This is a very unique piece of equipment and i want to make sure that it works well for you. So by the end of the review. Hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of that now, right off the bat this does not handle in any way like a digital camera. This really does feel and operate like an optical monocular. The body is very lightweight and it fits my hand quite nicely. It is not weather sealed, however, under the door here on the side, you got your usbc connection and this does take micro, sd cards and if this door, pops off it very well, could get lost and getting it back in. There could take a good 20 minutes. Don’T ask me how i know that so on the top of the camera, you’ve got your power button and your menu button, and then you’ve got your zoom button. Now you’ve got a 100 millimeter full frame equivalent and a 400 millimeter full frame equivalent, but nothing in between, and it is a pretty big jump now. You also can hit the zoom button. A third time and that’ll bring up an 800 millimeter, equivalent push it again and you’re back to 100 millimeters on the bottom. Here, we’ve got our photo button and our record button and they’re in a pretty nice easy spot to adjust and then there’s. Quite a large diopter adjustment now it’s very easy to adjust, but it’s also very easy to accidentally bump.

Just keep that in mind. Now inside the viewfinder we’ve got a 2.36 million dot, evf, not bad, considering the size of this camera, and it does refresh at 60 frames per second and honestly it’s, one of the nicest parts of this camera when you’re actually having it up to your eye. Using it as a monocular, it does give you a fairly clear and easy to look at viewpoint now, unfortunately, with the canon powershot zoom sorely needs is a control dial, on top, maybe with a push button interface to set things, because what we’re left with is actually Manipulating the menus with the buttons on the outside of the camera, so i hit the menu button and then i can scroll through my menu options using the photo or the record video button. I can’t skip ahead, though i just got to keep clicking away. It took jordan about 20 minutes to set the date and time and this camera doesn’t have a playback button either that’s also very tedious. If i want to see photos that i just took, i have to go in the menu click, clickity, clickity click click till i get to it with practice. I’M sure you get a little bit faster at it, but really it is annoying and tedious. Luckily, there’s not much reason to have to go into the menu once you do get things set up now from photographic standpoint, it’s very important to understand that this does not shoot raw photos in any way.

It’S jpeg only it can shoot about 10 pictures per second, which is not bad for about 30 frames and then it has to slow down or stop. But you know this is not a sports and action camera. This is fine for getting facial expressions or you know, kids doing something or a moment of action, hopefully getting a burden flight or something, but you know it’s not made for intense photography. It does have some video capability it’s just 1080, though 30 frames or 24 frames per second, so just pretty basic start and stop kind of clips. So, even just using this as a monocular just for bird watching or whale watching, or something like that, you do have to remember. This is not an optical monocular, it’s, a digital monocular and it needs battery power and we have a built in battery here. There’S no option to swap out batteries if it dies and that’s tough, because our overall battery life using the evf is just over an hour. You could burn through that pretty quick if you were just going for a day of bird watching and if that battery dies. Your only option is to charge it through the usbc port, so you’re going to have to allow for some sort of external charger to have with you or bring a phone charge or something charge it with your car. But it might create problems if you’re going out for a long day of viewing it does have some power saving features.

I mean you can shut off the viewfinder and shut down the thing and that’s important, but really you got to be frugal with that power button. Now autofocus on this device is very simplistic. I’Ve basically got two modes. The first one i’m going to talk about. Is your single point center autofocus it’s kind of like a classic way of focusing put the box right in the middle of what i want in focus touch the shutter button here halfway recompose and then push it all the way and if you’re familiar with that, it Does work pretty well and you’re going to want to use that, because the only other mode is an auto area, everything mode where the camera is going to decide what it wants to focus on and it’s, probably going to choose the closest object or something that you Don’T want it does have face detect, and that does work if you’re taking portraits of people, but otherwise i would stick to the classic single point in the center autofocus now. You do also have a very effective stabilizer on this camera it’s. A four axis stabilizer, which is very important when you’re using these long telephotos, i mean any little shake here, equals a lot of shakeout in your scene, and so that does help stabilize the view. This is useful not only for the photos, but also just when you want to use this as a monocular like you’d use, binoculars for bird watching or you know, going to the zoo and looking at wildlife.

You know at 100 millimeters. It seems very stable. I like that at 400 millimeters or especially, if you do the digital zoom to 800, you still got to be pretty steady. It could be a little bit shaky and some people who’ve tried. This camera have found it to give them a little bit of a sense of vertigo or motion sickness image. Quality in this camera is kind of crap like we’ve got a third inch chip it’s smaller than a lot of smartphone sensors. The lenses themselves are quite slow at 100, mil it’s, an f 5.6 maximum aperture at 400, millimeters it’s, f. 6.3. I mean this camera needs light. You also have to remember that there’s no manual control on this camera, so i can’t tweak things or try to adjust things to get better results, it’s going to be auto exposure in low light. This camera cranks the iso way up and your image quality goes down fast and because you don’t have a big sensor and your lenses are fairly slow. Aperture, you get lots of depth of field, which means everything’s in focus whether you like it or not. A smartphone is going to give you manual control in a lot of cases and actually much better low light capabilities, but there is one big benefit here over a smartphone, and that is having that telephoto range smartphones still can’t touch that you look at this sample here. I took one shot with my google pixel 4 and then zoomed right in, and it just looks, terrible and in decent light with this powershot zoom zoomed in we are getting an improvement, three things that annoy me about this camera.

First off the shutter silent, which is nice, but you almost don’t, know if you’ve taken a picture. Unless you see this white blip around the outside of your frame i’m, never confident that i got the shot. Second thing: the 400 millimeter lens is a nice range, but it has a terrible minimum, focusing distance four and a half meters i’m, often having to back quite far away to get the shot to focus and then i’m, not really getting the tight shot. That i was looking for so close ups are really rough on this, and the third thing this front lens cover is a fingerprint magnet. You’Ll, be cleaning it constantly so watching this video so far, you’ve probably realized that there’s a lot of things. That kind of annoy me and i don’t – enjoy about this device, and you may have also noticed that i have been calling this specifically a device, not a camera, and i think that’s telling i mean if you’re one of our regular photographic viewers really into photography. You’Re, probably thinking this is a piece of garbage. This is not for your market, although i still appreciate you guys watching the video. This is perfect, though, for somebody who’s, maybe a smartphone user, but they’re lacking that telephoto range, and they want to have that. This is also very interesting if you are just wanting to go out and do things like bird watching and animal viewing in a very casual, very simple basic sense having the stabilizer actually makes this a very useful viewing tool just for watching things like birds and animals Around and then be able to take the occasional snap great, but you got to remember that.

I think that is the context for this device do check out we have a sample gallery, so you can just see the kind of image quality results that we got out of the jpegs here. Otherwise, as always, thank you so much for joining us.