Now you may be wondering why am i outside? I wanted to try something different here and i’ve done. Pretty extensive first looks for both of these phones, but just want to talk about in this video, which of these two phones is right for you and what are the key differences here? So let’s go down talk about some of these specs, how they differ and see which one is right for you. Let’S have a look so in terms of design plastic build on both of these phones and you’re, going to have to pick what type of texture do you want on your phone? To be honest, i kind of prefer the texture of this redmi. 9T. The redmi note 9t feels a little bit more like some sort of folio. I don’t know if i like the texture as much as the one on the redmi 9t, but either way they’re really well built sturdy phones. You know at this price point i think, that’s kind of what you want in terms of design. I think you’ll be happy with either of these phones just pick rectangular or circular cutout, which do you prefer and in terms of display a 6.53 dot drop display, full hd plus on both of these phones what’s, the key difference. We have a teardrop notch on this redmi 9t versus punch hole cutout on the note 90., i prefer the punch hole myself and i think this gets a little bit brighter than this panel, which is actually you know, quality panel considering the price of this phone.

But you really can’t go wrong with either of these phones in terms of display tech performance and once again, you’re gon na have to pick. Do you want a snapdragon 662 or a dimensi 800u? This is a terrific 5g mid range chipset and while this phone will get kind of in the 100, 000 range for antutu we’re, looking at almost 300 000 on this budget, redmi note 90 an incredible price and performance ratio you’re getting on this phone and on the 90 you’ll pretty much be able to do subway surfers your basic types of games. If you do big 3d heavy games it’s going to tax it. But in the case of this redmi note 90 you can do asphalt, 9 genting impact pubg. It can handle it and i think, that’s, the real kind of thing to consider for this phone you’re getting a lot of performance for the price. Now, one area where the redmi 90 does get the advantage is in battery life, with a 6 000 milliamp capacity versus 5000. On the redmi note 9t, if you want to go the distance, you want your phone to last four days. This is the one to get the redmi nine note. 90 should definitely last two days on a 5 000 milliampere charge, but let’s face it like the redmi 9t before this is one of the new battery champs of the year, and you will get the three days of use from this redmi 9t it’s, the one to Consider if battery life is your main priority, and both of these phones do have side mounted fingerprint scanners, which work really well, especially the one on the redmi note 9t, this one’s a little bit slower, either way.

That’S, probably the most similar thing about these. In terms of comms, obviously, 5g versus 4g that’s, the big difference here, this phone is capable of so much more because of that. But another big thing in terms of comms that it does have is also nfc. This is where the redmi note 9 is really starting to separate itself from the regular 90 in terms of connectivity and google pay capability and, last but not least, the cameras and a kind of a strange decision. Here we have a triple camera setup. On the redmi note 9t and a quad camera setup on the lower cost, redmi 90., both are using 48 megapixel main cameras and we have those two megapixel macro cameras and all that stuff, but in a surprise kind of decision here with the redmi 9t. We also have an ultra wide that’s not available on this redmi. Note. 9T. I’M still scratching my head for that decision. Why we’re not getting an ultrawide camera on the more expensive phone, but on the lower cost? Redmi 9t. We are but have a look at these daytime and evening samples between these two phones and you can decide for yourself, which one do you think did the better job in terms of camera: Music, so Music, foreign Music. This is rear facing video on the redmi 9t and the redmi note 90, shooting in full hd 30 fps, which is all the 90, is capable of pretty overcast day here in hong kong, but great stabilization on the note 90, but hit me up in the comments.

What do you think Music – and this is front facing video on the redmi 90 and the redmi note 90 and it’s? Looking pretty good a lot more cropped, an image on the note9t hope you guys are doing well staying safe and i think it’s getting pretty cold in hong kong now today, but hit me up in the comments. What do you think so that’s it for this one guys and my final verdict on this redmi 9t and redmi. Note 9t. Look whichever you pick up. Redmi has delivered some incredible value smartphones here in january of 2021.. I personally prefer the redmi note 90, just by not having the larger battery or the ultra wide camera. I just appreciate having 5g capability nfc, just a more fluid experience. I don’t know that the snapdragon 662 can really compete with what dimension 800u is doing in this phone, but obviously different price points here for you to consider either way you won’t go wrong with either of these incredible budget offerings from redmi and hit me up in The comments which of these two phones would you pick the redmi 9t or the redmi note 9t hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video. If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates kind of a different video here and review than my typical ones.

But just felt like getting out trying something.