Thank you once again for joining me as we take awesome out of the box, i’ve got a pretty special one for you in this video because we’re taking a look at the most affordable, 5g smartphone in the philippines right now, i’m. Of course, talking about the oneplus nord n105g, which has an srp of 14 990 pesos. But if you buy it from digital walker, anytime from now until january 10, they will be slashing the price by 1000 pesos, so that’s, 13 990 anyway let’s get into it and unbox this thing, okay, guys! So here you have it. This is the box for the oneplus nord n10 5g. Again, this is the most affordable, 5g enabled smartphone in the philippines priced at 14, 990 pesos anyway, without any further ado, let’s unbox this thing all right, so there you go. Of course you have that separate, cardboard box and it is a little thin, so there’s no jelly case inside, but you do of course, have your usual documentation and like the happiest, looking sim ejector pin right here anyway, keep this inside the box uh just in case, But you know i’m, not sure if you’re gon na read it or not, but yes keep it and of course you have the phone itself. This is the one plus nord n10, 5g let’s. Take it out of the plastic right here and, of course this is the midnight ice color variant. I think it looks really really nice.

Of course, it’s glossy it’s gon na be attracting a lot of fingerprints, but that’s. Just something we’re gon na have to deal with. Maybe buy a case right away when you order this, but let’s set this aside and see what else comes inside the box, all right, so very simple, that’s everything else that comes inside the box. You have, of course, the very classic one plus charging cable, usb type c. Of course, i really like this color it’s very gon na be very hard to lose, but i’m pretty sure i’m gon na misplace this anyway, and of course you have the warp charger. I think this is gon na be 30 watts, since this is their lower, tiered smartphone, but 30 watts is pretty good again for the price tag that it’s gon na be coming in anyway, let’s set everything aside: i’m gon na turn on the phone and then i’m Gon na give you a closer look at the n10 5g unboxing done now. Let’S, take a closer look at the phone itself, and here it is guys the n10 5g now you’re only going to get it in this color variant, which is again called midnight ice, which is kind of a really deep blue color. As i mentioned, you’re getting a high gloss finish on its plastic back, so it’s definitely going to be quite the fingerprint magnet. So my first tip for you, if you’re planning, to get this device when you order it or when you buy it, make sure that you also order a case i’m, not sure if digital walker is selling the n10 5g case in their stores.

But it is available on lazada, the phone has a surprising bit of heft to it. Coming in at 190 grams it’s, still not samsung galaxy m51 levels, but i wasn’t expecting the weight. You do, of course, get used to it after a while and the general curves on the phone does make it sit in hand well enough, making it really comfortable to use for a tour of the button and port layout. You have the power button on the right side, the sim tray and volume rocker are on the left and on the bottom you have the speaker, usb c port and the headphone jack. So this is the first one plus phone that doesn’t have a notification slider which really weirded me out and i do miss it. You might have noticed that on the back, this phone also has a good old fashioned, fingerprint scanner that works well. But unfortunately that means we aren’t getting an oled panel that we’ve seen from oneplus in their other releases instead we’re getting a 6.49 inch ips display at full hd plus resolution with a refresh rate of 90 hertz in terms of picture quality. It looks pretty decent it’s. What you would typically expect from a panel of this sort, although i am concerned about the brightness of the screen, it might not be enough for outdoor use, especially when the summer months come rolling in by the way, it’s also protected by gorilla glass 3. to pair With the display, you also have stereo speakers on the n105g you’ve seen the one on the bottom, but the earpiece plays double duty as the front firing speaker too.

Of course, we’re getting a punch, hole on the upper left hand corner of the screen that houses the 16 megapixel camera at an aperture of f 2.0, which gives us an excellent segue to talk about the cameras on the back so we’re, getting a quad camera setup For the oneplus n10 5g, which consists of a 64 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide, a 2 megapixel macro and another 2 megapixel monochrome lens now i’ve only taken a handful of shots inside the home studio so far since it did arrive last night by The time that you’re watching this video but do follow us on instagram, because i will be posting photos taken with this phone there, which finally brings us to the processing package of the n10 5g and under the hood, is a qualcomm snapdragon, 690 processor. With six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, this is the first time i’m, actually holding a device with this processor. So i’ll, let you know how it goes in the next few days, but so far so good navigation is zippy and that 90hz display does contribute to that. But i did play a bit of league of legends so far with the default settings and my game went pretty smoothly. We’Ll see how it goes when i crank up the graphics, as i mentioned. I think this is the third time already. The 690 allows the n105g to be the most affordable, 5g smartphone in the philippines right now.

So if you know that the network is available in your area or the areas that you go around, this might be a good option. If you don’t want to spend the bigger bugs, i still suggest that you wait for our full review, which should be up by next week, hopefully in time to still avail of the early bird pricing. Keeping the lights on for the n10 5g is a 4 300 milliamp hour battery, which should last you the whole day, except if you are a really heavy user, but there is support for warp charge. So you should be up and running a bit quicker too. Now for an early verdict or my first impressions for the nord n105g again, if you’re looking for a smartphone below 15 000 pesos that’s 5g enabled this might be a good option. That being said, if you save a bit more money, you have more options below 20. 000 pesos you have the moto g 5g, plus the xiaomi mi 10 t and, of course, the galaxy a42 if you’re, a fan of samsung. Of course, we’ll be sharing our experience with the n105g in the next few days to see. If this smartphone is right. For you and that’s pretty much it if you made it to this point of the video. Thank you so much for dropping by and spending a few minutes with me. I really appreciate it if you like this video, give us a thumbs up sub to the channel and hit that notification bell if you haven’t already, if you have any questions, leave them down below and i’ll try my best to get to them as soon as i Can for all the latest in tech head to unbox.

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