these was like almost two years ago, actually i’m, not even sure how long it’s been, but it feels like it’s been like two years so yeah here are most of my phones. Now you might be wondering wow, there’s barely anything here now. These are not all my phones, i couldn’t really find all of them. I didn’t feel like looking for all of them, so here are mostly like my best ones. I guess and also i’ve sold some of my phones, but i will be buying more um. I still buy phones and stuff uh, so you know this. This is not the end of um, my phone collection, i obviously will still buy more phones, but for now this is what i have so i guess we’ll start with the first. Actually, the first one is my main phone, the one i’m recording with right now, it’s my uh samsung galaxy s20. Now i don’t have the s20 plus or the s20 ultra or the s25 g.

I just have the regular base s20 128 gigabyte, um uh cosmic gray, yeah that’s that’s. What the color is. I always forget what the colors uh, what the name of the color is uh, but yeah that’s, the first one. Now the second phone is my previous main phone. My samsung galaxy s10 plus now i’ll quickly unlock this thing here it is it’s still a great phone. I still use it from time to time and i still find it really fast and just pretty fun to use it’s it’s, still the biggest phone in my collection, it’s, actually bigger than my s20 since it’s, s10, plus and yeah overall uh. This is the um prism, white, 128 gigabyte and that’s pretty much it then next phone – i actually just got this and haven’t made a video about it yet here’s my iphone 10. it’s, not in the best best of condition, it’s a bit scratched on the screen, but You can’t really see the back. Has this one scratch deep scratch here, as you can see right there, but overall the backs in pretty good condition and then the sides uh are pretty scratched up as you can see, but as long as i put a case on it, it’d be fine. I don’t have a case for it yet uh and also the the bottom speaker doesn’t work for some reason, so i ordered a new one. Uh and we’ll be replacing it soon, but overall it is a pretty nice phone and i do enjoy using it.

This is the um, the silver 64 gigabyte and yeah that’s, pretty much it next up. We have this galaxy s8, which actually got very recently uh. This used to be my mom’s phone, but my mom upgraded to the galaxy note 9, and i got this from her. She did drop it so, as you can see, it is shattered on the screen but i’m thinking of replacing the screen. The sides are pretty scratched up as well and then the back it’s slightly scratched as well, but you can’t really see but overall it’s in pretty not pretty good condition but like it’s in decent condition. I guess like the screen is not totaled or anything it’s. A 64 gigabyte, i believe and it’s still orgray and in my opinion this is the one of the nicest colors for the s8 and that’s pretty much it about it. Next up, we have this another essay. This is a black essay. This actually uh was my main essay uh, but it got repaired and now it’s in a black body. So this used to be or gray as well, 64 gigabyte, but now it’s completely fixed it’s, mint condition and it has a screen protector and i always wear a case on this. I just took it off for this video and yeah it’s, pretty nice as well. I do use it this from time to time as well and uh yeah pretty much it about this. Then we have this phone, which i’ve had for really really long.

Now this is my uh lg g6. This also works the tempered gl. It has a temporary glass screen protector and i’ve had this on. Since i got it, so the screens meant condition this. The back is a bit scratched, but again you can’t see it on video and then the sides uh are pretty much good, except on these corners. They are a bit like they have like these dent holes, so i’m guessing the previous owner dropped it or something, but it is overall in good condition, so yeah – and this is also 64 gigabyte or no. This is 32 gigabyte and it’s in the black color. Then we have my huawei p10 um, pretty good condition, but it has this one crack here uh i bought this, like, i believe, almost two years ago, a year ago from my dad, he upgraded to uh a new phone, and i got this, and this is a Pretty nice phone still it’s a 60 it’s, a 64 gigabyte and yeah that’s pretty much it don’t really know what else to say about this thing, then next we have uh my samsung galaxy s7 edge. Can you please shut up? Thank you and uh. This thing it works, but, as you can see, the screen is totaled on this thing. Uh this was cracked before, but i dropped it again and this happened well. Didn’T really drop it, but don’t really feel like explaining the story. Oh, what happened to this thing, but on the back it’s, pretty good condition.

I don’t really know how many gigabytes this thing is on actually have no idea at all but uh. As long as i would repair the screen on this thing, i’d say it’d be fine. So i don’t know maybe sometime in the future. I will repair the screen on this. Then next up we have another phone that i actually got uh recently. This is the uh a 16 goodbye uh uh. What was the color uh space gray, space gray iphone 6. I actually got this very recently for, like 20 euro and the screen was broken on it and the battery had to be replaced, and i replaced most of them. So i replaced both of those parts and now it’s pretty much uh, pretty much good condition. It’S fully usable now and uh yeah, i have to say, it’s pretty nice. Next up, we have a samsung galaxy a5. I got this like a year ago from my nephew. I bought it off him. He upgraded to uh, i believe, the samsung galaxy s8 and then he sold this to me. It’S completely totaled uh. He didn’t really take care of this. He didn’t really take care of this phone, so this is the reason why it’s in this condition now i don’t know how much gigabytes this phone has but i’m gon na guess, it’s like 16 or 32. But this thing still works, it’s still usable. You know just needs a new screen that i mean a new screen, new back and probably a new side new sides, because um you’re pretty beat up as well and uh yeah.

Then we have this phone, which is a lot of uh og subscribers and remember this thing. This is my galaxy note, 3 or as i called it, the note 3 and this thing still works. It just needs a new vibration motor because that thing decided to die in this phone, but it still works it’s a bit scratched and the sides i mean these are called bezels, but i don’t know why i’m calling them sides – i’m weird. I guess uh yeah they’re in pretty bad condition as well as you can see there’s a bit of it missing here and right here and then the back is totally scratched as you can see, but it still works still usable and all it’s a 32 gigabyte. I think 32 or 64. i don’t remember actually, and there you go works totally. Then we have my uh old main phone, my galaxy s5, well, my old main phone. I mean this thing like three or four years ago now, actually, like four years ago as like in the start of 2017, then i got my s8. This is my galaxy s5. I don’t remember how much gigabytes it is, but it still works. The camera on it is damaged, uh, the glass for the camera was broken on it and a lot of sand and just a lot of things got into it a lot of dirt and and uh let’s, just say the camera’s just broken on it.

Now it still works, but it it’s really dirty. I could demonstrate now once this thing boots up, but it still works and everything so it’s still basically usable, but you can’t really take good pictures on it. Alright, so here’s the camera and as you can see, this is what it looks like and it’s pretty bad, but uh yeah, i don’t, i don’t know if i said, but i don’t remember how much gigabytes this thing is on, but uh next phone. This is an lg g3. I got this from my sister and this was broken. It’S still technically broken the the um, the processor overheats on this thing, uh but uh like it overheats, okay, i’m, probably gon na turn. This thing off in a minute, uh, the processor overheats and it used to overheat to the point where the screen wouldn’t turn on. But i somehow managed to fix that and now it turns on, but it still overheats from time to time and the screen just goes totally black sometimes, but, as you can see, whoa that like went straight into the home screen, okay, what just happened there? Well, okay! Well, yeah uh it oh as you can see. This is what i mean it just goes straight on into like this black screen and also yeah there’s, one crack up here and the back is scratched, but overall it’s in pretty good condition. Okay, as you can see this happens, i don’t know how much gigabytes this thing is, but i’m gon na guess it’s like 16 or 32.

. So then we have the classic galaxy s4. This is the s4 that was in my 10 million uh view, video and yeah. I don’t know what else to say about it: it doesn’t turn on because the battery on this thing died, so we’ll have to get a new battery and i would get a new screen for this thing, but i really don’t feel like it and also it wouldn’t. Look the same: please shut up it, just wouldn’t look the same like it did in the 10 million view video. So, in my opinion, it just looks special whenever it’s, cracked, so i’m, leaving it how it is, but i definitely will get a new battery for this thing. Then we have this htc phone. I genuinely don’t know like what it’s called or how many gigabytes it is or if it still works. I just found this like a couple days ago and i have no idea. I i i just don’t know anything about this phone. I think it was like a htc 510 or something i think that was name or something but that’s all. I really know about this phone, so i’ll just leave it there. Next up, we have a. We have a s3 galaxy s3. This is a red red s3. I don’t know what the what the actual color is called um, but it’s it works. As you can see. I got this in a trade like a year or two ago and it is in almost mint condition.

The screen has like, i think, one scratch on it, but i do have a screen protect screen protector on and the back has some scratches as well, but overall it’s in pretty good condition. I also keep this in a case. Then we have another s3, which is completely shattered, but it also works and i’ll turn it on right. Now the back is from a different s3 it’s, not it’s, not actually on sprint, and, as you can see, it totally works and yeah that’s pretty much all. I could say about this, then we have the original galaxy note. This is actually the only note device i have because i sold my note 9 and it doesn’t work. It does work, but it needs a new battery and then also the screen. Just has this one: has this one crack on the in the middle just going through the middle, so i don’t know maybe i’ll get a new battery. Also this in the back is totally scratched and the bezels are like in pretty bad condition. So, overall, this uh, this phone needs a complete new body and new battery uh. Then we have this galaxy s2, which used to be my main phone like ages ages, ages ago. This was like my third main phone and sadly, for some reason, this thing died on me a couple of like days ago. It doesn’t want to turn on anymore, which is very sad it’s, not the battery, because i put a different battery in it and i don’t know what it is i just plug it in and like the top, the top of the phone warms up.

So i don’t know what the issue could be if anyone knows, please tell me, because i really want to fix this thing, because i had a lot of memories with this thing, but yeah then we have a galaxy s1 uh the screen. Oh wait, never mind. This is a different one. Well yeah the i thought it was that one i’ll tell you what’s wrong with that one in a minute, this s1 uh it still works and uh the screen’s cracked on it. Okay, i’m gon na take the battery out this thing because the there we go um, yeah uh. The reason why i took the battery out of this thing is because uh, whenever it boots up, it, has a super loud um boot up sound. It has some kind of custom android os on this uh downloaded on this thing. I got it like this uh, so yeah, but i’ve had this thing for ages as well. This is like my second main phone and uh yeah. I don’t know what else to say, but anyway, the next one. This is another s1, which i’ve also had for a long time and the screen on it. Uh just died like a year ago uh. So the screen just doesn’t turn on anymore and overall it’s. Just really dodgy uh the screen is not like fully glued to the screen. I mean to the body of the phone it like comes off sometimes, and the power i mean the volume down button doesn’t work.

So this phone has a couple of issues i don’t know. Maybe i’ll like destroy you for a video or something uh, but it does still work so i don’t know, then we have the original iphone the iphone 2g. I bought this for like five euro a year or so ago. It does work as you can see, but the screen has a lot of dead pixels on it. It’S, cracked and the back is just it’s just in terrible terrible condition but uh. I would repair this thing. I would get a new screen, uh back uh. I knew screen and new back for this thing, but i cannot find them anywhere. The only way of me being able to repair this thing is, i would have to buy a broken one of these with a mint mint body, but that’s kind of hard to find. So it’s probably just going to stay like this forever, but i don’t know and also – and this is taking a very long time to boot – up – i guess i’ll just leave it for now and yeah. So then we have this iphone 4 or i mean 4s. This is on ios 6. I believe i this was on ios 9 originally, but i downgraded it whenever it was uh whenever it was uh. Whenever the downgrade thing was available and yeah now it’s on android 6.0.1, i believe i’m, not really sure uh. It is cracked and all, but maybe i’ll get it repaired because a screen and a back for an iphone 4s are super.

Cheap, not gon na lie, and also the bottom of the screen is like just really wonky it. Doesn’T register touch sometimes, as you can see, i’m touching the bottom and it doesn’t go into the phone app uh, but it does work still so i don’t know maybe i’ll repair or something and then the last phone we have uh. We have this iphone 3g, which i decided to include in this video, because this is my first main phone, fun fact uh. I don’t even remember when i got this thing, but i was like think i think eight years old or maybe even younger, the screen is total on this thing i don’t actually know how this happened. I remember i just found this thing one day and it was the screen was just totaled. This also needs a new battery, so maybe i’ll replace both of those things, even though i don’t know where you can buy a screen for this phone um, but yeah it’s. A white uh it’s, a white iphone 3g and it just doesn’t turn on anymore, so i don’t really know what i’m gon na do with this thing, but anyway um. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. This took longer than i expected to record. I. I hope this video does really good, because i really didn’t feel like making another one of these videos uh. So yeah again, thank you guys for watching.