They incorporate hundreds of little gadgets into one handheld device, but when coupled with just the right accessories, there’s so much more, you can get from your smartphone from the fancy smartphone stabilizers to the world’s first vr camera for smartphones. Let’S. Take a look at some of these accessories that are totally going to change the way you use your smartphone before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications. So you never miss out on the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies. Let’S get started number nine teleport in just two years time. Vr technology will be able to create an experience for humans, where we are unable to tell the difference between the virtual and real world. So why not take advantage of such technologies and preserve all your favorite memories and fully relive them whenever you want? This can easily be done using teleport the world’s first smartphone vr camera teleport lets you capture high quality virtual reality. Video using your smartphone it’s got two lenses that help you achieve incredible: 720p hd quality, video right on your phone, teleport, slides onto your smartphone with ease and can be tightened to keep it secure and in place from there. All you need to do is hit record to capture anything and everything around you and whenever you feel like reliving those moments, you can use teleport to go right back to your memories and experience them all over again number eight clipafone.

We all want to capture the moment, but who wants to live their favorite concert or holiday through the smartphone? Well, thanks to clipafone you won’t have to clipaphone is an easy to use and reliable accessory. That turns your smartphone into your own personal cameraman and lets you share the world. As you see it once you’ve paired your phone with the shutter via bluetooth, simply pair your phone in the clipa phone on your favorite cap and secure it with a strap and that’s. It your phone then becomes a live action camera for all your activities on the go you can use it to stream, live videos record your favorite concert, sporting events, bike ride hike or any other first person experience you want to capture for yourself or for your viewers. If you are into clicking live stream videos, this is a must, have smartphone accessory Music number, seven t spin we’ve all been there one time or another. You want a cold beer. After a long day of traveling, you need to change the sim in your phone to match your new location. Your glasses have come loose and you need tightening, or you just don’t, feel like holding your phone while watching your favorite tv show. What do all these problems have in common they’re all eliminated, thanks to t spin t spin is the one travel multi tool for your smartphone. Every traveler needs made from durable, titanium t spin offers many different solutions to problems that arise when you’re far away from home.

For starters, t spin works as a smartphone stand, making it easier to watch movies. Take selfies or have conference calls it’s. Also, a dual nano sim card holder allowing you to store those extra sim cards securely plus you’ll, never be struggling to switch sims thanks to t spin’s included card eject, pin. It also comes with a tiny screwdriver to tighten your glasses, and you can neatly wrap your cables around t spin too, and for those times you’ve got nothing to do. You can use t spin as a fidget spinner to avoid boredom wherever you are number six sidekick. If there’s one thing t spin, can’t do it’s charged and back up your phone wherever you are, which is why the sidekick, backup and charger is should most definitely be. The second smartphone gadget on your keychain sidekick is a portable and versatile smartphone charger that uses rechargeable lye ion to quickly charge your device using the built in usb cable. You can easily charge your smartphone on the go in two hours or, if you’re, in need of a quick charge, you can simply flick on the fast charge, switch for a speedier, recharge, sidekick even offers off grid charging using aac or d size external batteries, and with Up to 128 gigabytes of data storage, you can backup your phone data and more using the data. Sync cable, coupled together, sidekick and t spin, are the ultimate smartphone gadgets to tackle any adventure number five eye roller.

If your phone screen doesn’t get dirty from time to time, you’re probably living on another planet but it’s, not just dirt, you should be worried about. Did you know the typical mobile phone carries over 25 000 bacteria per square inch, that’s 15 times more bacteria than your kitchen counter, 12, more than your dog’s food dish and three times more than the common door knob. The eye roller is a perfect solution to that problem. Effortlessly, removing smudges and smears from your screen without the use of dangerous liquids, simply roll your eye roller across your smartphone or tablet, while applying mild pressure and watch as your screen starts. Looking brighter and as good as new, much more effective than a microfiber cloth and doesn’t just remove fingerprints, but nasty bacteria too. Less than four inches in length eye roller easily fits in your purse or pocket for cleaning on the go and it’s perfectly reusable to refresh the eye roller, just rinse it with warm water and liquid soap every once in a while, and let it air dry number Four jorno keyboard: if you often find yourself typing on the go, look no further than the jorno keyboard. This tri folding ultra thin bluetooth keyboard was designed to help you be productive and more organized, no matter where you are with a full standard keyboard layout for smartphones and tablets. Jorno allows you to type with ease anytime anywhere, whether you need to write an urgent email from a cafe, take notes during a meeting or write a blog post from your hotel room.

Jorno lets you type with the same comfort and ease as your personal computer. Thanks to jorno’s bluetooth connectivity, you can place your keyboard wherever you like, when you’re not using jorno the keyboard folds into a compact size, so you can carry it easily in your bag or pockets. Oh and the case you get with jorno will work as an added stand to hold your smartphone in the portrait or landscape position. So now you have no excuse not to write up those urgent emails, no matter where you are number three edelkrone povi, if wearing caps. Isn’T. Quite your thing, edelkrone povi is a more elegant alternative to the previous clipafone, like the clipafone. The povi lets you capture every moment while living in the moments, but this one is worn around your neck. Its sleek mount holds your smartphone at the perfect height and angle, so you can effortlessly shoot point of view, videos all while keeping your hands free. It takes just seconds to put on and is perfect for, creating those how to videos or to gain a unique perspective on your day to day activities, there’s so much you can do with a pov styled shooting offered by povi. You can give your viewers a totally new viewing experience, share details with co workers, create a dynamic feature to your youtube channel and much more it’s. The perfect accessory for your smartphone and povi even doubles as a phone stand when it’s not around your neck number.

Two fancy smartphone stabilizer, the wee wow fancy smartphone stabilizer is a portable one axis gimbal stabilizer that attaches to your smartphone to reduce shake when taking photos and videos with your mobile device. Thanks to its stabilized 5 inch hand grip, you can finally enjoy clear photos and smooth video the hand grip also attaches to a threaded hole that can be used to mount your fancy stabilizer on tripods, monopods and selfie sticks, whether in portrait or landscape mode. Fancy will help you stabilize your pictures for up to eight hours on a single charge. It also comes with built in light to help you light your subject in low light environments and the mirror to capture those perfect photos or videos of yourself without using the front facing camera number one smart mic with the fancy stabilizer giving you quality video. All you need now is a smart mic to secure that crisp and clear audio smart mic is a wireless noise. Removing audio recorder that lets you effortlessly capture, the clearest audio with your smartphone inbuilt smartphone microphones, are rarely any good when recording video plus you need to get real close to your phone. If anyone’s going to hear you, the smart mic came, not only features noise reduction and active noise cancelling capabilities, but thanks to its remote control, you can now make videos at a long distance, simply clip the recorder onto your clothing, connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth And the smart mic will record crisp and clear audio up to 20 meters, away from your phone with a weight of only 12 grams and a battery time of up to 2 hours.

You can take the smart mic anywhere. You need to record quality audio. Those were 9 smartphone gadgets. You didn’t see coming if you could only choose one of these gadgets to upgrade your smartphone experience, which would it be? Let us know in the comments below, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you never miss out on the latest gadgets ever again by subscribing to tech, joint and while you’re at it.